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Massage Professionals Update

The latest news, articles and information related to massage therapy and techniques.

3 Easy Ways to Welcome Gratitude in Your Life

With Thanksgiving upon us, this is the perfect time to look at how gratitude can improve our state of mind, our health, and our lives. While talking about gratitude may not seem on the surface to have much to do with massage therapy, when we look deeper into it we can see how important it can be for the industry. Most massage therapists recognize that there is a significant energy component to our work, especially those who practice any type of energy based bodywork. This is important, because gratitude is like a warranty plan for our energy work. Practicing gratitude can help reduce burnout and can improve our relationships with our clients. Gratitude is also very good for business!

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Discover How Massage Benefits the Disabled

Special populations such as those who suffer from debilitating diseases and conditions, those with brain and spinal cord injuries and those with developmental disabilities can benefit greatly from receiving massage therapy.

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