Pathology: Digestive and Endocrine Systems


5 CE Hours


Learn about the digestive and endocrine systems and their pathology. This course includes a thorough review of the anatomy and physiology of the digestive and endocrine systems; a description of the essential nutrients for human health, including their source, benefits and deficiencies on the human body, and massage indications and contraindications for specific digestive and endocrine disorders.

In this course, you will learn:

  • various attributes of the digestive and endocrine systems
  • how to differentiate between hyperglycemia and hypogylcemia
  • the primary danger from diabetic crisis
  • the benefits that massage and bodywork give to the endocrine and digestive systems
  • contraindications for therapeutic actions in relation to the endocrine and digestive systems
  • signs and symptoms of issues regarding the endocrine or digestive system and where referring out to another provider is recommended

Course Reviews

Rebecca Mabe, LMT, NCTMB

Excellent review of digestive and endocrine pathologies! This information is important for every therapist to know. Would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking for a good refresher on these topics.

Carol Nadasen, LMT

This course was informative. The most helpful parts to me were those that described symptoms clients may present.... especially pain referral! Diabetes is such a prevalent disease. It would be helpful to learn more specific contraindications with its symptoms. Most diabetic clients have already seen a primary care practitioner and are looking for pain relief with massage. I was hoping for more specific indications and contraindications for the wide variety of endocrine and digestive disorder symptoms. Thank you for a fun and thorough review of the systems. I learned something new!

Heidi Mayo, LMT

Wow! This exceeded my expectations! I had a great refresher and found that after I had done what I thought was a mock test after reading the printed book that it was the actual test!! I was so happy to find that out and as weird as this sounds, cannot WAIT to study and complete my next test!

S. Page, LMT

This was a great adjunct. I have a lot of clients who are diabetic as well as have some of the other disorders studied in this program. It gave me more of a affirmation that I am on the right track in caring for my clients. This class will help give me more credibility within my medical community.

Glenda S. Bly, LMT

Think I enjoyed this course the most! I find the endocrine and digestive systems amazing, and found the information to be very insightful. As a post-menopausal woman, a lot of the symptoms and dysfunctions hit home!

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