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Loving Pregnancy with Partner Massage DVD

Price: $39.95

Presented by: Ralph Napolitano, LMT

"Loving Pregnancy with Partner Massage provides a most humane and gratifying's a splendid video." - Ashley Montagu, PhD

"...clearly demonstrates total body relaxing massage...The tape is simply taught, user-friendly, relaxed and interesting, with information on massage strokes, body positions, safeguards, restrictions and suggestions..."
- Dolores Kreiger, PhD, RN

In addition to reducing stress during pregnancy and easing the discomforts of labor, prenatal massage also increases local and general blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of both the mother and fetus. Proven to safely reduce many of the normal discomforts of pregnancy, prenatal massage relieves fatigue, backaches, sinus congestion, headaches, neck and shoulder problems, edema, and muscle cramping.

Close-up camera work, articulate explanations, and clear demonstrations make the video an excellent learning/teaching tool. The video guide is divided into six chapters of five to ten minutes each, enabling childbirth educators to show individual segments during a series of childbirth classes and making it easier for expectant parents to practice at home.

Included with the video program is a handbook, which further emphasizes contraindications, techniques and benefits for expectant couples.

Continuing Education Credits available for eligible participants.

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