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Daily Archives: April 2005

Boost Your Pain Management Skills

An ideal pain management program provides relief with the use of a variety of methods, and your clients will appreciate your inclusive and knowledgeable approach. You will find excellent treatment suggestions for six common painful syndromes.

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Help for Overworked Hands

Written by the Save Your Hands! author, Lauriann Green, the progression of massage therapists’ self care is chronicled. In addition to practical injury prevention tips, you will gain insight into the nature of this profession’s repetitive stress injuries.

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Pristine Hygiene for your Practice

The business of touching for health renders our hands as potential germ transmitters. Researchers tested all kinds of hand cleansing products against viruses and bacteria. Some surprising results lurk in this study in determining the best way to maintain pristine hand hygeine.

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The Orient’s Skin Care Secret

Learn about the results presented at the recently held 63rd annual meeting of the American College of Dermatology. The benefits of green tea in skin care – a concept long known to many holistic practitioners – are confirmed. This study’s focus was using green tea extract cream for women with rosacea, a frustrating and common dermatological condition.

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