Ethics: Professional Boundaries


6 CE Hours

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Recognize "red flags" that can indicate ethical decision points. Learn how to create a safe and consistent therapeutic environment and minimize problems related to client transference.

This course covers topics such as:

  • Identifying ways to create a safe and consistent therapeutic environment
  • The terms transference, countertransference, confidentiality, and dual relationship
  • Minimizing problems related to client transference
  • Ways to help yourself feel good about receiving money
  • Addressing ethical issues and challenges presented by the Internet and social media

Featured Reviews

This course made studying ethics a delight rather than a chore. I loved and very much appreciated "The Educated Heart". I will tell friends who are therapists or bodyworkers about it! It's a great CE course.

- Gina D Carrigan-Piper, NCTMB, Newburgh, IN

I have taken other professional courses on ethics, and never found anyone so interesting as this one. In the past I would skim through to find the answers but this time I found myself reading the whole book 1st and then going back for the answers. I want my other colleagues to read it also. Thank you.

- Diane Marie Grassgreen, NCMT, Neptune, NJ

This was a straight forward course that was helpful in refreshing my knowledge of ethics and boundaries.

- Dawn Hannon CMT, Racine, Wisconsin

The course is clear, concise, and covers a wide variety of ethical issues.

- Caryn Clark, LMT, Mirror Lake, NH

I think this book is easy to read and understand. The cartoons made it enjoyable. It covered many aspects of the boundries necessary in a practioner/client relationship. I liked the open book test format, it helped me look for details as I read. I will buy other courses from your company. Thank you

- Beverly Klapperich

Very good course. affordable, great course book. makes ethics clear and understandable

- Anne K Davis, LMT, Clinton, CT

I enjoyed how the booked gave great examples.

- Jamie Schaffer, Pahrump, NV

The book was so informative and positive about the subject being presented.

- Janet L. Fox, CMT - Carrollton, VA

It was very informative, it taught me many things I did not know.

- Jedadia Ketchabaw LMT

Important boudaries for massage therapist to establish in their practice are clearily layed out in this course.

- Jennifer Stronse, CMT, San Diego, CA

If you are unsure of anything ethically speaking about your massage or any kind of therapeutic practice, read this book and it will explain the difference between right and wrong.

- John A.Coombs, CMT About Faces Day Spa and Salon, Timonium, MD

Thorough and easy to read with up to date information.

- Kathyrn B. Fidati, PT, CMT Life Serere Manual Therapy Touson, M

I think it was clear, informative and interesting enough for those of us that have been doing this for awhile.

- Lisa Meer-Lewis, CMT

A must have course for all body workers. This will change how I practice and has given me more maturity as a Massage Therapist.

- M. Luciano, MT, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I thought this course was most thorough & brought in things that are not often thought about

- Nereid Hayden, LMBT

Well structured and interesting material.

- Nikki Castro, HHP

I learned a lot of valuable information from this course. Thank you.

- Norm Hall, LMT Healthy Connections

I enjoy all the courses I've taken from Health Positive. Your courses are professional and very thorough.

- Rita Cusack, LMT, Huntsville, AL

Excellent book/course. Although I've been in practice for almost twenty years, this course had me examine my ethics practice in an engaging way and explore some of the subtleties of dual relationships in a different light.

- Roberta Roll, Somatic therapist and educator, Copake, NY

Very straightforward ethics course and a great reminder as to how we should be acting.

- Robin Markowski, CMT

I thought I didn't need another ethics course, but this book was wonderful and gave me much great insight. Perfect text book!

- Rosemarie Sherman, LMT, Ghent, NY

I would like to say that I have learned a great deal in reading the book "The Educated Heart". I now have a clearer and more detailed understanding of transference, counter transference.

- Sally Luedeke, Healing Hands Massage - VT 05482

Well written and straight forward. Even thou I've been in practice for 14 years I found the information a very good refresher.

- Sarah J. Smith, LMT

I read this book years ago before I used it for CEU's and loved it! I teach at a massage school and encourage all the students to read this book and feel that it should be mandatory reading.

- Suzanne Penney LMT Wrentham, MA

I had low expectations of having to take another ethics course but found this one to not only be informative but interesting.

- Patronila Hoffner, LMT, NCTMB

I read this book in school almost 5 years ago and didn\'t really find it very interesting but now working as a massage therapist it really made me look at how I was working with clients and makes me think about how I am interacting with my patients and how my boundaries are with them!

- Danielle Rasar, LMP

loved it.. i was refreshed on things i learned 4 years ago in school thank you.

- Stephanie Palermo, LMT, NCTMB

I read this book before,but have been re-reading and have found myself looking at current situations with a bit more clarity. What a great reference, and manual!!

- Catherine Bauer, LMT, NCTMB

In-depth and informative. Prepares you for any situation which may arise in your pracdtice.

- Laura Johnson, LMBT, NCTMB

Due to this course, i will be making some changes in policy and having it written. this course made me think alot about how to handle different situations.

- Kristin Saultz, NCTMB

I gained so much personal insight.

- Debra Lowe, LMT

Lots of great real-life, real-practice information in this course. I will definitely be able to use this book as a reference in the future. Also good advice on money, trades, and those tricky dual-relationships!

- Daphne Barrett, LMT

This was a great course. I wasn't looking forward to an ethics class, but was pleasantly surprised. The text is wonderful and I've been recommending it to people. Thank you!

- Virginia Pasternak, LMT

Excellent course and the manual will be a valuable resource for reference.

- Elizabeth, LMT

It was great. I really enjoyed having the text to read through and use while taking my test. I liked this format a lot

- Katherine Powers, LMT, NCTMB

I enjoyed refreshing on my Ethics and boundaries as well as learned some good information to add into my practice. Thank you!!!

- Nicole DiElsi, LMT, NCTMB

As usual i am extremely happy with your courses :)

- Luis Caldeira Piedade, LMT, NCTMb

The information is extremely valuble for my profession. The website and exam are very straight forward. I would definitely use this site again for an online course!

- Lauren Scott, LMT

Wonderfully put together text! It held my interest and I liked the stories/examples that were in each section. By reading the examples/stories I could understand more clearly how the lessons would be used in situations. The text really helped me to see how having a good understanding of ethics and utilizing the lessons would benefit my clients & my practice.

- Jennifer Marie, LMT

I like the ease of this course and was able to complete it at home and in office. It made my life very easy. Thank you!

- Jette Hansen, LMT, NCTMB

Valuable information & interesting reading.

- Therese Green, LMT, NCTMB

Great course. Kept my interest and gave me good insight.

- Kelly Pettus, LMBT, NCTMB

Even as a long time therapist thinking I knew everything when it came to boundaries, this class was very informative and helped me to remember some of the things I may have forgotten over the years.

- Brenna Schrader, LMT, NCTMB

A good all-inclusive ethics course.

- Skye Bove, LMT

I honestly didn't want to take this course. I had to in order to fulfill the NCBTMB ethics requirement. However, I found the course to be very helpful and educational. I would recommend the reading to any massage professional. I am especially grateful for the straightforward and easy manner in which I was able to navigate the course online.

- Kerry Lorimer, CMT, NCTMB

The information contained in this class are very informative as well as very understandable. Loved the course!

- Theresa Lange, LMT, NCTMB

The Educated Heart is a clearly written, highly readable book which helped me to fully understand the importance of boundaries in massage work, and how to create and maintain them. I have gained a great deal of insight from this course and will refer to the book often. I feel stronger and more confidant with my work going forward.

- Marsha Hendrickson, LMT

Went into this feeling I didn't need to know this stuff. Surprise, I found much info that I had not been taught in school. This helps so I can understand clients more. Thanks.

- Dawn Jenkins, LMT

i never took an on line course and i really enjoyed it. I will be looking for more in future

- Tiffany Becker, LMT, NCTMB

It was very helpful and refreshed information I received during my initial schooling.

- Brenda Morris, LMT

Valuable information and a very good read.

- Robin Chamberlain, LMP

Great course. The book is extremely well written and helpful, and a wonderful resource to keep as a reference.

- Karen Medina, LMP

This is the best ethics course I have ever taken. The text was brilliant, well written, and very helpful.

- Machelle Miller, LMP

The textbook was very well put together and brought up many situations and issues that might be faced. It was helpful to think about handling these situations if they should arise. I have actually been through some of them and think I would be better able to appropriately handle them since taking this course.Will keep this book close at hand!

- Diane Koch, LMT

Even though I have been a therapist for 18 years, I found the book "The Educated Heart" to be very informative and a great reminder of setting strong boundaries and the transference and countertransference...

- Alisa Allen, LMT, NCTMB

Great course. To the point.

- Alycia Parsons, LMBT

This course was a good refresher. I will be using some of the suggestions given in the book “The Educated Heart”. Thanks!

- Linda M. Douglas, LMT

This is probably one of the best courses I have taking from Integrative Healthcare Studies. After taking the course I have made changes to the way I meet and interact with clients in my business. Everyone who is a therapist (or in any business) should read this book.

- Denise Johnson, LMT, NCTMB

This was the best ethics course I have ever taken. I have been in private practice for more than 10 years and I have had to face so many of the situations discussed in this book. I am recommending it to all of the massage therapists that I know.

- Claudia Aki Zahradnicek, LMT, NCTMB

The information in this course has given my the knowledge to proceed with my career with confidence.

- Lora Fox

This was extremely helpful to me, and I feel it is already making my practice easier to utilize and be aware of appropriate boundaries.

- Melanie Higbee, LMT, NCTMB

Great refresher. Would definitely take again.

- Tracy L. Carter, NCTMB

The book was informative and comprehensive.

- Lorenda Dilka, LMT

I highly recommend this course to new practitioners as well as seasoned therapists. This book covered so many avenues regarding ethics. I wish I had this book upon graduation! It is one of those things you look back on and can definitely reflect on many experiences with this new knowledge.

- Melissa Yoast

Engaging and informative

- Dennis Wagner

One of the best Ethic courses that I had, and which I would not just recommend to bodyworkers but to clients too!

- Snezana Petrovic

This was a very interesting and informative course on ethics. I learned a lot and will be able to relate better to my clients in certain spa situations.

- Sheilah Romano, LMT

Love this book it had lots of information. This has helped me a lot about Ethics: Professional Boundaries. Just get the book to read, you will learn a lot.

- Marca M. Bilicki

very informative ethics course!!

- Robin Warren, LMBT

This course was my favorite of all the ethics classes I have taken so far. The material was engaging and thought-provoking. WONDERFUL class.

- Christina Smith, LMT

This is the best online course I've seen. It's not the only online course on ethics and boundaries I've taken, but it's by far the best. I wish all massage schools had a copy of your book!

- Carol Gallup, LMP

This course was amazing!! I recommend every therapist read and own this book. I wish I had this course 18 years ago when I was in massage school. I will read this book again. Thank you!

- Kristen A. Seamon, LMT

This was my first online class with the Institute and I plan on taking more. It was clear, concise and up to date on what is happening in the day to day activities in the workplace, which gave them great examples to use in the text book. It also, made me think more about how I have been handling myself with my own clients in my own practice. I have some areas to improve upon thanks to this class I feel very confident that I will be able to do it as I have the text book to refer back to when I need to. Thank you again for such a great experience.

- Sheila Clifford, LMT, BCTMB

This is always a good refresher on how to handle different situations that may come up in the office.

- Jackie Larson, LMT

You are my "go to" for online courses. Appreciate that the material is updated and changes with current conditions, so it's not the same ethics course over and over. I will print out the text and refer to in when supervising student bodyworkers. Thank you!

- Joanne Sincero, LMT

"The Educated Heart" is one of the best books to refer to about ethics.

- Susie Dunn, LMP

This course really helped me! I can implement these ethics concepts immediately into my massage therapy practice. it gave me a fresh outlook on a rather dry topic. It's very useful information and it will help me be a better massage therapist to my patients.

- Michelle Renee Abrahamian, BCTMB

This is a valuable area of concern to review for our occupation. Some interactions are subtle and supervision can be very valuable to deal with such experiences considerately.

- Kathy Duprey, LMP

I enjoyed reading the stories of real life massage therapists. The questions that they had during the reading caught my attention and helped me to see if that was an issue in my practice.

- Dillon Davis, LMT


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