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Daily Archives: March 2004

Headache Free

This first article is about comprehensive natural approaches to headaches. All of us have clients/patients who suffer from headaches of varying degrees of severity on a regular basis. Any information we can provide, in addition to the relief we can give with our hands, can be very helpful. It is also appreciated that we care enough to provide information that might be helpful. This article could help with that objective.

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Lypossage can help erase excessive fat

You or I may not agree with the approach mentioned in the following article (massage for sculpting the body), but the practitioner does take before and after pictures. At $1,795 per body zone (presumably upper body or lower body) this could clearly be a very lucrative additional service to offer in any massage practice. Certainly more so for the spa-type practice. You may not want to do something like this yourself, but it is good to be aware of what others are doing, isn’t it?

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