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Headaches are extremely common and nearly everyone has had this type of pain on occasion. In some cases the pain is more frequent and debilitating. Discover ways to assist your clients with recurring headaches. In this brief course you will:

  • Differentiate between the various types of headaches.
  • Explain the known causes of each type of headache.
  • Review a detailed client intake to determine history of headaches and massage therapy compatibility.
  • Determine appropriate massage techniques for clients with acute or chronic headaches.
  • Examine the categorization of headaches by the International Headache Society and National Institute of Health.
  • Identify facial pain and its causes.
  • Ascertain appropriate massage therapy techniques for clients with facial pain.
  • Recognize symptoms of a stroke and apply emergency procedures.

In the course Headaches, Facial Pain & Massage we've combined articles written especially for the Institute's Massage Professionals Update. These articles include:

  • Acupressure for Headaches - Headache pain is the most often reported health problem in America. At times it can be debilitating, but most of us try to work through it and get through the day. If you have clients who report getting headaches, whether they be migraine, stress related or even sinus pain, read about some common acupoints you can use along with your usual techniques – they might just prove useful in easing this uncomfortable ailment.
  • Three Types of Facial Pain and Massage Therapy - Facial pain can be caused by several different pathologies. Knowing the cause of the pain is the first step in taking steps to ease or eliminate it. Learn about three types of facial pain and whether they can be helped with massage therapy or if they need more serious intervention.
  • Can Massage Therapy Reduce Headache Occurrence? - Did you know there are approximately 200 kinds of headaches? The International Headache Society has listed them all but, to make it a bit easier, they have also broken them down into three main categories: Primary, Secondary and Cranial Neuralgia/Primary Facial Pain/Other. Learn about which ones can be helped by massage therapy and which may need a different kind of intervention.
  • 7 Types of Headaches - Headache pain is the most often reported type of pain in the U.S. Learn about some of the most common types of headache pain, and if massage can help to alleviate or reduce the frequency of this sometimes debilitating infirmity.
  • Migraines With Aura Show Increased Health Risk - A recently completed study has shown that people who suffer from migraines with aura are at a greater risk of dying from cardiovascular disease or stroke than those who have non-migraine headaches, or migraines without the associated aura occurrence. Research has also shown that massage therapy and various massage techniques can help reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.

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Course Reviews

Lisa Bogart, LMT

Great course! Will be very useful in evaluating the clients issues and helping them get to the cause of their problems. Headaches are so very common, so this information is priceless!

Julie Tavernese, LMT

Good course. It was a good refresher from massage school!

Addie Hahn, LMT

Headaches are not something I recall being covered in any detail in massage school. I found the course material here interesting and relevant for work with the elderly population I work with.

Beckie Taylor, BCTMB

I learned some new information about headaches. I especially liked the info about acupressure since I don't know a lot about this. Thanks!

Ruth M. Donnellan, LMT, BCTMB

I go to a neurologist for migraine headaches. I found this to be well presented and thorough especially in distinguishing different types of headaches and different approaches to massage therapy for each.

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