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Meditation CD

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Created by: Michael Benghiat

Whether you're looking for the perfect spa music, music for relaxation, music for yoga, reiki, aromatherapy or any of the healing arts, the music of Meditation is designed to melt away stress and tension and to restore a sense of peace and calmness.

The melodies of Meditation will caress your senses. Keyboards and piano, the resonant strings of the harp, the deep tonal qualities of the flutes, dulcimer and guitar... all create an aural landscape and a continuous flow of harmony and balance. The individual tracks flow together almost imperceptibly and provide a perfect background that is neither distracting nor boring. This CD should not be listened to while operating a motor vehicle!

(CD: 60 minutes)

Click below to hear a sample from Meditation:

Meditation 16:02
Sage 14:10
Breath 15:05
Renewal 14:25

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