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Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook

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Relaxation is only pages away

Authors: Martha Davis, PhD, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, MSW, Matthew McKay, PhD

Master a vast array of stress-reducing methods with this simple and concise resource.

Step-by-step directions for mastery of: breathing, progressive relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis, visualization, refuting irrational ideas, thought stopping, worry control, coping skills, exercise, nutrition, time management, assertiveness, job stress management, and quick relaxers.

"The text remains, after twenty years, the clearest, best-organized, and most readable book on stress management. It has achieved the status of the ªclassic' self-help reference in the field." - Edmund Bourne, PhD., author of The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook and Beyond Anxiety & Phobia

"This comprehensive workbook deserves to be in the library of every active therapist, but it shouldn't be left on the shelf! Once again, the authors have empowered the reader with straightforward instructions on every major approach to stress management known. From worry to chronic headaches to information overload, here is your one-stop guide to recovery." - R. Reid Wilson, PhD., author of Don't Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks

Fifth Edition

"An exemplary book on stress; it is lucidly written, it is rationally ordered, it is comprehensive, and each section is densely packed with instructions and exercises which make the workbook easy to practice." - Somatics Magazine: Journal of the Mind/Body Arts and Sciences

(Softcover book: 286 pages)

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