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Based on the book "Ethics for the New Millennium" by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, this course presents a moral system of ethics for your consideration including universal principles of compassion for oneself and others and restraint from causing harm. While exploring ethics for the individual and for society, this course will improve your ability to treat each person with respect, dignity and worth, adhere to ethical boundaries and safeguard the therapeutic relationship. Applicable to all practice settings.

This course covers:

  • key elements involved in our capacity to empathize with one another
  • essential elements in the practice of inner discipline
  • "so pa" and primary benefits of practicing "so pa"
  • the levels of compassion and the properties of each level
  • essential elements involved in our experience of suffering, resolution and the application of ethical discipline
  • key effects of our development of a sense of universal responsibility
  • the steps necessary to achieve ethical conduct in social and political policies

Student Reviews

Lovely and thoughtful book. One of the most interesting ethics books I've ever read.

- Holly Clothier Las Vegas, NV

As a Buddhist I appreciated that this coursework was offered to satisfy licensure. The principles are key to benefiting all beings no matter what their profession.

- Fanny M. Mandelberger, CMT, The Stillpoint Wellness Center, Tako

Ethics from the Dalai Lama is a profound course.

- Fabiola Guzman, Massage Therapist, Chicago IL

I really enjoyed this course it took into account how little actions can affect everyone.

- Erica Beck, MT, Grand Ledge, Michigan

I really am grateful being able to take a course such as this for my CEUs

- Eleanor Bell CMT

This is a great course that everyone should read. Not just for massage thereapists.

- Elaine Lewis, LMT So. Jordan, Utah

This course had a profound impact on me. It provided a tangible means to shift my consciousness in a significant way.

- Dottie Curtis, LMT Where Soul Meets Body Beaufort, SC

I love the book, first of all! The Dalai Lama is an inspiration! The course really required full reading of the material, and the answers were not always obvious, so you had to pay attention. I like that!

- Dolly Stavros, RYT, LMT Red Stone Yoga Bend, OR

I loved the book, great information.

- Desa Loughman,

I really enjoyed reading this book. My study coincided with a trip to Thailand and it really helped me to understand the Buddhist philosophy better.

- Denise M. Fredette MS, PT, MT

I was so excited when I saw that Health Positive! offered this course. Most ethics courses are fairly dry, so it was great to be able to have such an interesting class available, and at a reasonable price. The Dalai Lama writes about ethics in such an accessible and easy-to-understand way. It\'s a very compelling book, and the learning materials are well done also.

- Debra Reetz

Great course, great book.

- Deborah Nugnes LMT

I thoroughly enjoyed the Dalai Lama's book and plan to share it with friends and colleagues.

- Carole Farley, NCTMB, Sun Prairie, WI

I enjoyed the course. It is always a pleasure to read the Dalai Lama. His life and work are inspirational.

- Brian Johnson, NCTMB, San Francisco, CA

Was not looking forward to the ethics requirement, but this course was much more beneficial - love the Dalai Lamas insight and peaceful approach.

- Betsy Jane Butner, LMBT 5268, Winston-Salem, NC

This was a valuable way to review ethical concepts, especially compassion

- Barbara Searles, CMT, NCTMB, Bodyworks Therapeutic Massage LLC La

All would benefit by reading and pondering the words here and keeping these principles active in our daily lives.

- Anne B. Page, LMT, Kona, HI

It is refreshing to see compassion & empathy as part of an ethics study.

- Angela Goble Waxhaw, NC

This course is appropriate for all people, regardless of profession

- Irit Levy, CMT, Beverly, MA

"Ethics for a New Millenium", by H.H. Dalai Lama, is simple and profound. Studying it's questions on Ethics should be required for all! I live in a somewhat remote area, so your homestudy courses not only provide an opportunity for getting my required CEU'S affordably and conveniently, but also offer really good material. This Ethics course is one of the best I've taken in nearly 25 years of practice. Thank you!

- J. Elizabeth Foster, LMP

Great book! Excellent presentation of concepts.

- Janet

well written book by truly a man of peace and honor

- Janus Hudson 30 yr bodyworker of Flagstaff, AZ

The course was interesting and thought provoking. I reached a deeper understanding of ethics.

- Jean M. Blackman, Nationally Certified, LMT Scarborough Manor NY

This course motivates an individual to refocus on what really is important in life regardless of career choice, and that is to always have patience, kindness, and forgiveness for one's self and others, and to offer those virtues through empathy, compassion, and unconditional love. In the spirit of genuine humility, not for self-serving personal benefit. That this perspective inspires each of us to impact our communities and the world, one person at a time, with spontaneous loving kindness, the basic quality everyone requires for happiness.

- Jeane Hays BA, LMT, NCTMB Hays Desert Sun Massage, Scottsdale A

The book was very interesting and the information shared extends to all realms of life: work, play, & relationships.

- Julee V., MN

The book was great. The test questions were helpful to sum up the book.

- Julia Francis NCMBT

I enjoyed reading the insightful techniques from the Dalai Lama course.

- Karen P. Tweedley, NCMT - N.J.

The content was thought provoking for me as a citizen of the world as well as bodyworker in particular. It underscored the role of compassion in all relationships and its influence on peace. The importance of the therapist's self-awareness and scrutiny of his/her attitudes and communication with clients cannot be underscored enough.

- Kathryn Bell, MSW,LMT, RCST, Bloomington, Illinois

This book and course gave me a new approach with which to view the world, and opened my eyes to ways I could be more empathetic with my clients. I enjoyed the book immensely.

- Kelly Kurttila LMT, Seattle, WA

This is the most thought-provoking ethics course I have taken in 10 years and the most valuable time I have spent on the topic of ethics.

- Kimberly A. Walsh, M.A., LMT, Massachusetts

I enjoyed the book, the system and the good questions.

- Kristine M. Lamermayer, NCTMB Tulsa, OK

I enjoyed reading "Ethics for the New Millennium". I was happy to find an ethics course which was a bit of a diversion from the standard fare that is typically offered for Ethics CE's.

- Kurt Carlson, Spokane, WA

This was a fun informative way for me to get ethics ceus!

- Lara Dean Moore NC LMBT

What started to be a class became a very compelling study.

- Laura A. Robin LMT Bozeman MT

The Dalai Lama course summerizes many theories from many sources of wisdom.


This is a wonderful foundation for any ethical practice.

- Lisa Dugas, LMT, Kansas City, MO

This course will help me to practice concepts that will make me a better bodyworker as well as a better human being

- Lisa Messano, NCTMB, CMT Oakland, CA

I loved this course - a great divergence from the usual run-of-the-mill ethics courses. Very thought-provoking & inspirational.

- Marge Freeman, LMBT

I am pleased that you offered this course. It goes right to the core of ethics.

- Marilyn Scarborough, LMT, NCTMB Anchorage Alaska

I chose this ethics course because although acquainted with Buddhism I thought I would able to learn something meaningful and that's what happened.

- Matthew Cohen, LMFT Body Psychotherapist & Marriage & Family The

Ethics from the Dalai Lama is a profound course. Every therapist should take this course

- Meagan E Harris; The Healing Tree; Gadsden AL

A valid reminder of how to live in the world, in the now

- Melanie A. Wilkinson N.D., H.H.P.

An excellent source for ethics and a reminder of our purpose in this life.

- Melissa VaTassel LMBT - Arlington, VA

Ethics for the New Millennium is a must read for the Massage Therapist. It reminds us to respect each other and our work will be more productive. By showing respect and empathy towards the people the true nature of our practice can truly create a therapeutic change in each individual life. We have the ability to touch not only muscles, but also the very souls of people.

- Mona Escobar, NCTMB, LMT Massage Wellness Centre, LLC Houma, LA

I enjoyed learning the perspectives of the Dalai Lama and feel it will help me strive more to be a better person.

- Nicki Peters Nelson, CMT

Loved this course. It was very enlightening.

- Nikki J. Pricken, NCTMB Riverdale, NJ

I would not have studied "Ethics" if it were not for this exam, but thank you what a gift for humanity! I'm so very pleased you are including the Dalai Lama Ethics for the new millennium in our M.T. Ethics course work. The Dalai Lama's words are life changing and continue to open my heart and hands.

- Pam Altomaw - NCMTB B.A.

Enjoy the teachings of the Dalai Lama and his philosophy to universal kindness to all mankind

- Patricia A. Hines, LMT W. Sacramento, CA

The Dalai Lama is fantastic- He presents a common/ethical ground for all religions.

- Patty McCoy-Almond NCTMB, North Carolina

Because massage therapist often work on their own, it is difficult to find a way to talk about the ethical dilemmas specific to massage therapy. This course helped me feel like I'm on the right path and acknowledged that it is not always an easy path to take. I feel more supported in my ethical journey now than I did before the course.

- Paula Michals, NCTMB

The Dali Lama's course on ethics is the most interesting as well as comprehensive course, suitable for not only massage therapists; it is for all human beings.

- Pauline Kosowan, LMT, Plymouth, MA

Nice reminder of how we all should act toward others.

- Peggy A. Ivan, PT, MSA, NCTMB

This course proved beneficial for the therapist/client relationship, but also as a guideline for all my relationships and even for life in general.

- Phoenix, AZ

What a pleasure this book was to read! The ease of operation of the website also made this a very nice experience overall.

- Rebecca Mabe Benza, LMBT

Ethics from the Dalai Lama can benefit everyone in their personal and professional lives

- Richard J. Gibson, LMBT, Hayesville, NC

Well chosen text and well written questions. Opens up your idea of the importance of ethics.

- Roxane Raffin Chan RN, MS, CMT

I really enjoyed reading this book, and felt it helped shape how I feel into descriptive dialogue

- Sarah Barrette, LMT Oasis Massage Claremont, NH

The Dalai Lama explains words not only in definition, but in complex, well-rounded meanings. Very fulfilling, encouraging and helpful. I feel at peace, inspired and enlightened.

- Sarah Pagen, LMT Oregon

I was skeptical at first, as to how this course relates to massage thereapy. Oh my gosh, this was the most incredible course! Totally amazing, awesome course - is already changing my life.

- Shannon Cooley MS,LMP Bellingham, WA

Awesome book! I think everyone should read it. Everyone at Health Positive was very helpful and friendly. This was a fun, user-friendly course. I enjoyed it!

- Summer Robinson

This is the most relevant Ethics course I have ever taken to define the work I wish to do.

- Susan Nycz CMT, GCFP - WI

This book should be read by every individual wanting to live in a better world

- susan wachter massage therapist

I liked looking at ethics from another perspective other than just in the massage room.

- T. Braymen LMT Shenandoah Iowa

great way to complete a requirement without the usual repetitive monotony of massage ethics

- Tracy Graves, BS, CTMP, NCTMB Acampo, CA

You have always been great! The course was very inspirational!

- Trina Cox LMT

A great text and resource, a wonderful teaching to practice ethics in our daily lives. I am pleased this text was an option for an ethics course.

- Wendy, B.S., LMT, Flagstaff,AZ

This is not your typical ethics course. It will undoubtedly not only improve your client relationships, it might just change your life!

- Will Courtney, LMP, Chicago, IL


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