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Daily Archives: February 2005

The 10 Steps of a Proper Assessment

This article is entitled “The 10 Steps of a Proper Assessment”. This is a valuable tool to incorporate into your practice. At the very least, it’s an excellent review of the steps to take when formulating your treatment plan.

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The Aging Brain: Old Genes, New Findings

This article discusses a Harvard study examining the role of gene decline with age. The findings create more questions than it answers – but they do illustrate that genes pertaining to learning and memory are more susceptible to damage from oxygen free radicals than other genes. This could be an important step towards understanding and preventing degenerative brain diseases.

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Massage for Long-Term Pain

This article describes a study done in Sweden on the effectiveness of massage on those suffering with chronic pain. This sizeable study (117 participants) is done from a subjective perspective and would be a great source of information to relate to a client who is tentative about trying massage for chronic pain.

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Drugmakers debate safety of painkillers

This article contains information that could have a significant impact on many massage therapists practices. There is a legal debate currently going on regarding the safety of the relatively new class of painkillers, Cox-2 inhibitors. If these drugs are taken off the market, it’s going to greatly affect our clients with arthritis or chronic pain. In addition, knowledge of the possible cardiovascular risks associated with these painkillers could prove to be of great value to the massage therapist.

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