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Daily Archives: January 2007

Cranial-Sacral Therapy’s Wide Range of Applications

Lying within their scope of practice in the majority of regulated states, massage therapists can fortunately utilize cranial-sacral therapy to the benefit of their clients. See how adding this modality to a bodywork treatment plan can greatly enhance your ability to address a variety of client ailments.

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Hypertension: Massage Indication or Contraindication?

Being a responsible massage therapist often means combining information from various sources to arrive at an educated conclusion. In the case of treating a client with hypertension, choosing the best way to proceed can be tricky. While modern research touts its ability to reduce blood pressure, massage therapy is also one of the most commonly taught contraindications for hypertension.

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Massage for Eye Health

Stronger prescriptions and surgery are not the only options for improving eyesight. Learn how massage therapists with knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine can aid clients in their efforts to improve and support the health of their eyes.

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9 Tips for Chapped Lips

With the blustery, cold air of winter come chapped, peeling, sore lips. Whether you are trying to heal your own chapped lips, or your clients are asking for suggestion on healing theirs, learn more about the most popular remedies for common wintertime lip woes.

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Insurance Billing for the Massage Therapist

As scientific research continues to prove the value of massage therapy, an increasing number of insurance companies now cover massage therapy as an acceptable and billable therapeutic service. Here’s how to deal with insurance companies so you can expand your client base and increase the profitability of your practice.

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