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Daily Archives: December 2010

When Clients Present With Joint Pain

Despite seeming to be a simple, straightforward complaint, joint pain can have several different origins. Bodyworkers who are familiar with the five most common causes of joint pain and their respective implications on massage therapy can be especially useful to joint pain riddled clients.

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Morton’s Toe: One Little Bone, One Big Problem

The human body contains many wonderful things. Most of them have been handed down genetically, from parent to child, and there is little we can do to change them. One such trait is called Morton’s Toe. Only about 20-30 percent of the world population has this attribute, where the second toe appears longer than the first. About 80 percent of those with Morton’s Toe suffer from chronic pain. Much of it is thought to derive from this relatively rare foot configuration. Learn how discomfort from Morton’s Toe can be eased using massage therapy.

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Tips for Managing Difficult Clients

All kinds of people receive bodywork, including those with personalities that might rub you the wrong way. By taking stock of yourself and following several helpful guidelines, you can prevent a challenging client from marring your day.

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Massage Therapy: Safety and Medical Gloves

Massage therapy is a hands-on profession. Through the hands of a massage therapist can be felt the tension of muscles, the misalignment of bony structures and the stress of daily life. Some massage therapists may even be able to tell whether a person competes in a particular sport, drives a stick-shift or works at a desk all day – just by the way the body feels during a massage session. On the other hand, learn why some situations require the use of medical gloves.

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Can Stress Cause Cancer?

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, and there is some evidence that stress may be a contributing factor to this disease. Massage therapy reduces stress and enhances the immune system. Does that mean massage can reduce the occurrence and severity of cancer? Learn about the connection between cancer, stress and how massage therapy might help.

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