Understanding Sports Massage


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Providing the theoretical and practical basis for using sports massage to help athletes stay in shape, recover from injuries and improve performance, the course text also includes approaches for conducting an effective sports massage program in various settings. Massage techniques that can be applied for warm-ups, to prepare for and recover from competition, to reduce the potential for injuries and to aid in injury rehabilitation are introduced.

The program-development portion of the course text provides practitioners with detailed advice from the authors, who are well respected for their expertise and program-development skills. They address how to implement sports massage programs in various settings and how sports massage specialists cooperate with other sport and health professionals to provide the best possible care for athletes.

This continuing education course covers:

  • how massage can enhance athletic performance, including the evidence for its efficacy
  • the application of specific techniques with active movement, including the cautions and contraindications
  • specialized massage techniques used in sports massage, including recovery, remedial and rehabilitative massage applications
  • techniques, guidelines and goals of pre-, inter- and postevent sports massage
  • symptoms of, and first aid for, hyper- and hypothermia and muscle cramps
  • common problem areas for athletes in different sports, including remedial applications for different body regions
  • sports massage body mechanics problems and how to correct them
  • planning for a season of sports massage, including how athletes and coaches can participate in a sports massage program
  • how sports massage is offered at athletic events, health clubs, in private practice and in sports medicine clinics

Course Reviews

John Coombs, LMT

I have had sports massage on my radar as one of the courses I have wanted to take. So glad I did! As I read this book, I was able to apply some of the techniques to the massages I have given over the last eleven days. I intend to reread this book and dedicate a lot of what this book as taught me to memory.

Chantal Henry, LMT, NCTMB

The course was very informative and you get a better understanding of sports massage. Clear and to the point. Excellent material to glean from for massage therapist.

Michael Petillo, LMT, NCTMB

I was already a little familiar with some of the content, but it was a helpful review. I enjoyed learning new aspects of sports massage and the history and theory behind the techniques. I plan to use what I learned in this course in my massage practice as well as in my own self care routine.

Janice Falcon, LMT

The course was professionally presented. By taking it, I have gained new and interesting insight into the application and evaluations involved in effectively performing sports massage. Loved it!

Rebecca Turner, LMBT

I took my time to really read and absorb the material. I know it will be very helpful to my career as a massage therapist. For me, having three kids that are all in school and dealing with everyday life, this course made it easy for me to work, deal with kids, juggle daily life and still have some time left to read this course. It's great to learn new things as well as reviewing material you already know. Thanks!

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