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Rave Reviews About the Institute's CEUs!

I have been enjoying every course I have taken here! Highly recommend!!

Nicole Manojlovich, LMT

The Institute provides interesting and useful information to increase my proficiency and knowledge as a massage therapist,

Roberta Michaelis, LMT, BCTMB

The information was very clear and easy to understand.

Marie Noelle Dielman

When I had questions, the staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Heidi Bresnahan

I'm consistently impressed with the quality of the company and their offerings.

Andrea Kelliher

I love this company, fair prices - excellent staff - always recommend Institute for Integrative Healthcare!

Lauree Moretto

I appreciated the format and variety of subjects available

Rhonda Davis

I have been on your website for awhile, and it's been fantastic to gain and learn the knowledge as a massage therapist. I would recommend this to friends and students. Love the fun test part and the confetti celebration...how exciting! Nice touch!!!

Alessandra Liccione, LMT

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies id my referred source of course material. The programs are well written, easy to understand and are full of usable knowledge.

Kimberly S. Lauren, LMT

I am very thankful for the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies! They continue to offer a wide variety of courses that are filled with important information to continually expand my knowledge and help me to be a better therapist.

Kimberly S. Lauren, LMT

Thank you for the great ceu and information! I loved how you have your system set up. I will be doing more with you.

Natalie Quick, LMT, BCTMB

I absolutely love that i can sit at my quiet local library to complete these courses. I am grateful to still have that option considering most courses are online these days. Thank you!

Shelley Marie Bailey, LMT

I love the online classes I have taken with the Institute. The staff is fantastic and so helpful if you have any questions. I have taken a few classes and have been very pleased with them all.

Toni Merka, LMT

The Institute provides a broad range of classes and I have not been disappointed. The staff is extremely helpful when there are questions.

Yvonne Estelle Robinson, LMT

I continue to use IIHS because it's done well for me over the years. The company answers quickly and provides all you would need. I enjoy it.

Jessica Longo, LMT

I have used this Institute for the past several Years and always learn something I didn't know. Love it!

Kathryn I. Williams, LMT

I really like Integrative Healthcare Studies. They're very user friendly and have good info. I love taking your classes.

Karen Carter, LMT

This is my go to for online massage CEU'S. I am always satisfied. My massage skills have greatly improved as a result of the information i have learned from this forum.

David Friday, LMT

Enjoyed the simplicity of the course material and the taking process. Will return again for more CEU's.

Susanna White, LMT

A Great site, wonderful content, an excellent learning tool. Very user friendly. Thank you.

Stacy Fowler, LMT

It is a blessing to be able to submit the test & have the results immediately & to have it processed quickly instead of having to wait.

William Lee Wimberly, LMT

Thank you for providing easy and beneficial ways to get CEU's online for licensure renewal.

KimLien LaFitte, LMBT

Im TERRIBLE with computers and technology, but the Institute's website and course materials were extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. Thank you!

kathryn burleson, LMBT, BCTMB

The student support staff were so helpful through my whole process. So friendly and very knowledgeable! Thank you for such such great courses and the ease of use of your web site!

Miriam L. Campbell, LMT

So easy working with this organization! Friendly and helpful service, thank you!

L A Nicholson, LMT

I have been taking courses from this institute and I love the courses. I love how easy this site is and how the material is interesting and holds my attention.

Melanie Egger, CMT, BCTMB

Of all the people I deal with regarding classes and licensing your office is ALWAYS the most professional and efficient. Without your office, I think I would have given up long ago.

Pamela Skotnicki, LMT, BCTMB

Having the ability to take continuing education classes online from a reputable place is KEY! Thankful for Institute For Integrative Healthcare Studies!

Amy Sedlacek, LMT

Thank you so much for supplying us with easily affordable, content rich information. Without you our practices would not be complete.

Rene Collier, LMT, BCTMB

Intergrative Healthcare Studies offer a wide range of indepth courses that are sub-titled and designed for easy reading. They include interesting references as well as need to know key points that are relative to your business courses. I have told other practioners about these services, as I am so grateful to add to my library, their wonderful products as well. Thank you for keeping me engaged in my own continuing education opportunities.

Chandra Pugh, LMT, BCTMB

I have highly enjoyed, and learned much, from all of the courses I have taken from your institute. I have found multiple topics and courses that have held my interest. I like that I can order the text, but take the test online, it is very convenient.

Shanon Eff, LMT

Your Institute has wonderful courses and a really user-friendly website. Thank you for supporting the massage therapy profession!

Rita G. Judd, LMT

I strongly recommend this Institute to all Massage Therapists and will continue to come back for all my CEU needs.

Kaylee Lucia, LMT

Thank you for offering an affordable and efficient way for me to complete my training. I'm always satisfied with your classes and feel like I have learned the information at the end.

Kaylee Lucia, LMT

I have taken several courses with IIHS over my years of practice. I am always impressed with the content, and pleased with how easy the site is to navigate.

Johanna Held, LMT

Literally one of the first online courses I've found in the past few years that actually applies directly to my massage therapy practice. Thanks for the great CE course!

Joanne Klaus, LMT

Thank you for supporting therapists with continuing education. This is the only organization I refer to for continuing ed because it is user friendly to navigate and consume.

David Dierkes, LMT, BCTMB

The Institute for Integrative Health Studies is my go-to for online Continuing Education. I've been online with you for nearly 20 years. Thank you for offering such a variety of informational and interesting subjects for us. I would love to see a few longer ce courses on Aromatherapy and PTSD. Thanks!

Louise Hudson, LMBT

These Integrative Healthcare courses are very helpful. Materials are up to date. You work at your own pace. I had to set aside my work to virtual school, then homeschool during COVID. Start over or pick up where you left off - doesn't matter. Course expiring is not a problem as you're able to extend. Thank you.

Alina Garcia Brizuela, LMT

I did need to call for support after completing the course concerning a test question. Heather was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. She listened and looked into the matter and called me back in a timely manner to let me know her findings. When she called, everything had already been taken care of and my new certificate ad grade were generated. I greatly appreciate her help. Thank you. Anxiety

Pamela Friedman, LMT, BCTMB

Thank you for providing a quick and easy access to courses during the pandemic when everything is shut down in our area! It is so great to have such a wonderful resource and I cannot wait to take aromatherapy in September!!!

Skye L. Walker, LMT, BCTMB

Great courses Great staff..so helpful and patient

Eileen Benson, LMT

I have learned more, I feel, from the book courses from this company than ever in a classroom. I love the fact that I can keep the course books to reread and not forget a thing.

Bobby Jo Williamson, LMT

Super easy to do! Great value in both time and money.

Carol Strohbehn, LMT

Erica helped me today with my error of extending two courses. She was very friendly and helpful and had great energy over the phone. Thanks!!!

Toni Grow, LMT

I enjoy working with you folks! The Institute is top notch!!

Mathew Geevarghese, LMT

The materials and testing were easy to access and readily available. Also, the price is hard to beat.

Lacy Parish, LMT

I've always come back to Integrative Healthcare for great classes that fit my schedule! Thank you!

Lauren Salmi, LMT, BCTMB

You are my favorite CE course organization ever! I just do not do very well with online testing and materials. I have vision issues and prefer courses that have the materials and tests mailed to me. Thank you for always being such a great resource for me! Sincerely, Skye

Skye Lin Walker, LMT, BCTMB

I actually take all of my continuing education courses that I don't take in person through your institute. I am happy to find that you offer hard copies of materials as I am not interested in online studies. Your customer service is excellent and I always find your courses relevant and interesting.

Diane V. Karakashian, LMT, BCTMB

Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies have always been my source for CEUs. I have been using this online platform since 2007!

Moreatha Whitley, LMT

I appreciate the quality, convenience and selections available. I can always find what I am looking for to enhance my practice.

Charlene Rivera, CMT

I ALWAYS use the Institute For Integrative Healthcare Studies for all of my further educational needs... Thank you for being here for us !

Erma Romano, CMT, BCTMB

I love the institute classes. I found the courses to be easy to learn from and take test simply from the comfort of my office.

Anna Price, LMT

Course was great! I absolutely love the content. It was a lot of information that I will continually make reference to. I've already signed up for my next course. This is such a convenient and cost effective way to get ceu's. I am grateful for the diverse selections on the plethora of courses I can choose from. namaste~

Kelli Molyneux, LMT, BCTMB

I always try to take your classes because they have great info, very clear, easy to follow and more so now, I love to take classes at home because the COVID. Very pleased with the material and content.

Ana Maria Siccardi, LMT, BCTMB

I'm glad to find this course and website because I live in a small town far from big cities and there are no live courses anywhere near. Good class.

Deborah Laseke, LMT, BCTMB

Thanks so much. Your site was the only one that was clear, easy to follow, and professional. I appreciate the clear instructions and procedures.

Cynthia Bretheim, LMT, BCTMB

I have been taking my CE requirements from Integrative Health Care for seventeen years. In that time only two courses were difficult to follow and required far to many hours for massage license renewal. Both courses were 6 CE electives. This course titled, "The Body Mind Connection," was interesting but was more suited for psychology students than LMT's. All in all, no complaints. Two partially vague courses in seventeen years equates to a very positive experience. Integrative Healthcare is a premier provider.

Keith Bernabei, LMT, BCTMB

really enjoyed the fact i could read the content and look over questions ahead of time, so i could not feel stressed while learning ,worrying what the test questions would be like. the videos were excellent and like how they showed how to incorporate into a regular massage session

Michele Jordan, LMT, BCTMB

I really love to take courses from the Institute for Integrative Healthcare studies, everything is super clear, the information is very interesting, overall the courses are practical. Thank you so very much.

Stella M. Barragan, LMT, BCTMB

I am very satisfied with course material as it is clear and detailed, and the staff is always accommodating in answering questions I may have.

Celia Caldora, LMT, BCTMB

This Institute provides excellent course materials for Continuing Education! The staff at "Institute for Integrative Studies" are beyond expectations!!!

Sandra L. Baker, LMT, BCTMB

Courses are great and the staff is always helpful and very professional. I always do my CEU's with this company. Thank you!

Kathleen Kohls, LMT, BCTMB

Super interesting content! These things usually bore me, but the subjects available through IIH are relevant, interesting, and thorough. Thank you!!

Susan Koch, LMT

Their website is easy to navigate and the materials are fairly priced.

Janna C. Westbrook, LMT, BCTMB

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies is extremely helpful and useful to me. Thank you for providing printed materials.

Brenda Lee Clark, LMT, BCTMB

The customer support is wonderful.

Nicole Albruzzese, LMT

Great source for CEU's as always!

Kelly Hickman, LMT, BCTMB

This is the most reliable source for continuing education!

Toni Byrd, LMT

Thank you for always providing new and interesting courses. I always get my CEU's through you.

Wendy Ann Alley, LMT, BCTMB

I only take my online classes from the institute!

Jessica Hallowell, LMT

Always a big fan of the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies! In my 18 year career, I've taken all of my allowable online credits from the Institute and have always been pleased with my purchase. Customer Service is incredibly helpful and friendly as well. I highly recommend their courses!

Cara Drescher, LMT

I always return to the Institute for my online CEUs.

Jessica Hallowell, LMT

Megan was very friendly and so helpful from the very beginning.From ordering to completion of test, she was so patient and followed thru on all questions about testing and certificate of completion. Thank you, Megan.

Daniel Macias JR, LMT

I have taken several courses from The Institute and compared to the others, The Institute is one of, if not the best, of all the different companies I have tried.

James C. Franklin, LMT

Throughout my 22 year career, I have always taken courses from this site. Very satisfied with everything I have taken

Virginia Newberry, LMT, BCTMB

every staff member was patient and helpful. material were received in a quick and timely manner. I love this company and would highly recommend to my co workers and friends. thank you

Elizabeth Valdes, LMT, BCTMB

I have enjoyed all course work I've purchased from the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies. The kind and knowledgeable staff have been there for me anytime I have had any questions.

Christie A. Duncan, LMT

I am so thankful to the Institute For Integrated Healthcare Studies for continuing to offer quality CE courses! I am always well pleased with my course studies!

Kimberly S. Lauren, LMT

I have always found the Institute helpful and available to answer questions. All the courses I have taken so far were excellent.

Donna Costa, LMT, BCTMB

Every course I have taken through the institute has been valuable to me.

Gregory Hurd, LMT, BCTMB

I have utilized your services for years...always without a hitch. Fantastic customer service and thorough and easy courses of study; making learning simple. THANK YOU!!!

Deborah Ann Smith, LMT

Thank you for the continuing ED courses that are structurally illustrated,highly informational and easily navigated on the web site! Please continue presenting the learning format that you provide. David Anthony Dierkes LMT

David Dierkes, LMT, BCTMB

I always love doing my CEs through this website. It's my go to every time I have to renew

Megan Gillenwater, LMBT

I have always liked this website, at my recommendation several coworkers have used this site as well. Thank you

Stacy Walker, LMT

Always friendly and helpful staff!

Lorraine Scott, LMT

I find using the Institute to take CEU courses very user friendly and I appreciate the wide variety of classes to choose from, though after 21 years in practice, it's always nice to see new ones made available as well.

Annie McFadden, LMT, BCTMB

Thank you for continuing to provide snail mail courses. I have no internet & can not take online classes. I have taken many classes for many years from you - they have all been very good. And your staff is always helpful, always knowledgeable & always kind. Thank you.

Audrey Jett, LMT, BCTMB

I love the wide variety of topics and courses offered!!! I have used this site in the past and plan on continuing!! Thank you very much!!!

Madeline L. Bomberger, LMT, BCTMB

I have taken your courses for many years. Amazingly they have all been wonderful. I have learned so much from them. And Each time I have called you all are helpful and kind. Thank you.

Audrey Jett, LMT, BCTMB

I took courses from other institutions and vowed never again! All I did was take notes on 8 chapters or more, then there were quizzes. I wrote enough to fill a black and white notebook! (2 courses - 2 different schools). I totally forgot that I took courses from you years ago! You have been a GODSEND! I recommend you and your wonderful books to reference the tests. It was wonderful and I am so at peace!

Gail M. Vaichulis, LMT, BCTMB

I have been a LMT for 8 years now. Every time I have to do continuing education to renew my license, I always come back to your company. I love the courses & love the flexibility of the courses and test taking. I highly recommend your institute to other colleagues.

Maricela Bautista, LMT

I will return again and again to take your courses. They do more than fulfill CEU requirements. I truly enjoy the courses.

Carol J. Baker, CMT, BCTMB

I have been associated with the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies for quite a few years. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Linda D. Bacon, LMT

The integrative healthcare studies have always been my to go to for my online CEU courses!

Rochelle Davis, LMBT, BCTMB

Love your courses, love your organization! Thank you.

Elizabeth Ehrhardt, LMT

Love this website!

Emily Heffron, LMBT

I always come to you guys for CEU's, you have great classes

Jennifer Meckelvaney, LMT, BCTMB

Thank you I greatly appreciate the opportunity I'm so thankful that you all provide such great coursework I will recommend all my professional collogues.

Tamara Taylor, LMT, BCTMB

I am very pleased with the quality of courses from the institute.

Allison M. Gunn, LMT, BCTMB

I love your course studies. I’m very busy with sports therapy. This Institute works great for me.

Tammy Curtis, LMT

I always use you for my online continuing education for my massage license!

Joi Stevens, LMBT

I have taken many courses from this Institute and they have all been great courses.

Billie Ruth Hausen, LMBT

Thanks for being there for me when I need you.

Cynthia DiRaimondo, LMBT, BCTMB

I appreciate this company so much! Thank you.

Jill Dunn, LMBT

Have been using these courses for years . They have always been interesting and knowledgeable. Keep coming back every time I need classes .

Anne M. Angell, LMT

I just referred a colleague today - I always enjoy your courses!

David Lemke, LMT

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare is my go to for any and all continuing ed's.

Jane Dellinger Hoyle, LMT

I ordered to wrong courses and called and Jessica easily and quickly resolved the issue. Customer service was polite, helpful and rapid. Thank you.

Robert True, LMT, BCTMB

Another great and interesting course. Thank you for all the wonderful classes that help to keep Massage Therapists thriving and educated about many health conditions that are encountered in the therapy room.

Laura J. Kaprelian, LMT, BCTMB

Thank you for always providing a wide variety of online classes for continuing education. Your website is user friendly and always a pleasure to take your online courses.

Kimberly Brooks, LMT

It has been a great learning experience over the years of taking my CEU'S. I enjoy being able to print and take the test to challenge my knowledge before studying the materials. Never fails, I have a lot to learn or relearn. Fun experience is learning.

Karen Godber, LMT

The Institute staff are always very professional, friendly and helpful.

Laura J. Kaprelian, LMT, BCTMB

I found This website extremely helpful and the courses you offer are great. You make it very easy to get the necessary continuing education credits

Lynn Hafferkamp, LMT

Very good content, looking forward to taking other courses through you for my CE requirement. Good value for the dollar!

Joseph Glazewski, LMT

Excellent source obtaining CE's for re-certification. I totally recommend the Institute!

C. G Van Meter, LMT

Thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of instruction and teaching!!! Made it easy to follow and allowed me to enjoy the learning process.

Teri Carter, LMT, BCTMB

A quality Institute in all aspects. I have taken many courses, and will return to take many others.

C. G Van Meter, LMT

Always love the selection of your courses, and find them wonderfully affordable!

Glenda S. Bly, LMT, BCTMB

Another great course. The books and materials you recommend are among the best. Thank you! I have already recommended your site to multiple Practitioners!

Gretchen Hannsz Witzgall, LMT, BCTMB

I was very impressed that when I accidentally signed up for the same course twice in 1 month, I was contacted by a member of staff to see if that was correct and offered credit towards another course because it was a mistake. Thank you for your integrity!

Chitra Moutis, LMT

Amazing courses, amazing student support and quick responses in a very polite and professional manner. You feel important and know they actually care that you learn and grow! ONLY place I enjoy taking CEU's this much!! Thank you!!

Ren Matney, LMT

You are my favorite go-to source for online studies. Always top notch and consistent in quality. Thank you.

Anne L. Kurtz, LMT, BCTMB

I took this course during the pandemic. I had a question and was very impressed with the ability of "chat" to answer and take care of my needs! Great Job!

Donna Costa, LMT, BCTMB

I like the set-up. It works with the therapists time and does not make it so difficult it's too time consuming. Thank you for considering that, for these classes are blessing all the way around. Thank you.

Angela Williams, LMT

Anytime I have to get my CEU's at home, I get them from your company. I have never been disappointed and will continue to order through you. Everyone on the phone is always helpful and pleasant to talk to. And order comes right away. Have always found very interesting topics, there are many to choose from.

Debbie Leppo, CMT, BCTMB

This was a pleasure to learn. The book is excellent I have used it for years! This was a very good refresher course as I had forgotten some things and learned things I didn't know. I would recommend the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies for anyone who is interested in well organized and informative continuing education! I have taken many courses and learned a lot from them all! A great selection of courses too! Thank you again!

Connie Harrison, LMT

These courses are the best! Thanks so much for providing such a vital and useful product/service.

Paula Di Netta, LMT

Support staff were very helpful and could not have completed this course without them. Can't thank them enough for their prompt assistance and coverage necessary requirements.

Barbara Grunitz, LMT, BCTMB

Customer service was excellent, friendly and supportive. Irene's class was exceptional. Directions clear on entire course experience, including expectations, testing and receiving a certificate. One of the Best online courses I ever have taken, along with the customer service I received. Thank You!!!!!! I do prefer online courses, however I will return to you when I choose to take an online course.

Kathleen Ginn, LMT, BCTMB

Very helpful and informative! I will absolutely be returning for more classes!

Heather Nicholosi, LMT

This is my second course today with yall. The video/audio and being able to print the test so I know I am getting all the correct information is SO HELPFUL for me. I can not express this enough! Thank you SO SO MUCH!

Jessica Patterson, LMT, BCTMB

Always great content, quick and efficient scoring, and immediate certificate availability. I love taking my courses this way.

Marilyn Rhodes, LMT

I love using these courses for my continuing ed needs. I like that I can go at my own pace + choose from a wide variety of topics within massage.

Christina A. Myles, LMT

This site is the only one I use for CEU classes and the staff has always been helpful and friendly. Thanks for all the hard work during this time. Stay safe and we will get thru this, Thanks, Kacey

Kacey Willis, LMT

The Institute For Integrative Healthcare is the only online school I plan on using for future continuing education. They take care of any problem I may have quickly and are very kind and informative.

Jane Dellinger Hoyle, LMT

I plan to take all of my CE Courses from the Institute!

Gina Isabel, LMT

The entire process from acquiring the course to taking the course was very fluid. It was very easy to navigate through the site, set up my account, take the test and complete the evaluation to get my certificate.

Kenneth R. Graver, LMT

I like how things were easy to find on the website. You select how many hours you want and what state you practice in, then pow, a selection at your fingertips.

Brianna Hunt, LMT

The staff was very helpful. It was obvious that my success was important to them. I think Integrative Healthcare truly cared that I was gaining important knowledge through their courses.

Vicki Purdy, LMT, BCTMB

The Institute has been my go-to spot for nearly all of my massage CEUs. The classes are informative, clearly outlined, and enlightening on many levels. The Institute has helped quench my thirst for knowledge and professional growth, and the convenience of studying at my own pace.

Alison Lopez, CMT

Heather was amazing! She helped me to correct a mistake I made in ordering. She was kind, encouraging and patient. I'm not the best on computers, but she was helpful and so very kind. The courses so far have been interesting and I have enjoyed learning from this site. Thank you.

Julia Rierson, LMBT, BCTMB

Excellent course selection! Excellent customer service!

Ann T. Bellucci, LMT, BCTMB

I have taken online classes from Integrative Healthcare for over 20 years. They have always been excellently presented, clear to understand, and the test questions match the course study content perfectly.

Julie Santamaria, LMT

I always recommend your Institute to my coworkers - 2 of which took some of your courses. Thank you.

Vincent Disantolo, LMT

I would recommend The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies to anyone that wants or needs to further their education. They have great courses are a reasonable cost. The staff is kind and very helpful.

Phyllis DonVito-Sokolowski, LMT

Thank you. The instruction is very thorough. When I emailed a question before I took the course, I got wonderful and complete help. Thank you.

Bronwyn Pfingston, LMT

I love using this site for all my CEUS!

Amber Leigh Seegars, LMT

Some of the material was over my head, but referring to TCM materials we had studied in school easily clarified them. I have taken several courses with the Institute and so I expected the highest quality materials and was not disappointed. Thank you.

Kristen Payne, LMT

Thank you so much for such high quality course material and choices.

Teresa Hunter, LMT

The student support staff was very friendly and helpful. I learned so much from the course work and the practice sessions. I will definitely be enrolling in another course soon.

Vicki Purdy, LMT, BCTMB

Always glad to use your courses. They are convenient, interesting, and of good value.

Sylvia Stevens, LMT, BCTMB

I have used your institute for years and I am pleased with what I learn, affordability and conventience of learning in the privacy of my home.

Athena Bernal, LMBT

I will never go anywhere else for my CEs! The material was clear and easy to read. I have a busy life and this institute makes it convenient and easy to stay on top of my license!

Katherine Nienaber, LMT

Staff was very helpful and friendly. I enjoyed this course and was very easy to understand. Would highly recommend this course and Institute.

Rachel Doss, LMT

Thank you for your excellent course offerings! Grateful for your knowledge and the ease of learning from your teachings.

Julia Arleen Cini, LMT, BCTMB

As always you present interesting and informative courses. I KNOW I can always find something new to learn with your courses. Thank you for such a wonderful service.

Maria J. Gift, LMT

I have taken most of my continuing education classes (that did not have to be live, on-site, in-person) through the Institute and have been very pleased every time. I received my license in New Hampshire in 1988 and have maintained it ever since! Thank you so much for being there and providing such a variety of courses!

Valerie A. Williams, LMT

Great selection, clear easy process- I love that I can print the information & test out and then submit online!!

Darcy Blood, LMT

Absolutely LOVE taking courses from IIHS! Courses are in depth and practical to the massage industry. Thank you for providing such wonderful courses at a reasonable rate!

Cynthia Frahm, LMT

I enjoy the content and the flexibility of the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies.

Deanna Wahlert, LMT

Happy to have found IIHS! Loved taking this course in the comfort of my own home. Having the ability to view segments over again and reinforcing learning was very helpful.

Lauri Karaglanis

Thank you! I'm a public school teacher by profession and I needed to get my 24 hrs completed. You had everything I needed and I got it done quickly and completely. I love that you keep my transcript on file so I know at a glance what I have taken.

Betty L. Maloney, LMT, BCTMB

The Institute offers the best way to acquire continuing education credits for maintaining licensing.

Scott Ballor, LMT

I have been licensed for 19 years and have used the Institute for 90% of my continuing ed. I enjoy the courses and I am always applying in my practice. Your staff is always friendly and helpful.

Danny L. Martin, LMT, BCTMB

Every time I called for help or info I was treated so kind and you were so willing to make this easy for me to understand each step. I will definitely take more classes from you. Thank you so much for making this enjoyable and the classes so informational.

LaVonne Johnson, LMT

It is often a challenge to come up with the funds and/or time to take off work for workshops. I really appreciated how easy to self pace this course, test online and print a certificate within hours. I will be recommending and taking more through IIHS. Thank you!

Emily Young, LMT

I have been taking courses from the Institute for many years and will continue to do so. There are so many interesting topics, I've barely scratched the surface!

Deborah Ensell, LMT, BCTMB

Love taking at home tests. I am able to work at my own pace.

Kristy Proffit, LMBT

I love that I can find affordable AND interesting, helpful/practical courses here, and that all of my continued ed history is saved here. Thank you!

Kathleen Little, LMT, BCTMB

I have taken many classes from this website and all have had great information. I love learning new techniques and modalities and this website encourages that. Thank You !

Razma Rahaman, LMT

I have taken courses through IIHS for years and am always 100% satisfied.

Michael LePard, LMBT

This is a wonderful way to complete CEU's for recertification and gain new knowledge.

Michelle Brewer, LMT

Always love taking classes from here!

Rachel Stone, LMT

I truly enjoy the courses you offer. As a busy bodyworker and single mom time is precious. I have always been able to find useful and informative courses on your site. And I learn something new with every course. Thank you for your wonderful service.

Maria J. Gift, LMT

I have utilized the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies in the past and have been impressed with the courses.

Suzanne McHargue, LMBT

I appreciate how user-friendly this online educational platform was and the refreshing material that was included. I look forward to taking more courses with you guys in the future. Thanks!

Nicolas Flores, LMT

It's always a pleasant and easy experience dealing with the Institute. I am grateful for their consistency and variety of subjects. Thanks!

Julie Christina Parker, LMBT, BCTMB

More Fascia, myofascial and soft tissue releases. I have taken most of your courses in these areas and would love to see new CEU opportunities! I love your company and use it for the majority of my CEU's and would like to continue to see new material on Fascia, myofascial and soft tissue releases etc... Thank You so Much!!

Rosemary A. Chaudoir, LMT, BCTMB

The online website and course were user friendly and staff are helpful. Thank you for providing this service.

Michelle Lanzisera, LMBT

Helpful staff, user friendly and easy to navigate course content online.

Javier Rodriguez, LMBT

I would absolutely recommend Institute for Integrative Healthcare for online CEU's for any MT's.

Meggan Guzikowski, LMBT

Heather was great! Thanks for offering several ethics courses so I don't have to keep searching for a new one to take every two years for NCBTMB recertification.

Gayle Tanaka, LMT, BCTMB

Sometimes life gets in the way of completing a course right away. I appreciate the amount of time given to complete a course.

Patricia Engelhard, LMT

A great way to study, stop and go. So easy to come back to. I'm very busy with my practice and this course worked for me.

Tammy Curtis, LMT

I love this website, very great content to choose from.

Regener Herron, LMBT

I am the manager of a chiropractic office and I still do massage here as well. I have told all my other therapists about your classes and while reading the material and doing the test, I was practicing on them. We were all learning at the same time! It was great!

Jennifer Burgess, LMT

I was especially impressed with the support given by your staff when I called with questions. My most recent conversation with Erica guided me with my technical internet challenges. I would refer my friends to fulfill their CE requirements through IntegrativeHealthcare.

Rita Turner, LMT

Friendly and easy to use. Able to fit into my busy schedule so it meets all my needs. Thank you.

Melissa Mensah, LMT

Sadly, ethics is the only program that I can take, from your facility, for my Nebraska CEU's. However, I can take your programs for NCBTMB certification. So, I'll keep coming back for your programs.

Marty Voigtlander, LMT, LMBT

You are my favorite go-to for online courses for my massage therapy practice. Thank you!!

Ellen Moore, LMBT

The course is really well done and I will continue to study other material in this website.

Xiaoping Gao, LMT

I appreciate the flexible time to study and take the test.

Rhoda Larson, LMT

I like the fully online system. It was quick and easy to get my credits. The material was clear and concise!

Nicole Terzian, LMT

I liked the variety of therapies and resources you provided.

Ann Stanley, LMT

Thank you for providing easy ways to get CE's. The professionalism of your courses are very helpful in renewing my certifications.

Lisa Keplinger, CMT, BCTMB

Excellent easy access of material.

Susan Koebel, LMT

The Institute has always been my go-to for online courses. On point subject matter, flexibility, affordable and straightforward testing.

Cynthia Johnson, LMBT

All of the courses I have taken are interesting and easy.

Judy Kosta, CMT

I really enjoy the courses I have taken.

Judy Kosta, CMT

You guys are the best, I have been taking your courses for years. I always learn something new!

Jodie Humes-Reid, LMT

I enjoy doing my FL required courses with you guys!!

Sara Rudd, LMT

I always enjoy your CEU's!

Sara Rudd, LMT

Having anxiety myself, I found the information in this course helpful and interesting.

Sara Rudd, LMT

I always enjoy your courses for my continuing education.

Sara Rudd, LMT

I like taking home study classes because it saves me money.

Patricia C. Morrow, LMBT

Excellent highly recommend this continuing education institute to anyone gaining new knowledge for this profession.

Herbert Schlichting, LMT

Site is easy to navigate, would definitely recommend. I enjoy this course and others. The layout, test questions and ease of referring back to the information. Glad to be able to keep the downloads as references.

Tara Baabahar, LMT, BCMTB

I can always rely on the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies for CE's of interest and knowledge to incorporate in my profession. Cost and convenience makes this institution the best!

David Dierkes, LMT

I appreciate that you listed what WA State requires for continued education credits/hours. This was helpful. I appreciate getting a return call when I had questions about taking this test. I ran into problems because I do not have a computer at home, I had to borrow a siblings computer, so it's difficult as I have to travel to take my test. But answering my questions via phone call helped me when I was actually ready to go back to the computer to take the test.

Dorothy Arriola, CMT

I loved this course! I can not wait to order more from the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies.

Emmalani McMurren, LMT

I often get my CEUs from your online courses. I have always found interesting and informative courses. Thank you for you wonderful service.

Maria J. Gift, LMT

Easy to access and set up. Good choices of materials. Straight forward materials and tests. Simple procedures. Reasonable prices.

Linda Gregory, LMT

This was a great refresher after many years of traning and practice. I was surprised and happy that the course made me think and review.

Donald L. Neely. CMT, BCTMB

Love the layout of this institutes website, easy to use and straight to the point. I will be purchasing more content to complete my required hours, and to gain new information.

Taylor Biordi, LMT

Thanks for providing us with exceptional material.

Rene Collier, LMT

Thank you for offering great CEUs at affordable price.

Staci Arnette

I always find your website perfectly user friendly and the course and test materials so easy to navigate; all very intuitively designed. Thank you!

Kathryn Day, LMT, BCTMB

I have only used the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies for all of continuing education over my 21 years.

Wayne Whitford, LMT

I have always had a great experience with customer service! I will continue to purchase course materials through the Institute as long as they will serve!

Amy H. Shirley, LMBT

This company makes test taking easy. When you log-in your courses and tests are listed. The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies keeps track of everything for you. I really like this company, thus I have been using you for years and years.

Teresa Rudolph, LMT

Clean, clear, helpful. This was an educational and expeditious process. grateful!

Ashira Lavine, LMT

My experience has been great so far and I'm looking forward to the other courses I have signed up for. The staff has been incredibly helpful.

Karen Katzmark, CMT

I will use your company for all of my continuing education.

Wayne Whitford, LMT

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies came highly recommended, now I see why. I will be a returning student!

Catherine Cameron, LMT

I always come here for my CEU's! Thank you so much for everything that you do!!!

Stephanie Hansen, BCTMB

I have used this institute numerous times and look forward to my next course. I also have recommended this institute to several friends who also have used your courses!

Patricia A. Stenner, LMT, RM.

Great way to complete CEU requirements!

Bonnie Dittmer, LMT, BCTMB

I have always appreciated the ease of materials and customer service from the institute. I will always come back to this site as long as the Institute serves.

Amy H. Shirley, LMBT

I always do my continuing education here! I love it! Thank you for everything you do!

Stephanie Hansen, BCTMB

What I like about CEUs with this Institute is that they directly send information to my professional certification organizations. It makes it very convenient to renew my certifications and state license. Thank you for providing this excellent service.

Janet Ruckrigl, LMT, BCTMB

I have been using the courses from The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies for several years. I find them informative and helpful without being overly cumbersome to complete. I have recommended courses to other therapists over the years and all return for more courses. Thank you for all the education.

Maria J. Gift, LMT

The student staff support deserves better than a simple yes. They are always warm and friendly, patient and extremely helpful. I also really enjoy the courses and look forward to the next one.

Ellyn Rae, LMT

I have taken a number of continuing ed courses through Integrative Healthcare Studies and have enjoyed each one. Each class has been informative with new information and a great review. I needed a refresher.

Denise L. Tucker, LMT, BCTMB

Love the easy to use website. Never a problem receiving the certificates.

Jyl Edwards, LMBT, BCTMB

I love how easy this process was! Straight and to the point!

Kristin Young, CMT

This institute is GREAT!

Amanda Early, LMBT

I have used the institute several times in the past and I find the programs offered are great. The quality of the material is concise and useful. Every course I have taken I have utilized in my practice.

Sheryl LaRosa, LMT

Thank you for this website. I have ordered every 2 years and have always found the website to be easy to follow and to test out. Thank You again!

Jill Uetz, LMT

I appreciate the courses you offer and that I can study at my own pace. Truly grateful!

Rita Violet Woods, LMT

These courses are great. Right to the point and presented in a way that I can go back and use the information and references often.

Judy Anderson, LMT, BCTMB

I have referred many licensed Massage Therapists to take courses from the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies. Your courses are clear and as I print the information and courses I'm able to go back to my notes as needed.

Zoraida Bettini, LMT

I'm very pleased with the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies training's. This is not my first course and will not be the last :-) I highly recommend! Great Job!

Lymari Velez, CMT

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies has a variety of courses and very accurate content. You will learn new techniques and accurate up to date information for your renewal requirements.

Kathleen Preziosa, LMT

Jessica was fantastic in answering my questions and helping me get tests for my staff. The institute has a nice variety of classes to choose from and I greatly appreciated the sale.

Shannon McCulloch, LMT

I love all your homes study courses so far. It has been very delightful and educational! The best part is that it's a very honest website for home study courses. With other website study course, I would pay for the the courses then because I was not able to get to the computer right away, 2-3 months later the domain is longer there.

Jennifer Marino, LMT

Absolutely love everything about this institute!

Merideth Alexander, LMBT

I have already been recommending Integrativehealthcare.org to most of my friends and coworkers in the bodywork / Massage world. I'm looking forward to taking more courses from you guys! I love it!

Levi Campbell, LMT

I have been using the online courses for the past 7 years. I really enjoy the information and the way that it is presented to the student. I will continue to use Integrative Healthcare for my online courses.

Arrid Hansell, LMT, BCTMB

The courses the Institute offers are both affordable, and educational and continue to enhance my skill level as a therapist.

Christine Beyer, LMT

The Customer Service team is very helpful and I have never had anything but a positive experience with help from them. Thank you for providing these great courses and great customer service.

Anonymous, LMT, BCTMB

I have been impressed and enjoyed all the courses I have taken from the Institute so far. I look forward to my next course!

Christopher Renz, LMT, BCTMB

I have always been well satisfied with courses ordered from the Institute and, also, the service provided by your staff. Thank you!

Laura Manges, LMT

Excellent!! So articulate and clear!. Loved the course. I even bought his book.

Sandy Edwards, LMT

I have used this site before with great success. The staff is so helpful and accommodating and the materials arrived quickly. I feel it is helpful to get instant feedback on test results, not only the score but exactly which questions you got wrong. And...I love the sales!!!!!

Beverly J. Todd, LMT

I enjoyed your courses. I started using Integrative during 2015 renewal. For the 2018 renewal, I became ill, however, your user friendly site helped me to approach my goal of being re certified and gave me tips on my own joint issues.

Carolyn F. Battle, LMT

I like the variety of classes and the discounts are really good! Thanks.

Mark Mallory, LMT

I have enjoyed all the courses I have taken through the institute. I find it enjoyable to learn from the comfort of my home and on my own time line. Thank You

Debbie Dal Bello-Conn

An excellent online course with numerous choices to choose from! I would definitely recommend these courses to my fellow coworkers instead of running around to the different schools in the area who at the last minute cancel the course because of not enough participants. I'm so glad my boss at work told me about your site.I just ordered two more! JohnS

John S., LMT

After purchasing three courses, I looked at my state board site and realized I had purchased too many hours (my state does not carry over online hours to the next renewal). I called and the person I spoke with was very friendly, understanding and prompt in handling my refund for one of the courses. As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you.

Brenda Vaughn, LMT

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies is my favorite place to pick up continuing education courses. Thank you!

Teresa Snell, LMT

I love the accessibility and multiple options we have to learn and take the exams. I trust in and enjoy what I'm learning!

Anne-Claire Gibson, LMT

I always enjoy your courses and I always learn from them. The staff are always friendly and know their stuff.

Janet Burns, LMT, AMTA

I am very happy with the institute and will continue buying courses. Tiffany is the best at customer service.

Susie Dunn, LMP

I really enjoy your courses. The website and test-taking is easy to maneuver. I return to your website every year for all of my online requirements. Thank you.

Ellen Moore, LMBT

Love the Institute for Integrative Healthcare - I always do all my CEU's through them.

Melissa Hale, LMT

Great courses, great company with terrific support staff. Thank you so much!

Margaret L. Robinson, RMT

This my first visit to your website, I thought it was simple to navigate and appreciated the discounts. Decent price value to the courses is also appreciated.

Deborah Haney, LMP

I have been taking your courses since 2011. You all are awesome! Thank you very much!!!

LaToya Woodley, LMT, BCTMB

Your website is so easy to use and your staff is very helpful. Thank you for providing these excellent courses.

Carol F. McCoon, LMT

I've taken several courses and found them all interesting, educating and easy to navigate.

Rebecca Viska, LMT

I enjoy learning new techniques and skills from the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies. Every course I have taken has been a read help for me and my clients benefit too!

Teresa Snell, LMT

Everything that I encountered on this website was beyond satisfactory! I am looking forward to taking more classes through this site! Thank you very much, you have no idea how much this means to me and my practice

Travis Montgomery, LMP, BCTMB

I have used this site for several years and it's always to my expectation. Very well designed with a vast information of knowledge to be found.

Tammy Shaffer, LMT

Don't change what you are doing! I've been using your classes for my massage licensing for years! And plan on finding another class for next time!

Sara Wirth, LMT

Your website is a dream, makes it so easy just to concentrate on the courses/new materials. And you offer a nice variety of classes.

Gayle Tulipano, LMT

I have so many good comments to make about Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies. This is the first class I have taken and found it to be well written and it made learning fun. The website is easy to navigate and Tiffany is knowledgeable and always returns phone calls right away. Thanks for making the requirements of continuing ed an enjoyable experience!

Diane Damico, LMBT

I emailed customer service for my materials and talked to Tiffany R. She was very prompt, helpful, friendly and understanding of my problem. She resolved my issue quickly and I appreciated her help!

Marissa Modha, LMT

Thank you so much for creating courses that are of such high quality, relevance, and accessibility!

Sara Xochitl Griscom, LMT

I really appreciate your service in providing these CEs for massage therapists. Being able to print the test and really study the material, take the test online if time gets tight, and get results and certificate immediately are invaluable!

Lorraine Scott, LMT

You have really fantastic courses. I already purchased 4 of them. Thank you so much.

Silvia Sprohar Susanj

Keep'em coming. The competitive pricing of these courses is what prompted my study. In Canada, we have many hours of CEU hours to maintain and the price becomes an issue after the years.

Leanne Carter

I'm so grateful to you for having this online institute. It's so helpful when I run into new complications in my work. Thank you for all the great info.

Cheryl Pruitt

Thank You for making courses available on line.It has been wonderful - time and money saving too!!

Karen Sides, LMBT

I had to call to ask a question regarding whether the course would be approved for my NC State renewal. I spoke with Heather and she was extremely helpful and sweet! It was also nice to have someone answer the phone instead of a recording! THANK YOU!

Karen Sherrill, LMBT

I found the course and material thorough and extremely helpful. No complaints. I even called the institute for guidance and the staff was quite helpful and polite.

I really like that I can download the booklets for the course. So many other places do not let you do that. They are valuable resources. Also I like being able to download my certificate instead of waiting for it in the email. Thank you.

Patricia Gronert, LMP

I appreciate the opportunity to get quality CE hours and ability to work and learn at home. I can practice on colleagues and they learn too!

Mary Beth Morgan, LMT, BCTMB

I had all my CUEs but one hour, and cutting it close to the deadline. I'm so thankful I found you, and that you offered lower CEU hour courses for situations like this. Many sites only offer 6 as a minimum, which is a disappointment. Courses were intriguing as well. I will use this site again!

Brandy Cox, LMBT

Love your organization of information and state requirements all in one place, and I love that I can access all of my past courses and certificates! Thank you!

Kathleen Little, LMT

Thank you for offering such great courses! I've never been disappointed in any if the courses I've taken!

Catherine Elaine Triplet, LMT

Having the state requirement CEUs was sooooo helpful & user friendly. Will certainly take more classes here in the future.

Tiara Dorsey, LMT

I love the courses so far. They are very organized as well as helpful with the most current, up-to-date information being presented.

Susan Collins, LMT, BCTMB

I am quite pleased with both the selection and quality of the courses that you offer. Many of them are of great interest to me, therefore, I will definitely be taking another course from your Institute when it is appropriate. Thank you for the great experience.

Diane White, LMT

I love the courses you have. It is so easy to get the courses and do the tests. Thank you.

Jane Quint, LMT

Every two years when the need for CEU's arises to fulfill the license renewal process in the State of New Jersey, I always panic because you want an organization that is honest and accurate and will ultimately teach you what you can use going forward in your practice. The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies fit the bill perfectly. I will use them going forward for other CEU's needed to renew my license in New Jersey.

Adrienne Young, LMT, BCTMB

I always feel confident that the courses I enroll in with the Institute will be valuable, interesting, well organized and accepted for my license renewal. If I have a question, the staff is available, responsive, and very helpful. Thank you!

Leslie Walden, LMT, BCTMB

Taking these online courses gives me an opportunity to not only learn, earn credits, improve understanding and refresh memory, but to use relaxation time wisely. The more good knowledge we put in our minds, the wiser we become, and the more we contribute for the benefit of others.

Jean M. Cerny, LMT

I highly recommend taking courses through Institute For Integrative Healthcare. The material is easy to read and understand. Having multiple choice tests makes test taking less stressful.

Letia Hardy, LMT

I love taking classes from this website. The material is very straight forward and easy to understand. I recommend this website to other massage therapist.

Kara Nehrenberg, LMBT

I have taken many courses through your company and have always been pleased with their content and applicability. I will continue to consider your courses for license renewal. Thank you for your attention to your students.

A. Buckey Knight, LMT

The support staff immediately responded to my request to correct my last name that I typed incorrectly. They made sure the certificates were correctly spelled and checked with me to make sure I was satisfied. I enjoyed all the courses. I prefer online study when available and I am a return client. Thank you!

Retha Pokryfki, LMT

Excellent course

Omar Rodrigo Mesa, LMT, BCTMB

I have taken other online courses and your courses surpass them all. Thank you.

E. Nell Buttram, LMT

I've taken several classes from your institute over the past few years, and I really like how easy it is to maneuver your website. I also really like and appreciate the course subjects. The material is very comprehensive and gets to the core of what I need to know. Also, I've called and spoken to your staff more than once, and they have all been very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Thank you very much!

Rita Johnson, LMT

As always, your classes are to the point. Your staff is quite helpful and friendly. I appreciate speaking to a person on the phone!

Melanie Nichols, LMT, BCTMB

I love your courses, have taken them in the past and plan to continue taking them. Thank you for the variety of choices as well as the great information provided.

Madeline L. Bomberger, LMT, BCTMB

I love this site! It has saved me a lot of time while being extremely informative.

Jennifer Hart, LMT, CMT, BCTMB

I enjoy these courses! I always learn new things/techniques to bring to my clients! Thank you!

Tina Toth, LMT

As always, I love this Institute. I will always find something fun and interesting to further my education, as well as being a better LMT. Thank you again for caring about LMT's passion as much as they do!

Danielle J. Allen, LMT

Great and interesting selection of courses. Thank you!

Jeff Grabelle, LMT, BCTMB

Customer service is top notch. I'm truly grateful for the helpful staff. I highly recommend this institute :)

Ann Pacheco, LMT, BCTMB

Thank You, I can always count on you to provide fun and interesting material. Cynthia in NC

Cynthia DiRaimondo, LMBT

These courses are perfect for my work schedule. I am able to study at my own pace before I take the exam. Thank you!

Kiva Henderson, LMT

Your website is easy to access and the choice of having written materials sent through the mail or online was a plus. Being able to print the test out before I took the test online was a good way for me to learn. Your system seems to address a variety of learning styles which was most important to me.

Shirley Williams, RMT, BCTMB

It never ceases to amaze me how you all continue to make course content interesting and immensely engaging on all topics!!! Thank you!

Cheryl Matteo-Kerney, CMT

Office staff was especially generous with helping answer questions. I applaud their expertise. Jessica and Erika... thank you for your help!

Shirley A. Conrad, LMT

It is always a pleasure to call the institute and receive friendly help or guidance for any questions I may have...thank you!

Ellyn Rae, LMT

I so appreciate the Institute and the variety of quality courses offered. Very convenient. Consistent excellence overall. I do appreciate courses offered that do not require online participation.

Marianne F. Crawford, LMT

I am never disappointed with the material from your courses. Thank you.

Ilisa Green, LMT

Just want to say thank you for having affordable CE's. I only needed 1 credit hour and the price and topic I choose fit the BILL $$.

Stacy Glinton, LMT

I have been using this site for CEU's for several years now and I find the sight affordable, easy to work with, and the home CEU's offer convenience, especially when my pursuit towards a master's degree, work and home life take up so much time. Thanks!

Michele Dumbrowsky, RMT

I really like the flexibility and staff at Integrative Healthcare. After years in the industry, these mandatory classes can get boring and frustrating to fill the CE requirements for multi-licenses. The customer service and the course contents are usually very good. Thank you for years of helping me retain my licenses and giving me broader knowledge in a very accessible format.

Skye Lin Walker, CMT, LMT, BCTMB

I'm really impressed by the quality of your courses. Definitely sets a high standard and equips me professionally

Allison M. Gunn, CMT

I love the studies provided. They are interesting, easy, fun and convenient to do. Prices are affordable as well. I also love the variation it offers. Every time I have to renew my license, I keep coming back to learn a new course from here.

Maricela Bautista, LMT

I really appreciate the great customer service which is the perfect compliment to such well written study courses.

Shannon Ferguson, LMT

I found this course interesting and helpful! Will use with my clients!

Dorothy Miller

Thank you for letting me know what my state requires for CEU's. Great courses! Would recommend to other LMT's.

Sarah Cohrs, LMP, BCTMB

The support staff was very helpful. It is very nice that some of these classes can be done online. Not always easy to get away to do hands on classes.

Glenna (Geanie) Ford, LMT

I love your courses! They are very convenient and informative and I love that you offer a wide variety to choose from. Thank you!

Eleanore Jean Lozier, LMT

I love taking my CEs on this site!

Amber Leigh Seegars, LMT

I have relied on the Institute for many years, and across multiple states, to fulfill my CEU requirements, and to add to my knowledge and value as a practitioner...thank you!

Heidi Baker, LMT

I am very pleased with your courses. They do provide professional quality content. Thank you for your good product and service.

Ann Kyle, LMT

Thank you for always offering special discounts! I love this online institute! In AZ we are allowed to do 12 hours of massage CEU's online and I have done three 12 hour classes with you and I'm glad you are around!

Kimberly Stines, LMT

I have been doing course work studies with the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies for a number of years. I am very pleased with the wide variety of courses that are offered, as well as how informative they are.

Kimberly S. Lauren, LMT

I enjoy the courses you provide for home study and will continue taking courses from you. This online testing has really made life easier.

Felicia G. Wolfe, LMBT

Always my go-to for CEUs! Excellent information and topic choices. Plus, the customer service staff are always polite and helpful.

Theresa Mims, LMT

I've been taking your courses for years and have been very pleased with the ease in the process and the clarity of the information. Great job!!! Thank you!!!

Kara McKenney, LMT

This is my 2nd course with you and I am very happy with everything so far. I will definitely take another course in due time. Thank you very much for your professional website and excellent courses. I benefited from you a great deal and I will recommend you to my fellow colleagues.

Seewai Toh, RMT

This is my fourth course/test and it has all been a wonderful experience. The books are always fantastic and something I can use over and over as reference in my practice. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

Gay Barefield, LMT

I absolutely love all the online courses I've taken so far. Allows me to learn on my own time while keeping an extremely busy schedule. I also feel I am learning new and valuable information with each course while refreshing my mind of things I have previously learned during my school days.

Alexandra Graham, RMT

Thank you for always providing informative courses that help me be a better professional in the wellness industry.

Kathryn Winget, LMT, BCTMB

I continue to purchase your materials because of your professionalism, for always being informative and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!

Elizabeth Molina, LMBT

I have enjoyed the Integrative Healthcare courses. This is my second set of CEUs I've done through them. Great courses, rich in information, which is why I turn to the these online courses.

Jennifer Walker

This is a great way to add to my knowledge and improve my practice without having to leave my home.

Karol Ober, LMP

Classes are way better than AMTA classes and tests are very easy to take. Thank you.

Ronda Whaley, LMT

Your staff is always very friendly and helpful. I appreciate the promptness when working with them. Your choice of subject matter is great!

Janie R. Veth, LMT

I have done all of my CE's for my license and insurance through this company for many reasons over the past 8 years. The information is understandable and extremely applicable to my practice. This course provided me with information I have been seeking for years, Thanks!

Molly Grout, RMT

This is my first ceu with your institute, but definitely won't be my last! I look forward to taking more courses. This arrangement fits into my lifestyle far more than taking classes, which is usually on weekends and costs income. I used the information immediately, working with family who have recently finished cancer treatments. I grew up near Orange Lake, Walden and seeing the Montgomery address was an unexpected Deja vu. Thank you!

Elizabeth A. Margulis, LMT

Yes, I took the course because of how professional the website was presented. Upon checking out the courses available, I found most of them very relevant to me as an RMT, so it was easy for me to choose and take your course. I have done one so far and will be taking more soon. Thanks and keep up the great work. Love it!!!!

Seewai Toh, RMT

I find your courses very helpful, well organized, clear in learning objectives and fairly tested. Thank you.

Christina Bowen, LMT, CMT, BCTMB

I found the materials very informative. I do feel more empowered as a therapist and the staff was very supportive. I would definitely recommend!

Kenya Lewis

I am always impressed by your course offerings and materials! I will continue to utilize your Institute for future courses.

Karen Boudreaux, LMT

Website great! Easy to navigate- prompt emails & notice of shipping. I will be taking more courses through integrativehealthcare.org.

Julie Lowman, LMT

I want to thank the staff for contacting me about a course I ordered that was not accepted in my state. They helped me find another course.

Amy Mattingly, LMT

The response was fast and accurate. I made a mistake with my order and it was rapidly taken care of. Excellent Service! Thanks Tiffany!!

Jerilynae Pointer, LMT

Great course, as always you guys have the best classes! Also the easiest most user friendly websites! Thank you for being there.

Patricia Benson, LMT, LMP

Excellent experience I'm coming back

Sally Springs, LMT

I have used this institute for years and I have always been impressed with their knowledge, helpfulness, and positive attitude. I intend to use them for my next ceu requirements.

Sidney Roseberry, LMT

I love having the option to have the material sent to me and the ease and speed of testing online. I also love the pen, :) just what I needed. The content of the book has given me much insight for personal and professional living. Great read!

Coral Fairbanks, LMT

I am grateful for the Institute for providing extremely valuable courses for massage therapists. They can be completed on your own schedule and you can choose the course that is most interesting for you. I highly recommend this form of continuing education.

Anna Wodzislawski, LMT

I liked the text version and being able to go at my own pace instead of a powerpoint presentation or webinar that forces me to go at someone else's pace. I like being able to split it into two sessions and not have to sit for 3 straight hours.

Laurie Mixter

I think your staff are very helpful and the courses are reasonably priced.

Stacey Fishberg, LMT

You're great. Love the courses. You make it affordable and convenient to take at home. (Thanks for the coupons!)

Donna M. De Matteo, LMT

Very helpful and encouraging. I loved the thank you card I received in the mail! Thank you for your attention to detail and "extra" that sets you apart!

Meta Johnson, LMBT

I think the courses are reasonably priced and really cover what CEUs I was looking for.

Candy Eades, CMT

You're my go-to for CEC's quite often. I appreciate your timeliness and material. Thank you once again!

Brenda K. Speaker, RMT

I have been very satisfied with the course materials and always find something that interests me and that I can use in my practice. Thank you!

Sarah Weber, LMT

I thoroughly enjoy taking the courses from the Institute. Very professional.

Antoinette Kline, LMT

I love this site for my CEUs. I have enjoyed all the courses I have taken and will continue to take more. Thank you.

Michelle Burkhart, CMT, BCTMB

Easy to use web site and the information is interesting and easy to follow.

Penny S. Poe, LMT

Very happy to have chosen this institution to complete this course. The material was concise and thorough allowing me to study effectively and pass the test quickly.

Michele Walsh, LMT

Thank you for your awesome and easy-to-navigate website! Lots of options!

Kathy Stevens, LMT

I have always used the Institute for all my studies. I they have the best selection. courses are completed at your pace and it is easy to access the test and complete it. Over all I am very pleased with the Institute.

Pamela Ward, LMT

Again been getting courses here for many years and love the ease and quality of the materials. I always come back after searching other sites and this is the best for selection and quality of courses. Thank you for offering the courses you offer and for making it easy to achieve my goal of CU's and renewal of my license.

Pamela Ward, LMT

I have been using the Institute for over 12 years and have always been very pleased with the quality and ease of their programs. Thank you for all you do to make it easier to fulfil my obligations to renew and keep my license.

Pamela Ward, LMT

Items arrived to my home in a timely manner and the website was easy to navigate.

Kristy Proffit, LMBT

If I take any online courses its from this company. They may be a little more expensive than others but the content is a better quality than others. Excellent information!

Beverly Thomas, CMT

Thanks guys! You're the best!!

Dereck Olsen, LMP

For many years I have taken several of your courses and have NEVER been let down by the quality of your course. Will always recommend this to friends and co workers!!!!! Thank you guys !! :)

Victoria Grindstaff-Redler, LMT

I am of the opinion that online courses aren't as beneficial as attending a seminar. I realized I didn't have quite enough CE's & was under a crunch to get them in, so just ordered the materials; expecting it be sub par. I am happy to say it was not! I actually learned just as much as I would have in a seminar, and having the time to go over information that wasn't clear to me right off the bat was incredibly helpful. I plan on using this websites materials far more often (not to mention it is far more convenient for my practice to learn at my own speed). I am very pleased!

Mariko Rowe, LMT, BCTMB

Great way to study and review. Thank You !

Ron JP Mutone, LMT, BCTMB

Thanks for being so easy to use, I will be back!!! :)

Dereck Olsen, LMP

Thank you for offering the courses that you do and the selection in different categories. You make this easy for home study to acquire needed CEU's.

Debra A. Millette, LMT, BCTMB

Looking forward to taking more classes. Thank you for all the support & helping me improve the quality of my practice.

David Goodall, LMP

I really enjoyed the courses. Your staff is friendly and supportive. I talked to Erika today and she was professional and courteous. I would gladly recommend you to my friends and customers.

Esperanza Cortes

Staff was knowledgeable and helpful. I also liked the material (book,and disk).

Colleen F. Dunn, LMT

I am extremely pleased with the classes I have taken and plan to take more.

Elizabeth Ritoli, CMT

I love how convenient your courses are. And you provide so many interesting topics. Thanks so much for providing this!

Mary Wire, LMBT

I love the convenience of your programs, and I love the presentation. Very good courses, and I do in fact recommend to others. Thank you for doing what you do and providing this!

Jeff Wooten, LMBT

I love that this business still offers an actual book of test material that can be mailed to you. I find it hard on my eyes to read an entire course from a computer screen.

Casey Lauritsen, LMT

I really enjoyed this course review of how research is constructed in the massage therapy profession. I feel more empowered to reach the world with research in the field and feel confident my efforts can change the base of knowledge for the better. Our world needs massage therapy and touch therapies to become standard practices in the healthcare industry. We need to make it a point to integrate professional body work and massage into the healthcare system and into hospitals now. The time is NOW to make that happen. I am very surprised that research has been done since the early 1980's on the validity of the practice and STILL hasn't been fully recognized as a valid healthcare practice. Massage and Bodywork therapy are wellness practices we as humans cannot afford to live without!

Erin Sonnier, BCTMB

I was very frustrated when I called the helpline, but the phone person was very helpful and cheerful. I appreciated her calm and helpful demeanor. Computers are hard for me to work with, but she made it easier. Thank you!

Lorraine Gill, LMP

Your courses are extremely accessible and thorough. Thank you!

Leslie Walden, LMT, BCTMB

I am glad that there are places like this so that I can receive my CEUs.

Cindy Burningham, LMT, BCTMB

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies is always my "go-to" when I need to complete my at home continuing education hours. I am always very happy with the courses of study for massage therapy.

Melissa Yob, LMT

This is the second year that I have gotten my CEU's from the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies. I am very pleased and will continue to study courses in the future.

Janet L. Schmid, LMT

Your customer service is excellent!

Annabelle Louise Wylie, LMBT

Tiffany was amazing and helped me find what I needed. She is wonderful!

David Marshall, CMT

This is the first online course I have taken through the Integrative Healthcare Studies. At first I was a little scared doing it online since I find I am more an "on hands" learner with actual physical material to hold onto. After I completed this course, I realized how easy it was to learn with an online course and take the test online. I was surprised that I actually liked taking the course this way. I am excited to sign up for more classes like this.

Judy Anderson, LMT, BCTMB

I loved the choice of classes available!!!

Deborah Rodriguez, LMT

Easy & convenient to use, even for a non computer person 😄. Thank you!

Kristi Lynn Heikes, LMBT

I am very grateful that the Institute offers such top quality classes. I love the information and skills that are explained in the courses. I also truly appreciate your cost structure. Your courses continue to be accessible to me and I will continue to use them frequently to fulfill my CEU requirements. Thank you!!

Barbara Kent, LMP

This is my second year taking a course with y'all and everytime I learn something new and am interested in the material.

Julia Morales, LMBT

Well organized and detailed website. Many interesting courses and topics available with varying hours of length - great because sometimes I want shorter courses and sometimes I want longer courses.

Vincent Kong, RMT

Easy to enroll and print off the information and take the test online. Thank you.

Martha Helms, LMBT

I am glad I found this website! It has a lot of CEU courses I want to take in the future!

Heather Fritz, LMT

So easy to use. I loved that I could take my time and work at my own pace as well as revisit information I was unclear about or wanted a refresher on.

Alexandra Graham, RMT

Super glad I discovered you guys now. As a new therapist, I can grow and gain new knowledge quickly! My patients love cupping! Thank you for the ease of this course and certification.

Anne Kolessar, LMT

Very user friendly. I enjoyed woking at my own pace.

Walter Briscese, LMT

Thank you! This is a tremendous and economical service to Massage Therapists!

Halli Bourne, LMT

I am very pleased with the exceptional ease that the courses are presented and how simple they make it to access everything.

Linda Ugis, CMT, BCTMB

This was the ONE site I felt comfortable with, and they made it very easy on me to get all of the classes I needed with none of the extra fuss!

Margaret Fletcher, LMT

Thank you for making the test an online option. Completing this course was totally stress-free!

Carrie Stone, CMT, BCTMB

This was my first CEU course I've taken from this website. And it met my expectation of what a CEU program should entail. Will definitely be referring back to this site.

Pablo Herrejon, LMT

Thank you for providing great content involving CE subjects and materials that will help me further in my career as a massage therapist.

Heather Dillon, LMT

It was very neat to be able to log on and off and read the material. Didn't have to do it all in one sitting!

Jeanne Butler, LMT, BCTMB

I freaking love this company. I have been using this institute as an online resource my entire career and I love it.

Letha Scrivner, LMT

I have used your materials in the past and will continue to in the future because they always meet or exceed my expectations. Thank you for all the interesting subjects you provide.

Lynn D. Hennessee, LMBT

Thank you very much for providing an excellent program for my ethics requirements in this homestudy course. Thank you also that I was able to hold the materials in my hands. It may be "old fashioned" but I appreciate being able to have a reference readily available if the need arises. I look forward to taking other courses from the Integrative Institute in the future!

Cindy Morgan, LMBT

Thank you so very much for your student support.....you literally are a life saver!!

Patricia Michaelson, LMT

Thank you for the great Ethics course. I love the simplicity to register and take the courses online! I will be returning next year to take more! Thank you.

Meredith Gray Phillips, LMBT

I have taken courses from IIHS over several years and have come to rely on the quality which remains today. Thank you !!

Melissa Wustner, LMT

I love the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Sudies! I have been a student of theirs for 22 years. Caring & knowledgeable staff who are sympathetic to a massage therapist personality.

Renee Morgan, LMT, BCTMB

I have been using your company for over 15 years and your fabulous staff is what keeps me coming back. They are ALWAYS so helpful!! Thank you!

Megan Wood, LMT, BCTMB

I've used the Institute for many years. They make it easy to gather and complete all CEUs in one place. I'll continue to earn my CEU's through the Institute. Thanks!

Jeri Slagle, LMT, BCTMB

I have taken courses from IIHS and I am a returning customer. The courses are fairly priced, challenging, and interesting. Also their website is user friendly.

Rachel Shannon, LMT, BCTMB

I will always use you guys for my online ceu's!

Ashley Young, LMT

I live overseas and got my course materials quick! The chapters may be long but with each Pathology separated I found it easy to start back up where I had left off! I missed the deadline to take the final test and the staff were helpful and just really nice in general. I will be taking more CEU through this website.Thank you so much!

Erica Blowers, LMT

the staff was very professional and helpful with helping me when ordering the tests.

Danielle Fiedler, LMT, BCTMB

I love coming to the site and taking online courses that fit my interest and need for CEs. Thanks for the ease of this site and its beneficial content. LOVE ONLINE LEARNING!

Heather Roush, LMT

I have taken many classes from Integrative Healthcare and have found the material to more than over the subject matter. The study is concise, informative and highly useful in my practice.

Patricia Michaelson, LMT

I am a massage teacher and recommend the Institute to all my graduates.

Steven Adams, LMT, BCTMB

Thank you, the staff has always been friendly, helpful and personable!

Anne Belmont, LMP, LMT, BCTMB

Excellent Customer Service every time!

Angela Williams, LMT

I appreciate the ease of use of ordering, using and testing that you provide. Every course I have taken from you has been very high quality (content and ease of use.) You provide a wonderful service. Thank you!

Martha Waranowski, LMT

Integrative Healthcare is THE BEST!

Deborah Pratt, LMT

I have taken several courses, and found each one to be well written, thorough and engaging. Totally professional in presentation and always useful.

Selah Anne Kaiser LMBT, LMT, BCTMB

Thank you so much for having up to date informative material and all access on line no waiting for the mail. :)

Miriam ONeal, LMT

I have taken CE home courses from other schools and The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies' courses are superior. I shall continue my education exclusively with Integrative Healthcare Studies. Thank you for these courses.

Elizabeth Granditsch-Stewart, LMT

Thank you for making online courses friendly and informative. I am more hands on but it is nice to have an online education service available. so friendly......I haven't used Let's Talk help line but I'm sure the staff is very friendly and helpful....Thank you once again Integrative Health Care!

Jere Schultz, LMBT

Customer services is A+, that's important. Any questions put to institute by phone or internet are answered with minimum delay.

Charles P. Hayes, LMT

I always use your programs for my continuing education hours. It is so convenient and always very informative and easy to use.

Amber Rachael Pruit, LMT

Have use IIHS for other courses & am always satisfied. Very helpful & easy to follow info. Thank you!

Carol Stevko, LMT, BCTMB

I love that the Institute gives you plenty of time to study and take test. Having 3 boys and military life sometimes I don't get to rush through the course to get it in. Having a year to get it done helps for sure. Thank You! I enjoyed the course and found some interesting information!

Amanda Dodds, LMP

Customer service was the best. Course material was great. I love your courses. Thank you very much!

John Bowers, LMT

The hand-written thank you note that I received after ordering my course material was a very nice touch.

Christine Geever, LMT

Loved this course! Very great information and clear! DVD is so helpful to explain and show you how to practice Shiatsu Anma!

Clare Loveless

I only have good things to say about Integrative Health courses. I always choose my online CEU's here because I have had great experience finding what I need to fulfill my CEUs and the staff has been very helpful when I needed answers. I already have a couple classes lined up for my next CE classes!

Monique Gray, CMT

Great distance learning experience. Interesting, convenient, and user friendly. Thanks!

Jennifer Miranda, LMT

very easy to enroll and to pay. Well designed web site. I am blind but the web site is easy to navigate. Thank you. I took my time and studied slow but I learned a lot. Home study is great, I can save a lot of time for commuting time.

Toshiro Yamamoto

The person I talked to on the phone when ordering my courses was wonderful and very helpful. I will definitely use your courses in the future!

Carla Johns, LMT, BCTMB

I've previously taken courses from the Institute and found your process painless and the courses are interesting and helpful. I have been able to achieve a very balanced mix of knowledge while keeping my continuing education expenses within budget parameters and that has allowed me to sustain a career in the massage therapy field long term. Suggestion for future courses: Review: Cell anatomy and circulatory system for massage Review: Nerve anatomy and system for massage

Cristi Paulett, CMT, BCTMB

You certainly have any bugs worked out in providing online training and testing. All very user friendly- simple and clear.

Rolfe Lehman, LMT, BCTMB

Great way to meet state requirements. I am mobile working for the Army and this helps me keep my license by taking the courses online.

Charlene Smith, DM, LMT

I like that you can look up the courses offered by hours and whether totally online or not. And Especially that you can print out the course and the test. Makes it very nice that I have the material to review later, or to be able to refer to. And that you are aware of the State and Associations requirements.

Margaret Linda Smeltz, LMT

Thank you! Your classes are exceptional!

Hermene Anderson, LMT

Always Helpful! Always Respectful! I always learn, grow and deepen my understanding of massage with your classes and I have been taking your classes for...15-20 years. Thank you.

Audrey Jett, LMT, BCTMB

This site for CEU's is excellent for me. I have recommended it to another Massage Therapist who uses it also. Good selection of subject matter to choose from. Thanks!

Nancy A. Nelson, CMT

Wonderful, interesting course on ethics! Integrative Healthcare made it simple and easy for me to complete my final CE hours! I'll definitely be back for more!!

Chloe Strand, LMP

Customer service was excellent and friendly....thank you!

Madonna Hill, LMT

Compared to other online CEU courses I've taken over the years your Institute provides a more thorough and educational packet to study from. It is more informative and gives you resources to gather more information.

Elizabeth Greiner, LMT, BCTMB

Love your classes. I always learn great new techniques to use in my massage business! Thank you

Colleen Lang, LMT, BCTMB

The best home study courses available for massage therapists.

Brenda Dillon, LMP, BCTMB

I have taken many classes with you and loved them all! I do plan on taking many more with you as well. I love the convenience of having the course materials mailed to me so I can complete them in my off work time and take my time learning all of the wonderful materials and making sure I understand all of the information. You are all amazing, Thank you!

Kelly McLean, LMT

I love these classes. I am a 17 year practicing massage therapist. These classes are perfect for professionals to explore new modalities on our own time. Thank you!!!

Mathew Abeyta

Courses offered are valuable for the Massage Therapist, etc. I have taken several courses from the Institute and have been pleased with the results. Courses are affordable and adequately varied.

Nancy Myers, LMT

Great courses! Easy to navigate. Staff is very nice to work with over the phone.

Vivian Beran, LMT

I have taken your courses before to complete my ceu requirement and have recommended them to other massage therapists. Thank you for offering so many interesting courses. Please keep up the good work!

Valerie L. Beasley, CMT

I undertook four CEU courses today. It was fun and provided me with new insights. I really like this format and the opportunity to search the class list for topics specific to my current needs. Thank you for this great way to update my knowledge all while at the computer in my pajamas on New Year's Day.

Krystle Shapiro, LMT

This is the third course I've taken with the Institute. I have enjoyed the material of each course as well as gained knowledge and wonderful resources. I highly recommend the courses offered!!

Jacqueline Doyle, LMT

The staff could not have been more supportive and will be a main reason I return to you for CEU's. Anyone can post on line, but having easy to reach live support is wonderful. Thank you!

Paulette Gray

Fast and easy to access. No travel. Very cost effective way to get Ceu's.

Carol Singleton, LMT

I always start with the Institute when I need CEU's. Your courses are concise and easy to do online. Thank you for this service!

Patricia Batie, LMT

I appreciated the ability to print out the test and take my time and then take it online. It was so much less stressful. It was also very helpful, as I am a busy mom and never have a huge chunk of time in one setting. Over all it was a great experience.

Brenda Walker, LMT, BCTMB

I have tried other online CEU courses before and this one is the best!

Julia Hewitt, LMBT

I enjoy doing my CEU's with this company. It's flexible, easy and affordable. There are various subjects to choose from and completing the required CEU's for license renewal is effortless and easy. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money or doesn't have the money for expensive workshops.

Maricela Bautista, LMT

The material was simple and to the point exact to my needs. The process of purchase, study and completion was quick and easy to understand. This was my first online course and I will absolutely do it again.

Mignion Jonine Cotton, RMP

The courses offered here are informative and easy to take. The staff is extremely helpful too !

Cynthia Marie Hayes, LMBT

The only site I trust to complete my CEUs. Informative as well as educational. Thank you so much!!!!!

Bernardette Lee, RMP

Wonderful program folks! You never disappoint! Your courses are informative and helpful. Many thanks.

Shirley Desnoyers, LMBT

This is my first course here at the institue and found it interesting, user friendly and usable in my practice. Thank you so much! I love the prices too! Great for the new/starting out therapist on a budget.

Jolene Hull, LMBT

I love the convenience of taking these classes in the comfort of my home.

Racheal Montoya, LMT, BCTMB

I previously had a bad experience with an online course from a different provider but yours was so well organized! I used customer support for a computer glitch and they had it fixed within an hour and at the same time were so friendly and helpful. I'll definitely be taking future courses with you...thanks so much!

Margaret Ostrun, CMTO

Initially ordered duplicate class. Called and a very kind and professional individual changed my registration to a new class so I wouldn't have a duplicate. Merci.

Jean-Yves Joret, LMT

I have taken many courses on this website. They have helped me experience new things. Every course I take I learn something new. This is a good website.

Larry Box Jr., LMT

i love you guys. I use you all the time for me CEUs! I have not been disappointed not once. Keep up the great work!

Samantha Husenovski, LMT

This is my 2nd time taking an on-line course. My 1st experience (HIV Course from a different institute) was not informative nor was their test anything related to what was needed/required for my practice. I was reluctant to do another on-line course after that experience; however, I heard good things about Integrative HealthCare and decided to try it. I'm so glad I did! The materials to chose from are excellent and the process was very easy. I also enjoyed the Ethics book written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as his philosophy is filled with wisdom, love and compassion for all.

Sharron Belisle, LMP

I love your courses and appreciate all you have done to help me complete all of them - as I have just now done. Thanks.

Aliah Selah Rheinstein, CMT

I, unfortunately, forgot about 3 additional ceus hours. This was a stressfree easy solution!

Chelsea White, LMBT

While I have not taken online courses from any other Massage Institute, I really appreciate your institute and the ease with which I can obtain and take the courses. I have learned a lot from each of the courses I've taken, and the staff has been extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you!

Rita Johnson, LMT

This was an excellent course, easy to navigate and I will use this information as continue to grow as a massage therapist. Thank you! CH Lore Eidson

CH Lore Eidson

This was great info that will help me with my pregnant clients. I love the charts and technique manuals. Thank you!

Anne Ferrucci

So glad to have reasonably priced classes available!

Brenda McPherson, LMT

Your online classes are great!

Corina Zackowski, LMT

The text is one that I don't want to put down! It will be placed on my treatment room desk, and not stuck on the shelf. Thank you for an incredibly informative course! Deb

Deborah A. Schick, BS

The textbook had great information in it and I loved all of the different charts and diagrams. The video was a little lacking. I would have liked to see a bit more demonstration of the massage information that was provided in the book. Otherwise, I feel like I learned an adequate amount for the time spent.

Theresa Anderson

A GREAT refresher course! Great package with excellent demonstrations and flow. Love the DVD looping feature to assist in practicing the techniques. Also, the early discount price really encouraged me to buy this package and I was not disappointed with any of the material or content. The test was not nerve racking because I could see the questions before hand and actually focus on the answers with true understanding not just memorizing. I would recommend this course for all levels of experience. Thank you

Sherry Lee

Good information. Quick, easy and super convenient course. I've taken quite a few courses here and have appreciated all of them so far.

Felicia Hayes, CMT, BCTMB

I have used this site for the past three years now. I have been happy each time.

Ashley Jones, LMT

I have my 90 year old mother living with me and I have worked with several elderly over the years. I have always been gentle while massaging them but I really did learn some new things that I will apply to my practice. I enjoyed the content and loved learning new ideas. Thank you.

Audra Stoker

I found this to be the best online continuing education course I have taken. The material is extremely detailed and dense with information, in addition to there being many useful videos. However, as a result of all this useful content, I found that the course took FAR more time than the allotted six hours. I am a fast reader by any standard, but it took me a minimum of 16 hours to cover the course material in a way that I could begin to absorb it so it is useful to me. It's a great course, but I would assign it more hours so that one can obtain the credit that it's worth as well as allow a reasonable amount of time to complete it if one is on a deadline.

Stephanie Letson

Easy to access, study, complete the course and obtain CE requirement for ethics. Clear directions for how to take the test. I felt this was a supportive educational offering done very professionally.

Karen Cooper, LMT

I've used the Institute for years and will continue to do so. It's fast and easy.

Corey Megee, CMT

Very helpful and friendly when I spoke with someone on the phone. Thanks for having "live" people to chat with.

Janis Champion, LMT, BCTMB

I have always found the materials suitable for course learning. I will definitely continue getting my CE's through the Institute!

Kara Heffner, LMBT, BCTMB

This was my first CEU course as most of the classes i take are workshops that I attend. Thank you for the ease of access and wide variety of courses offered.

Elizabeth Morgan, LMT

I love the Institute and have used them for years. You/they have the BEST customer service. That is why I keep coming back for my CEUs.

Karen A. Thibault, LMT, BCTMB

I've used this website before for CEU's, and they are always well constructed courses. The courses are affordable and very easy to make sure each course is accepted through each organization.

Ruth Killgallon Canipelli, LMBT

I have always taken courses in person this was my first online course. It proved to be very easy and I will certainly return for more classes and CEU's.

Twyla Moss, LMT

You are doing an excellent job guys! The courses are perfect! The customer service is wonderful, professional and warm. The website was great too. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to taking more courses! Thanks!

Shoshana E. Levy, LMT

I had an issue with a defected DVD and sent an email. A new one was sent to me within a few days and I received two calls from Heather on the status of the new DVD. I was very pleased with the level of service provided and impressed at how quickly I received a replacement. Thank you!!!

Deanna Perry, LMT

Thank you for the great class and information. Very valuable and helpful information. I love that I can print off the material and save it for personal reference. Very very useful!!!

Blanca I. Mendoza, LMP

Thank you for a great course! Your site is easy to navigate and all the material and information is straight-forward and easy to understand.

David Hale, LMT

As is always my experience, I found the staff to be exceedingly helpful and attentive. I am delighted to use your service and thoroughly enjoy the learning experience offered. I found this course work especially engrossing and welcomed the opportunity to work with it.

Sheila Lippman, LMT

The website was extremely easy to navigate. I was also happily surprised to find that, by providing information about the region in which I am licensed, the website alerted to me as to whether or not certain courses met my states requirements.

James Roan, LMP

I've been enrolled in IIHS for 8 years. I just wish I would have participated in these programs many years ago. I've learned more thru these studies than attending classes since 1997. I truely mean this. I'm so grateful - grateful for the availability and knowledge. The fact that I can take my time to learn and remember is awesome, and not very expensive. Yes I will refer to all LMTs your services.

Diane Zimmerman, LMT

Tiffany at Integrative was excellent! She was very friendly & upbeat & knowledgable. She was prompt in returning messages and relaying information. I love this program & will be a long-time customer. Life is for being happy :) Thanks for trying Tiffany! Erika too! Very sweet and helpful.

Rita Colin, LMT

Tiffany was the rep that helped me to choose my courses, understand my options in test taking & she was friendly, knowledgeable & reliable in all of her interactions with me. I spoke with Erika as well, also very sweet & Helpful!

Rita Colin, LMT

Maintaining a massage license in good standing for 25 years, I have been using the Institute for many of those years in order to meet my CEU requirements and have always been very satisfied with both the courses and the customer service. This renewal season I was particularly impressed when I ordered my selected course online and was contacted the next day by a staff member to make certain that there was no mistake before shipping. Imagine my delighted surprise when I discovered that the Institute had retained a record of all courses that I have completed with them and, followed up to make certain that I would have no difficulties with license renewal as a result of again taking a class that I had completed nearly 10 years ago (this was deliberite, I wished to have a refresher in this particular modality)! Your helpful and pleasant staff really went "above and beyond", and in so doing secured a very loyal return customer.

Heidi Baker, LMT

I love this company. I truly feel they care about the information they put together. This helps me helps others.

Shannon Jones, LMT

I am a massage therapy instructor and recommend your site to every class.

Steven Adams, LMT

Beautifully organized website, clear, inspiring descriptions of courses, rich variety for course selection, current and up to date cutting edge content of each course. Clear and well organized steps to find a course, take a test and receive certification.

Katharine Menton, LMT

Your website is so well organized, clear, accessible. Courses are interesting, rich, informative and current with cutting edge information.

Katharine Menton, LMT

So far, each class I've taken from the Institute has been such a pleasure -- providing both practical skills and inner centering -- that I look forward to every chance I get to plunge back into the readings. Thank you!

Patricia Carlson, LMT

I SO APPRECIATE the work of your Institute. You have a BROAD selection of continuing education courses that more than meet my needs as I seed ongoing education in a field that I love.

Mary Maloney, LMT

I'll be back! Nothing really compares to a hands-on workshop, but for online CE, these courses are informative and convenient!

Mark Noble

Integrative Health Studies is a valuable tool for continuing education with great courses and user friendly technology. Thank you.

Ivy Unieski, LMT

I have taken several courses through this institute. I prefer using this institute because I can find interesting courses and get the hours I need for my license update.

Gina Isabel, LMT

The courses I have taken so far have met my needs. I will contiue to use this site for futher course.I would rate this a 10 for ease and content.

Connie Mortimer, LMT

I have been using this resource for a number of years and have always been satisfied.

Nancy Munoz, LMT

this was my 4th course I took from the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies. I love the fact that I can take my time going through the material, specially to be able to watch the DVD as many times as I need and have it to revisit. Great course.

Sabine Sutterlin-Hutto, LMT

Course was easy to access and easy to follow. The website was helpful in telling me exactly what was needed for the PA State Massage Board. Thank you for having an affordable and reliable CEU website!

Megan Garland, LMT

I have taken courses from Integrative Institute before and I am quite pleased with the academic curriculum and tests. You can tell it is not just thrown together. A person can actually learn something from your courses. The directions are clear and made it easier to take the course comfortably. Thank You

Than you so much for excellent customer service!

Zhanna Suberlyak, CMT

Extremely easy to use and navigate. I was able to go at my own pace and review anything I needed to. I would recommend this to friends and I would absolutely use this again! Thank you!

Marica Noel, LMT

Every year I take my CEU's from the website and I absolutely love it! Will come back again next year!

Sarah Neville, LMT

Thank you for creating an accessible and knowledgeable resource for furthering our profession

Jill M. Smithson, LMT, BCTMB

I enjoyed this class as a review of Research that has been done. Also, the importance of how to document this information. I would recommend this course and the Institute to other people.

Joanne M. Verone, LMT, BCTMB

This is the second time I used this institution to renew my license. It's affordable, easy, and you get to keep the materials & have it as a reference for any future use. You can always go back to it to refresh a technique or modality in case you forget.

Maricela Bautista, LMT

Thank you so much for helping me to retake this course. Without your help, I would have lost my earned CE credits to maintain my NCBTMB-(it was a mess because of they changed to Board Certification) Anyway, you guys saved me! Saved my time that I spent for studying and the money..So, Thank you again!! I truly appreciate your help! Plus I have to say... anytime I call you guys, all of the reps are very nice,and I appreciate that too!

Yoriko Yajima-Giffen, BCTMB

As an RMT in Ontario, I find this online tool for category A CEUs a wonderful resource. Well planned and chosen for an RMTs needs. I will be taking many CEUs (category A & B) through your site! I am very impressed.

Denise Harrison, RMT

This was my first time taking an online class. It was easy to follow and informative. I will gladly take more online courses. Thank You!

Debra Guimond, LMT

I love integrative health care and can't wait to take more courses in three years-

Ellen Feldman, LMT

I currently reside in Japan which brings in possible issues with time and contact options. The staff that helped me was extremely friendly and understanding of concerns. Also, being in Japan sometimes causes shipping delays and issues. However, the ordered materials arrived very quickly and I was refunded the shipping amount even though it was my mistake when I chose the wrong shipping options. I have enjoyed using your service and will continue to do so. Thank you!

Naomi Bond

This Institute always has great classes and lots to choose from. Always my go to for continuing education.

Michelle Perkins, LMT

Thank You for providing such a high quality online course and making it research friendly.

Ann McFarlane, LMT

Your customer service staff was very helpful whenever I called for assistance.

Ruth M. White, LMT

Staff was extremely helpful and went above and beyond when I had an issue with my account.

Sara Ashline, LMT

Thanks for a very user friendly site.

Michelle McClain, LMT

This process is so easy. I feel so efficient with my money and my time! Cheers!

Taria Pirozzi, LMT

I was extremely pleased with the competency, friendliness, and patience of Tiffany, the lady, who helped me to set up my classes over the phone!

Christiane Defiebre-Hardcastle, LMT, BCTMB

Thanks for providing this user friendly service!

Michelle McClain, LMT

I am so happy to have found this resource for CEU courses. It is everything I could ever ask for. Convenient, high quality instruction, affordable, easy to navigate...everything. Whoever created this system is a genius!

Meranda Holiman, LMT

The information was very accessible and easy to understand the testing process was efficient and I will be ordering more courses to increase my knowledge in the near future!

Nicole Manojlovich, LMT

To be able to study at home made the test much easier for me. Thank you!

michelle gonzales, LMP

Everyone has been very helpful, very kind Always answers my questions. I am taking another course and will follow up with more.

Pamela A. Taylor, LMT, RMP, BCTMB

All of the courses I have taken over the years have been priced right and GREAT material and I always learn something new.

Victoria Grindstaff-Redler, LMT

Have always enjoyed courses I've taken in the past with you. Ease of access, relevance and good material are some of the reasons I will continue to use your company for further education and CEU's

Marietta B. Roberts, LMT

I had a question about not having received the course by mail and e-mailed my request and quickly got an answer to my surprise!!!!

Serjio Gutierrez, LMT

I love the fact that if I order the hard copies, I still have online access to the test and materials. Big help!

Tamar Kummel, LMT, CMT, BCTMB

I have enjoyed all the classes I have taken with the Institute.

Michelle Burkhart, CMT, BCTMB

I have taken a number of courses here and am always satisfied that I have come away with a new understanding of the material.

Stephen Philbrick, LMT

Very friendly and helpful staff! Material very professionally prepared and extremely nice to study in the comfort of my home

Judy C. Smith, LMT

I find your online courses to be very informative, interesting and convenient!

Kathryn A. Muranyi, LMT

Thank you. Having these online courses available makes it easy to fit in the continuing education requirements.

Elizabeth Schalk, LMP

Great customer service. Easy access to online materials and tests. Thanks!

Tasha Standridge, CMT, BCTMB

I have already recommended this Institute to a bunch of my friends in the massage profession. Thank you for providing quality, affordable and useful classes for us.

Adrienne Huber, LMT

I found the at home study very interesting and easy to follow. Great way to get CE!

Karissa Mendive, LMT

I love taking the online courses. Very helpful and useful information provided for my career in Massage Therapy

Richard Johnson, LMT

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a hand-written Thank You card from someone at the Institute after I purchased my courses! Great customer experience. Thanks.

Tasha Standridge, CMT, BCTMB

Very easy and non stressful. I was able to study at my own pace and learn from the material.

Melissa Holmes, LMT

I have always been happy with your courses. They are clear, informative, easy to navigate and nice to have results instantly.

Paula Tate, LMT

I appreciate the staff helping me change my course and correcting the amount of the difference of the courses. They were very patient and kind!

Mary Beth Martin, LMT

This was my first course with the Institute. Thank you for making the process very easy to work through. I will be taking more courses this year.

Lois Sheppard, LMT

Staff was so helpful. Better then I expected! Cheers!

Nicole Morrissey, LMT

I do like the variety of classes offered and the ease it is to take the courses and tests at your leisure.

Karen Mermagen, CMT, BCMTB

I've taken several course with the Institute For Integrative Healthcare Studies and they all have been very interesting and very informative.

Irma Cortez, LMT

I appreciate the scope of courses offered by the Institute and feel they are fairly priced. The availability of the materials and test online was especially appealing to me as I live in a remote location.

Gretta Shepherd, LMT, BCMTB

I like when the text can be viewed online and you can start your course right away as opposed to waiting for it to be shipped.

Summer Wilson, LMT

This website and their staff are incredibly user friendly.

Scott Laird, LMT

Informative current information that is beneficial for everyone to know. The Institute makes it convenient to complete continuing education courses!

Kerstin Usher, LMT

Love taking your home study courses. I like getting the material in the mail and taking the test online. Reduces my stress level!!

Annie Osborne, CMT

The Institute's courses are great in every way - convenience, material, and interest!

Kerstin Usher, LMT

This was my first experience with the Institute's CE courses and I was very pleased with the variety of offerings. I will definitely revisit the site for other CE options.

Shelagh Lane, LMP

The Institute is far and above all other online continuing education programs available. I instruct college courses and I naturally critique the written material, from both a grammatical and content perspective. All course materials have been top-notch. No one compares to your company. I very much appreciate the quality, accuracy, credibility, and availability of the courses offered by your company. Bravo to all involved!! Always EXCEEDS my expectations!!! Love it! Ronnie Decker :)

LaRonica Decker, LMT

I am very impressed with your online courses and the information provided. I print the text of each course so that I will have a "hard copy" for reference at my practice. EXCELLENT JOB!

Daniel Phillips, LMT

You offer great courses and your staff is very friendly and helpful!

Rebecca Houston, LMT

I spoke to someone on the phone who was just so nice and friendly, and also helpful. I find the Institute to be of very high quality.

Jennifer Jaffe, LMT

So glad to be able to access and print previous certificates!

Jennifer Henderson, LMT

Great professional website, with amazing courses that I know I will learn more and more from as time goes by!

Stephen Nicholson, LMT

I love using your website due to the ease of use and knowing that you have my back if I choose a course that would not meet the NYS CEU requirements! Your staff is friendly and extremely professional and helpful.

Miriam Goldstein, LMT

Love the ease of at home testing.

Tamara Smith, LMT, BCTMB

Great support and friendly people. Thank you.

Marci Sandberg, LMT

Great experience for CE requirements! Thank you!

Dreama Moore, LMT

I am so pleased with the variety of courses you offer. I will look for more and let other therapists know about your courses. I would love to see a course for alliviation of menopausal symptoms. Or just about menopause in general. Thank you, Maria Gift.

So nice that you keep record of all of my completed CE courses!! Makes reporting to NCBTMB much easier than gathering up all different certificates from different providers.

Kathleen Little, LMT

Thank you for providing interesting and dynamic topics to choose from!

Linda Sherlock-Reich, LMT

I am officailly "sold" on this company for my LMBT continuing education needs. Excellent courses, content of courses and delivery. I will be a repeat consumer!

Brooke Williams, LMT

I need the physical materials so that I can peruse them as I go along with the ability to take the test on line for speedy processing. You provide both. Thank you for making it easy for someone like me with a crazy schedule!

Cynthia Johnson, LMT

You were very helpful in going over questions on the phone. I have been using you all for years and will continue to do so. Thank You.

April Arigoni, LMT

Very simple to understand. Thank you for creating courses and tests that are understandable. It just flows! Krista -LMT

Krista, LMT

Having these classes available online is lifesaving! Thank you!

Heather Thomas, LMT

Again, very please with the course, and the Institute. Thank you!

Materials are presented well and easily understood. I always learn something when I take a course from the Institute.

Shannon Marie Cooley, LMT

I have always enjoyed taking these online classes. They are very informative and enlightening. I tell all fellow Massage Therapist to come to your site and take courses. I look forward to more from this online school.

Randall Howard, LMT

Thank you for making the search for approved ceu's so easy on your site! It was very helpful to get the right class and know it was approved.

Jayne Armondo, LMT, BCMTB

It was my pleasure to work in my own space and time and without any element of stress. I printed the material and arranged it as a book to ease on my study and to go back and use the information in the future. Wonderful way to stay on top of me academic requirement.

Yifat Donenfeld, LMT

I absolutely enjoy taking classes from the institute! Keep up the good work - FAN FOR LIFE

Julie Cimini, LMT

I have been in the Healthcare field 20+ years. 7 years ago I took my first course with Integrative and was impressed with the material and have been a fan ever since. MAJOR KUDOS!

Julie Cimini, LMT

I was pleasantly surprised as to how simple taking the test was. Other websites have unlimited amount of hoops to go through which makes taking the test far more difficult and overwhelming. I was very calm through this process and couldn't ask for a better experience!

Evelyn Landa, LMT

I have taken your CEU classes for a long time and I am always pleased by the quality of the materials. It always brings new knowledge and hold my attention.

Catherine Housseau, CMT, BCTMB

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies makes home study courses that are practical, easy to follow, and their site is very navigable.

Celeste Bartunek, LMT

I am new to this site but I am impressed and will definitely use it again.

Linda Welch, LMT

I can't say enough positive things about The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies. They are a great company. Their courses are an easy interesting study and the staff is most professional and accommodating. I will be using them again in then future.

Kathleen Vincent, LMT

It is much easier to follow the step by step procedures through the materials and guidance provided by the institute online and I Love the selection of course work!

Katharina Elkins, LMT

Online material was very easy to access and print out system helped a lot. Even though English is not my first language, it is very easy to follow and get into the points.

Rumi Komatsu, LMT

Courses were very convenient, very much appreciated!!!

Robin Alexander, LMP

I found the materials to be very informative and easy to understand. I know the information provided will be something that I can continue to use and reflect back on in my practice. The staff that I spoke with over the phone were very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Institute for Integrative Healthcare for others to use and feel confident in doing so.

Tracey Baucom McInnis, LMT

Your staff was very accommodating and extremely patient and professional! Every experience has surpassed my expectations. I have already ordered another course.

Miriam Goldstein, LMT

I am a hands on learner. I do well learning in a classroom or in a one on one situation. I was skeptical at first, but was so pleasantly surprised that I was able to learn so well in this format. The instruction was clear and concise and the material was easy to assimilate. I can't wait to take more classes.

Ellyn Rae, LMT

Help support system was very helpful. Could not remembered her name, but she was very helpful and knew what she was doing.

Jaranya Burris, LMT

I love this site! Provides me with many options of courses necessary and important to my practice in a very uncomplicated manner.

Lori Overson, LMP, BCTMB

This Institute is amazing. I was able to find what I was looking for easily and enjoyed how it was all set up. I will definitely be taking another course from here!

Nicolette Serpa, LMT

I commend your staff. I had spoken to two different operators and they were incredibly helpful when I was really stressed out and incredibly pressed for time. Made this process much smoother. My co-workers recommended this site and I'm really glad they did. I will be taking future classes with you for my CE's and for fun. Thank you again for making this a smooth process for me.

Lori Cook, LMT

I continually use this institute for my CEU's. Find the staff to be helpful and the courses easy to understand and take.

Beth Newman-Manion

I think the online courses and subjects you offer is absolutely amazing. Please continue your excellent service.

Denise A. Hodge, LMT

Friendly Customer service, and interesting course materials and options.

Karen Madison, CMT

Taking courses online with Integrative Healthcare studies is an excellent way to continue my massage education with classes I enjoy at a time of my choosing.

Linda Myer, LMT

I have used the Institute several times for my CE needs. It is easy to find courses and complete them! This is the best online CE course site there is.

I appreciated the help I got from the institute--very easy to speak with customer service. Thanks.

Nikki Nichols, LMP

I enjoyed the course and my visit with Emma, eight minutes before you closed. She was able to assist me in a friendly, professional manner. I am so impressed, I am considering taking more courses now, even though I don't need anymore for this year. smiles!

Cheryl Schneider, LMT

Love the Institute! I have been taking their classes for over 15 years.

Julie Santamaria, LMT

I love the convenience AND content of your courses. Thanks for a great product!

Sharon Melnick, LMT

As I have grown in the therapeutic massage field. Your institute has always provided just the type of course I was needing at the time. I will continue to use and support you. Thank You!

Russell Smith, LMT

I really like the format of your course materials. I've tried other company's ceu courses over the years, but I like yours the best.

Kim Hunter, LMT

I really appreciate the fact that your website is easy to navigate and thorough in it's presentation. Thanks!

Ruth Edna Peterson, LMT

I have been using your company for my CEU's for the last three years and I love the variety of course options. The materials are always very thorough!

Shannon M. Lipps

The institute provided an informative way to learn a new skill set very quickly with resources to build on what I've learned.

Melissa Robinson, LMT

Well Done. A great way of taking required courses without having to travel or arrange around others schedules.

Doris Laing, LMT, RMT, BCTMB

Thank you so much! I am delighted to find your services as a way of not only completing Continuing Education requirements for New York State, but also enhancing my massage therapy skills. The discount is greatly appreciated, too.

Patricia Carlson, LMT

I love taking my CEU's from here!!!

Tiffany Kott, LMT

This website is great. Definitely will continue getting CEU's from this website. The test was straight forward and I learned a lot and I am now using this in my practice during massage.

Laura Zarate, LMP

The courses offered here are very thorough and challenging. As a massage therapist I can obtain vital information, educations, skill training, and CE's at my own schedule without giving up valuable office time.

Greg Bell, LMT

Signing up for the course was easy. Quality of information was good. It kept my attention and was perfect for my busy schedule. I will continue to contact them for further education.

Cynthia Eckman, LMP

You are my go-to site for massage CEU's. The courses are informative, interesting and the website is easy to navigate. I always recommend you to my friends who are in need of CEU's. Thanks!!

Vicki Thompson, LMT

Great customer service. I can always count on great content and engaging educational material with these courses.

Kimberly Jo Fitzhenry, LMT

My course had expired (life got in the way). The lady who assisted me in renewing the courses was incredibly kind and helpful. I do not remember her name, but please look it up, and thank her for her outstanding customer assistance.

Rachel Neurohr, RMT

Thorough information was provided. Wonderful online courses. Well above the rest. I'm looking forward to taking more courses through Integrative Healthcare!

Ainslee Hart, CMT

I love being able to get this information at home, it's great. I also love the wide range of subjects.

Evelyn La Nier, LMT

Very user friendly. Made completing my Ethics CEUs a breeze!

LaKendra Wilson, LMT

I am glad I have found you, and next time you are going to be my first source to continue my education. Thank you!!!

Joseph Mundaca, BCTMB

You always provide wonderful personal service when I speak with someone on the phone and the online courses have been great. I have recommended you to many others. Thank you!

Dawn Schober, LMT

I've always been impressed with your excellent coursework. Thank you!

Frances Klippel, LMT

I appreciate the opportunity to be able to complete a CE class online because I am not able to get into a hands-on class before Sept. I also appreciate that the institution caught the fact that I had signed up for a class that Texas did not consider CE. An employee called me and helped me find a class that Texas does accept. THANK YOU!

Lindsey Hernandez, LMT

I sincerely appreciate the IIHS for offering interesting, focused topics to obtain CEU's for re certification. One always learns new information from IIHS's courses. Thank you.

Janet Ruckrigl, LMT

The online access was great and easy to use. Thank you!

Lisa Fargo, LMT

I found your support staff very helpful and courteous and the material studied very helpful!

SallyAnn Goebel, LMT

Your website is very easy to use which I appreciate because a well-designed site saves time. The variety and quality of courses offered are excellent.

Brenda Eiland, LMT

The first place I go to for CEUs is the Institute. My favorite instructors are Sean Riehl and Dr. Mally. I have never been disappointed in the classes I have taken, and have always easily understood the material and have been able to use it that day in my practice. THANK YOU!

Tishara Melcher, LMT

This is the second course I've taken through the Institute and I have thoroughly enjoyed both! Thanks and keep up the great work!

Rebecca Threatt, LMT

Each time I had to call the institute to speak with someone regarding a question I had they were very polite, professional and knowledgeable.

Roosevelt Smith, LMT

I love the friendly phone contact and the feeling that I could call if I needed to. I like that I have ample time to complete these courses, to actually have the time to study deeply and practice.

Andrea Rumery, LMT, BCTMB

I enjoyed the ease of navigating the website and finding the courses I needed. It's great that the Institute has many different courses available! Thank you!

Jeri Dawn Roth, LMT

I find the courses well organized and content suitable for my needs. The ease of finding, registration, printing the material and taking the test online is what continues to bring me back to this site.

Helena Cohen, LMP

This is my first course with you and I was surprised how much I retained with such a simple approach to learning the content. I will definitely be back.

Patricia Maitrejean, LMT

Your staff are the most helpful I have ever encountered. I have and will continue to recommend your institute to others.

Robert E. Rano, LMT

I am grateful NY State accepts your courses because I am enjoying the freedom, accessibility and information. Studying for my credits.

Carolyn F. Battle, LMT

I always prefer to take hands on classes but that isn't always possible. I have a very few companies that I use for online classes; this company is one of them/ huge variety of courses, generally reasonably priced. Thanks much for all you do!

Mary Wright, LMT

I was allowed to access the course almost immediately after paying for it. I was able to complete the course, take the test, and have my certificate in a matter of hours. They definitely are setting you up to succeed.

Janice Harris, CMT

I have used the Institute for my continuing education before and have always found the courses and presentation to be extremely well done. The website is very concise and easy to navigate and the staff is exceptional. I would definitely recommend the Institute to others and will continue using their services.

Mary Watson, LMT

I have taken several courses with the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies and am very happy with the courses they offer. The courses I have taken were very interesting and were presented very well. I will definitely take more courses from them in the future.

Marc McLaughlin, LMT

Thank you for this medium in order to assist us in getting out CE credits easily and within our own schedules.

Martha Duval, LMP

I signed up for courses for my License renewal in TX. The course I had chosen was not applicable for TX. I really appreciated getting a call letting me know what I could take. Thanks

Paula Wiseman, LMT

Thank you for providing this resource to us. It is beneficial on many levels. While I find the hands on courses important I appreciate being able to take other courses with more flexibility to my personal schedule.

Martha Duval, LMP

This is the first time I used the Course Material from the Institute for Integrative Health. I am extremely happy that I was directed to your site. There are many course offerings that I am interested in. I will use again.

Karen Boudreaux, LMT

I am very satisfied with the straight forward format and the quality of education that I receive when I acquire CEUs from this the Home Study site.

Debra Jonathas, LMT

I am very pleased with the Institute and the courses I have taken. I cannot think of any suggestions, you are all doing a great job. Thanks

Griselda Tuttle, LMT

I am very pleased with the material that I received from your company. I am thinking of ordering other classes from you. It was easy to read and understand. Thanks

James A Falls, LMT

The Institute is doing a great job in preparing all the materials in all courses that they offer. It has been a great help in my practice as a Massage Therapist. Thank you very much!!!

Mel Catedral, LMT

I enjoy doing my studies online. It gives me the time I need and I can always go back and review. I have taken other courses from the institute and I will be taking more. The staff has always been very helpful, pleasant and knowledgeable.

Margaret Ruby, LMT

I can't believe how easy this program is to navigate. I will probably use this site for all of my CEUs from now on. Loved it. Thank you so much!! It is also very affordable.

Meranda Holiman, LMT

Always helpful and kind when questions arise. Thanks to a great staff at the Institute!

Monica Kane, CMT, RMT, BCTMB

Practicing massage therapy for 20 + years I enjoy the courses through the institute as I can do the coursework at my own pace in between working. Sometimes hands on classes are offered on weekends when I am working so the home study is a great alternative. Also like the materials to have on hand to refer to time and time again.

Peggy Anne Cambus Toulatos, LMT, BCTMB

This is my second experience with the Institute and I am very happy! Customer service has always been great and the materials are interesting and to the point. Just what I was looking for!

Katharine Sanchez, LMT

This was my first time taking a CE class on this site and I loved it. I will definitely be using this site more often.

Rachel Harder, LMT

I love how accessible these courses are!!! Quick, simple and clean. The first time I used this institute, I received a call from an employee notifying me the course I wanted to take to renew my license wouldn't help with my state renewal for my license. I quickly changed my course and... boom license renewed! Highly recommend this site. You guys rock!!

Hyrum Walton, LMT

As usual these courses exceed expectations and have practical information for my business and personal life. Thanks for the excellent, quality informtion.

Diane Whiteman, LMT

These classes are so good! Very informative, interesting and well presented. Thank you !

Lana Lytle, LMT

After taking several other courses last year, I came here to complete my required CEU's. This is a great way to gain knowledge and add things to my day to day practice.

Michelle Page, LMT

This online course website is a great option. I feel like I can get quality information that is straight to the point and easy to understand.

Vanessa Wilson, LMP

When confronted with a questionable answer, I called & received immediate assistance to verify the answer, as well as informed on the procedure to update my score. Was very happy with the way it was handled.

Michele Walden Mcphee, LMT

I really appreciate the high quality of courses available through your institute compared with others I have encountered. Also, your support staff are always extremely responsive and helpful! Thank you!

Catherine H Kannenberg, CMT, BCTMB

I really appreciate the convenience of taking the courses online. I feel they are presented in a professional way without a lot of excess information. I look forward to taking other courses and recommending others to your website. By the way, the website is so user friendly, something that matters greatly to me. Thank you!

Kathryn A. Muranyi, LMT

My experience was fantastic!!! I will be using your services from now on. Bravo!!

Mathew Abeyta

I love the fact that I received a personal phone call to inform me I had paid twice for a text that is used in both of my Pathology courses and was refunded.

Angie Cutler, LMT

I'm thankful for the courses that you provide and that I can complete them on my own time, when it is most convenient for ME. Thank You!

Anne Suran, LMT, LMP, BCTMB

I enjoyed the program and will be taking future courses not just for continuing education credits but for continued knowledge on various subject matters. Thank you

Sheryl LaRosa, LMT

Great course, will continue to use Integrative Healthcare for my continuing education needs!

Megan DeCarlo, LMT

Thanks for having this great resource available! I recently took some Continuing Ed at an actual school and the material was WAY less informative. Your online class was more thorough and the material more helpful than a class I took in person, and I think that is a huge win for your program!

Julia Kreider, LMT

Your support people are excellent.

Rich Pastorella, LMT

I really love the online courses! They are not only helpful, but I enjoy being able to work on my own time schedule. I can pick up a course anytime and learn something new for my practice.

Holly Clark-Vanlandingham, LMT

Awesome, thank goodness I found this website. I will continue recommending it to friends.

Barbara Downs, LMT

Your courses are a dream compared to some others I have seen. You are the best site for CECs on the web.

Shelley Cina, LMT, BCMTB

Thank you for producing such high quality continuing education classes.

Tina Griffith, CMT, BCTMB

Thank you very much - I think you provide an excellent and much-needed service, especially for those of us who live in rural areas and cannot easily travel a long distance to major cities to take CEUs.

Shel Davis, LMT

I love taking my CEUs through Integrative Healthcare Studies! Thank You

Stephanie Ramirez, LMT

I have been taking your online courses for approx. 3 years. It is always a pleasure to learn more and I particularly like your variety of classes, combining eastern and western philosophies.

Helena Littner, CMT

I really was impressed by the care of the rep calling me because the courses I originally signed up for would NOT have counted towards NY's CE requirements.

Liza Krontilik, LMT

I love getting my continuing enducation through your courses. I can do them in my own time and feel I get so much more out of them. Thank you for your quality classes!

Colleen Lang, LMT, BCTMB

I continue to be impressed by the high quality of your home based courses. I always learn something new and I am able to incorporate the techniques into my work right away.

Tina Griffith, CMT, BCTMB

I have enjoyed and learned much from each course I have taken. Thank you for serving our massage community.

Deborah Kay Leatherman, LMT

I appreciate the wide range of knowledgeable and interesting courses you offer. Thank you.

Megan Rueckl, LMP

I am happy to find you. I'll definitely take all my on line courses here. Thanks a lot for great work! SP

Easy, inexpensive, effective way for CE hours! I will be using this site every cycle. I wish TN law would allow more than 8 hours of online course certifications because I would get them all here. Thanks!

Jessica Johnson, LMT

I spoke to Rhiannon two times. Each time she was professional,kind and always willing to help. She was very knowledgeable. Thank you.

Lu Anne Mondo, LMT

I welcome all massage therapist's to visit this institute whenever considering online courses it's very convenient and helpful!

Robert Simon Jr., LMT

I love the ease of your website. Great applicable course content as well.

Jessica Floyd, LMT

The Institute always delivers great courses which are up to date with the industry and they're always interesting and enjoyable!

Kathryn Bruno, LMT

Compared to other online CE credits offered, your site offers the best courses I have seen.

Shelley Cina, LMT, BCMTB

I have found this institute to keep up their tests better than others. On other sites I have found they have links to information that do not work. Here all the information you need is provided within the course and you need not link to or search elsewhere for answers.

Peter Flewelling, LMT, BCTMB

Your online courses were a godsend! Upon renewing my massage license, I was told that I needed 36 CE hours that I was not aware of. Around the same time I received your postcard in the mail. Thank you so much for offering these classes online! The two classes I took were excellent and your customer service rep was extremely pleasant and helpful. It allowed me to renew my license in the short amount of time before it expired. Thank you so much!

Nadine Taccetta, LMT

I appreciate the ease of finding the courses I needed to complete my CEU's from the integrative healthcare website The cost of this course was reasonable. Thank you

Suzanne Bonnen, LMP

I called for assistance to change my chosen class. There was no problem to change classes and telephone staff was extremely helpful and understanding. Very patient as well. Thank you for making this process so easy.

Annette Nadeau, LMT

Great response and communication from staff!

L.B. Squire, LMT

Love this site. Good clear education and fair testing.

Carolyn Ruef, LMT, BCTMB

The site was set up wonderfully. I had options of how to get to the course I wanted without any frustration. I will be coming back for more courses and telling my fellow therapist about the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies.

Angela Sykes, LMT

I can always count on the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies to provide just what I need clearly, concisely and thoroughly.

Rebecca Atwell, LMT

Very well engineered tech-wise. User friendly. Extremely professional, yet positive philosophically. Appreciated use of empathy and energy concepts.

Lino Stanchich, LMT

Staff was incredibly helpful in helping me find he right course especially after I had made a mistake on my own.

Reyna Luna, LMT

Staff was particularly helpful in helping me find the right course for my needs.

Reyna Luna, LMT

Very convenient, efficient and easy. Will use your services again!

Pamela Hargrove, LMT, CMT

I have been exceptionally well pleased with all of your courses over the years and do not even look elsewhere for my online CEU's - Everything has been "top notch" from day one - which was 15 yrs ago!

Karen Sides, LMT

Staff member who helped me on the phone was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Great customer service skills!

Dagmar Lemich, LMT

It is so hard in today's world to always get to an active, hands on class. Having these online resources available is wonderful! The course content with the instructional DVDs is a nice way to study and learn at your own pace. I will continue to use you in the future.

Angela Mann, LMT, CMT

I will continue taking courses from the Institute. It's user friendly and has never failed to please me.

I have taken several courses from this institute and have enjoyed each one. I would highly recommend this institute to all. Easy access, good support group, and good material.

Pamela Ward, LMT

So glad I found this website for completing my CEU's. It has been great. Lots of topics and easy of completing.

Melissa Warwick, LMT

I love and appreciate the ease of your services and programs.

Danny Cadena, LMT

The staff is most helpful and friendly! :)

April Lintner, LMT

I love and enjoy your services and programs.

Danny Cadena, LMT

The staff was extremely nice and helpful. I would recommend this highly to other therapists in need of ceu credits! This saved me a lot of money. Thank you.

Jennifer Lewis, LMT

Integrative Healthcare has become my first choice when searching for CEU's. Thank you.

Lidia Gelis, LMBT

I appreciate that you have several courses that fill the same requirement, given that I have been a licensed therapist for 12 years and this is the 6th time I have been required to do an ethics course for the state license. I have options to choose from, which adds some interest.

Grace Wormwood, LMBT

The person with whom I spoke with was AWESOME in assisting me to find the right courses. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Frances A. Flannery, LMT

The test was so easy to take online and I am not very computer literate! Thank you for making the process of fulfilling my CEUs both interesting and simple. I love taking your courses and prefer them over any other classes or workshops. I always have the materials to review and study again and again. It is nice to collect the references and DVDs to use in my practice. Thanks!!!!

Skye Lin Walker, LMT, CMT, BCTMB

Thank you for the variety of classes available. I look forward to taking more classes, other than the ethics requirements.

Heidi Nordby, LMP

I have been extremely pleased with all of the courses that I've taken from Integrative Healthcare. The course texts are clear and concise and the information is always valuable to me as a professional medical massage therapist, as well as for general information in my personal life.

April Lee, LMT, BCTMB

I am so glad that I found this venue for studying and learning to expand my knowlege of bodywork. I love this program!! Thank you!

I originally selected a course in Aromatherapy and was contacted by the school to pick a course that Texas would allow and I appreciate them watching out for what our state would and would not allow. The girls were VERY helpful!!

Amber Peterson, LMT

I love this institute! I find it very easy to learn through this type of study and this website is awesome! Thank you!

Very satisfied with all classes I have taken and will continue to do business with your program. Thanks!

Jenny Taylor, LMT

Had to speak with the staff to get my account information updated and they were very helpful!

Whitney Waddington, LMT

Can't say how pleased I have been ! They have always been very helpful and kind!

Karen Valdez, LMT

This is my third bi-annual renewal cycle in which I've taken courses from the Institute. I always find the courses to be extremely excellent.

Patrick Mason, LMT

I love this website! It is so user friendly and offers informative and useful courses. I would recommend it to anyone seeking such knowledge. Thank-you Thank-you!!

Carol Lyle, LMT

I am so glad this is so easy to understand because I am not computer smart and this made it very easy for me.

Sherry Short, LMT

Very glad I found your site and the many courses offered. This type of study worked very well for me!

Patricia Moore, LMT

I love all the courses I've taken and will continue taking the courses that are of interest to me. Thank you for offering such a variety of courses. They have met all my needs.

Sr. Ginny Connors, OP, CMT

I have taken courses from the Institute before and they have always been excellent and very informative and very reasonable in price. Thank you!

Billie Ruth Hausen, LMT

thank you for making this level of study available to those of us who work full time with little to no available hour for cont. education.

I love taking courses from the Institute. Very interesting and informative and easy to work with at home.

Sherrie Callahan, LMT

Thank you for making this easy for those of us with such busy schedules. It really helped.

Susan Coxen, LMP

Very affodable and easy to use... I will take lots more courses for sure. No complaints!

Elizabeth Thanas, LMT, CMT

I love this company and the variety of courses it offers. It makes it extremely convenient for me to be able to complete CEUs with my busy schedule and the information is very beneficial. Thank you!!!

Jessica A. Riedel, CMT, BCTMB

Excellent customer service when I called! Thank you! I loved this course, and the knowledge I gained is empowering. Some of the test questions were a little vague though, not seeming to relate directly to the text. All in all...a smashing success; I'd do it again!

Crystal Johnson, LMP

This site is awesome. I appreciate the customer service from the initial phone call, on. Thank you!

Patricia Perdue, LMT

Easy to use and a great variety of courses!

Anna Munger, LMT

Everyone on the phone was wonderful. They knew the products and explained everything, in a kind way. They were very professional in there matter also.

Susan Spencer, LMT, BCTMB

Rhiannon's help in setting up my account and course was amazing!

Terri Rondulait, LMT

When I had difficulty getting back in to take test, the Customer Service person was extremely patient and helpful!

Kathleen Keller, LMT, BCTMB

I was very excited to find this website with such great courses at affordable prices! I have been very impressed of how easy and informative it was! I will be sharing this with all of my fellow RMT friends!!!!!

Rhonda McLachlan, RMT

This is my first time as a student on your courses. Thank you for making it easy to learn at the comfort of my own time and place.

Song White, LMP

I plan on taking many courses from the Institute. I feel very supported by the connection through newsletters, Facebook and business links with the Institute.

Mary I. Davidson, LMP

I appreciate the variety of courses included with the online training. The website was easy to maneuver and process. I feel the courses I've taken have increased my knowledge & clientele. In the past, the support staff were very helpful and considerate.

Mary Davidson, LMP

The site was easy to follow and the material nicely organized. Thank you!

Janine Davis, LMT

I LOVE the courses offered and how they are laid out!

Ashley McLemore, LMT

All my courses that are required are from this site. Thank you. Meets my requirements and is easy to complete online with certificates immediate.

Karen Baker, LMT

I come to this website to do all of my CE classes. I use what I learn in my practice and it saves me time. To be able to do the online courses on my own time is priceless.

Sheila Graham-Jurgensmeyer, LMT

I have 2 other courses to complete. Easy fast access for those of us to busy and wait until the last minute. Thanks for being there.

Karen Baker, LMT

Excellent courses, excellent materials...the whole process is very professional and informative. Thank you!

Margaret Cohen, LMT

Thanks for another great course! I highly recommend these ceu courses to all my therapist friends! :)

Jennifer Barnard, LMT

Your staff by phone was extremely courteous & helpful! Loved the material!

Kathryn F. Kalinin, LMT

I LOVE the courses from Institute of Integrative Health Care! The content is always clear and concise. The questions are easy to interpret, and the hours expected are accurate. I like that the material has good references to scientific studies, and I can use these references to learn more on my own later. Thanks for putting together this high-quality information!

Kathy Flippin, CMT, BCTMB

I will continue to further my educational endeavors with the Institute of Integrative Healthcare. Their material continues to improve growth for the professional practitioner.

DR Dunlap, LMT

I really like the Institute's courses and ease of use. I have and will continue to recommend this site to others!

Amanda N. Conyers, LMT

I have taken other courses and find them very complete and helpful. I have recommend courses to others also. Thank you for providing ceu's online!

Lorena Sue Boyce, LMT, BCTMB

Easy to navigate and complete. Will continue to use this site for my CE credits.

Tiffany Tyler, LMT

Thank you for making it convenient and affordable!

Amber P. Davis, RMT

I love how easy it is to do the courses in my available time frame from work. Great choices of courses too.

Donna Lozon, LMT

Every course I have taken from the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies has been wonderful and extremely beneficial to my massage business. Thank you for having quality on line classes to take at my leisure.

I love taking my CEU's from this website! They are very clear and I learn a lot! Will continue to take courses from here in the future.

Sarah Neville, LMT

I like the ease and accessibility of completing my required CE courses on line in my own time and without having to pay extra for travel and accommodation.

Leyna Clarke, LMT

I have been very pleased with my experience with the Institute and the courses that I have taken. I will be looking forward to returning for many years.

C. Gregory Van Meter, LMT

I just love these home study courses.

Shirley Fennimore, LMT, BCTMB

I really have enjoyed every class I have taken through the Institute so far and I'm grateful to have such an awesome resource for taking my CEUs!

Alexandra DOnofrio, LMT

I trust this website to always provide accurate, up to date information. It's my "go to" for online courses!

Marice Sacoman, LMP

Your online courses are convenient to take from home. Course material is well presented and easy to follow.

Heather Musum, LMT

Thank you so much for providing accessible information and study courses, that allow massage therapists to complete their continuing education units.

Lupe Landry, LMT

As usual, your materials are always well presented. Very professional! I have enjoyed many of your courses. Thanks for the information. Since I live a distance from where many of the hands on classes are presented, I find your courses a way to keep up on my required CEU's.

Janie R. Veth, LMT

Precise, educational and to the point. Superb for busy massage therapists wanting to learn new subjects in manageable amounts of time. Good value.

Deborah Lonon, LMT

Looking forward to seeing new courses added to the site. I will be back for more education. I love this website! This site has great deals, there are always many courses to take and discounts. The information is thorough, informative and always interesting. They also have some of the most interesting modalities, its GREAT! Can't wait to take another CE from this site.

Simone Crochet, LMT

The staff help was unbelievably amazing when I called for help.

Maricela Johnson, LMT, RMT, BCTMB

I love this website, it helps those who have a busy schedule and find it hard take classes in their state. Thank you guys. :o)

Valerie Jimenez, LMT

I enjoy the courses offered by your Institute because you all include courses that deal with getting outside of the box. Your courses are not just about rub here and there, they delve deeper into human nature. Thank you.

Susan Dykes, LMT, BCTMB

Always professional and easy to do business with you. Thank you for creating course material as well as free courses. I will come back again.

Julie Salazar, LMT

The Institute has consistently provided study materials of excelling value. I have experience with a number of continuing education providers, and the Institute is my provider of choice!

Jonathan Smith, LMT, BCTMB

Thank you for making my first on line course so enjoyable. I look forward to continuing my continuing education with you.

Gwyneth Marhanka, LMT

I have taken other courses through the Institute and find them interesting, relative and convenient .

Lisa Halloran, LMT

Everything was awesome, cant wait for my next course to study!

Richard Johnson, LMT

When I was planning my CEU courses, I received a call from the institute alerting me to the fact that the classes I was choosing did not meet me state requirements. The student support staff then walked me through the journey to creating the ideal CEU plan for my state and my needs. Thank you for the help!

Rhonda Heyns, LMT

I enjoy learning from this institute. The courses are engaging and easy to follow. I highly recommend it to others looking for CEUs.

Rhonda Heyns, LMT

I previously ordered a different course that was not accepted by Texas and I had know idea. The staff contacted me, told me and asked if I wanted to switch course's. Just for that I am loyal and will only get my courses from you guys. I was very impressed by that level of customer service. Also the course work I switched it out to was fun and interesting. I am very pleased.

Lauren Wooley, LMT

Fantastic customer service and care!

Shantell Leinan, LMP

Thank you very much! Some friends of mine are looking for CE classes and this program is very easy to study so I will recommend your institute to them.

Ei Kyong Kim, CMT

I have taken many courses through the Institute over the past 10 years. Highly satisfied with courses and process of testing/certification. Thank you.

Julie Hanna, LMT

I really did enjoy reading the material regardless of the actual test I had to take. I found the information important and relevant to my current work situation. I also like the fact that I could print out materials and study as well as having a year before the material online was expired. Being a very busy individual that truly helped.

Deana Evangelista, LMT

Thank you for continuing to offer exemplary, extremely well presented and engaging courses for Massage Therapists at a reasonable price!!!

Cheryl Matteo-Kerney, LMT, BCTMB

I love your courses! Its very helpful for MTs to gain credits! Reasonably priced and good quality of education. Thank you so much for providing good CE courses!

Yoriko Yajima-Giffen

You guys offer great courses and the online option meets my busy small business owning, single mom, avid runner life-style. Thank you!

Julie A. Stark, LMP

The institute program is a wonderful program for professionals, it gives us the opportunity to build our practice and earn our continuing education hours. Thank you.

Micah Alexander

I already promoted the website on my Facebook page to all my LMT friends!!! I am excited to take more online CEU's through this site! I already plan on taking the 2 courses for HIV/AIDs!

Desiree Charles, LMT, LMP

I have enjoyed every one of the courses I have taken on this site. I have shared with colleagues and friends about the easy accessibility an the low cost as well. I will certainly take more courses and I am grateful to have this resource.

Ida Williams, LMT

The representative was very caring and concerned that I was buying a product that met my needs, and correctly evaluated that another product would be better for my purposes. I really value such caring individual attention to purchases. Thank you.

Shantell Leinan, LMP

I LOVE the integrative online courses! I wish AR would accept more home study hours but will continue to use this site. It is soooo easy and the prices are WONDERFUL! Especially with discounts I was able to apply! Thanks for having such a useful and user friendly online course program!

Brandi Wray, LMT

I love the convenience of learning at home and testing online.

Ashton Isaacs, LMT

I love taking your courses - they are incredibly easy to work with, paced according to your own schedule, and extremely informative. I am very pleased with every course I have taken and will continue to take courses through you. Thank you for the excellent information that I can integrate into my own practice!

Phillip Adamczyk, LMT

Every telephone call and every question was answered with courtesy, kindness and attention to detail. I am looking forward to my next course (already purchased) and will definitely be a return customer/student. Thank you!

Priscilla Lambson, LMT

Had to call customer service for help with log in and she was amazing, thank you so much!

Karen Hefferin, LMT

I was glad I found this Institute. The course objectives, what was expected of me, what I needed to do, and what I learned from the Institute were great and understandable. I would recommend this Institute for others if they are truely interested in learning other than just getting the credits they need for continueing education classes.

Tiffany Kott, LMT

Was a fantastic easy to follow experience definitely will take other classes from here!!

Michelle Blass, LMT

The Institute For Integrative Healthcare Studies gives an excellent opportunity for continuing education and the customer service staff is professional and very helpful when called for assistance..Thank you

Rosemary A. Chaudoir, LMT

Always love taking your courses! Comprehensive, interesting and you continually add new courses.

Diana Freed, LMT, BCTMB

Thank you for making my gaining of credits fun and easy.

Joan L. Lafty, LMT, BCTMB

Haven't taken a class that I don't love yet.

Tammy Southall, LMT

Rhiannon was awesome when I talked to her on the phone. I felt like she was watching out for me and have me some extremely helpful advice.

Elizabeth Fleischauer, LMT

I have previously taken courses and it has always been very simple to get information I need, and the courses always help expand my knowledge. I will continue to take courses from this Institute.

Michelle Diaz, LMT

I am very pleased with this Institute and will be taking all of my future ceu's through you!

Lynette Owens, LMT

I have taken others courses through the Institute and have enjoyed them. It's easy to purchase a course and the best part is, you can finish when you want. I work and have 3 children and this site makes it easy and affordable to learn at home. I have recommended the site to my peers. Thank you!

June R. Harnish, LMT

I absolutely love your courses and will most definitely take many more..:)

Tammy Southall, LMT

The support staff was extremely helpful in enrolling me in my current courses.

Alyssa Green, LMT

I appreciate all you do to maintain the quality of your materials and to meet the needs of our profession.

Lisa Weaver, LMT

this website has always been where I go to for all my continuing education needs every year. I always get nice, helpful people to talk to on the phone. I enjoyed this course very much and has made me already plan for my next direction for c.e.u.'s next year. thank you very much for all your professional and courteous help. I look forward to doing business with you in the future again. Jennifer Manchester

Jennifer Hoffpauir, LMT

My conversation with Rhiana (?) last week was extremely helpful. She was fantastic! Many thanks to her for helping me get over any concerns I had about doing online course.

Jamie Huss, LMT

You must be doing something right with the courses.I keep coming back for more! Thank you,I'm very satisfied with the Institute and the many choices of quality course material.

L.Hamdi, LMT

Thanks for making it easy to complete my CEU's in a crunch :)

Kelle Witt, LMT

Thank you for your services. It is so nice to take these courses in my home on my own time. Less pressure so I could focus better. Looking forward to exploring more of your courses!

Dana Hassett Bouck, LMT

I have taken several classes from the Institute and have always found them to be relevant and easy to understand. I have started recommending the same to my therapists and colleagues.

Maryanne W. Kamau, LMT

It really pleases me how friendly, clear, and helpful the staff members are. The materials are well done with clarity. Thank you all.

Jean Urban, LMT

I know I can always count on IIHS for quality CEU classes. Another year another awesome class under my belt! You are the go to Institute... end of story! Thank you!

Hermene Anderson, LMT

In addition to being an LMT, I am also an RN and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. Please continue to offer the studies I need for my continuing education in the various modalities. Excellent variety, quality and service!!

Deborah K. Ostafi, LMT

Your staff was so kind and friendly and extremely helpful. I was not sure that I would be able to use my iPad to take this course and she took the time to walk me throughout everything. I was so grateful and so impressed! Thank you so much!

Priscilla Holbrook-Frazier, LMT

Thank you, so much, for your wonderful courses! I need 26 CE hours to complete the requirements to regain my massage license in Alabama and while signing up for them on your web site I found many more courses that I will come back and take just for my own benefit!

Miriam Lynne Campbell, LMT

I love taking course through the Institute. It is definitely the place to go for online courses!

Kayla Johnson, LMT

In offering these online courses, the Institute provides professionals with not only CE credits but the opportunity to gain knowledge, enhance skills, get current information, and be more involved in our field. Thanks for being there.

I asked several questions and they were answered quickly and professionally. I thank everyone for that.

Tammy Green, LMT

I've been taking courses from you for years!! No one matches the ease of taking and learning these courses.

Veronica Schenk-Osmera, LMT, RMT

This is my CEU stop for the year. The selection is up to date and interesting, the customer service staff is helpful and friendly...I just won't go anywhere else! Thank you all for such a great job, consistently, year after year! I appreciate you!

K. Bruno, LMT

Great costumer care!!!

Elena Sara Feltrin

I have already referred other therapists to your sight. Thank you for providing a thorough, easy to understand, and convenient way to get CEU's.

Cynthia Bennett, LMT

The customer support in your organization is very helpful and friendly. I like using your online courses, thank you!

Beth Rader, CMT

Good variety of course selection. Excellent staff, great response time, easy online testing. THE best online massage training organization.

Deborah R. Clarken, CMT

I have used the Institute in the past and will continue to do so. It provides me with needed courses and CE's. My co-workers and clients are impressed with the courses and my knowledge. I refer them to the site all the time. Keep up the great work!

Felicia Segura, LMT

I have been using this site for about 10 years. I recommend it to therapist colleagues everywhere. I really enjoy self-paced study on my own terms.

Julie Thompson, LMT

I am extremely pleased with the staff! The web site was down for just a brief period. I called, and a staff member called me back promptly with a status. They also gave me a $25 credit for my trouble. That is great customer service! I will definitely recommend this to my colleagues.

Jeff Wooten, LMT

Easy access to multiple courses.

Great way to get what you need !!

LaTausha Little, LMT

You guys are great!

Shelby Youngo, CMT

46 year old LMBT practicing 11 years. Return customer but first time on line. To say I'm electronically challenged would be an understatement! I do nothing on line because of fear it will blow up on me. Your sight was a pleasure... Everything from choosing a course, paying, logging in, testing, surveying and printing the certificate all without a hitch! Thank you!

Thank you so much for providing an at-home course for those last few CEU's I needed and making it easy and informative.

Sophia Munger, LMT

I would strongly recommend the Institute to all Massage Therapist for furthering their education. You offer a wide variety of informative course materials and all of the staff are very helpful.

Cynthia Johnson, LMT

Customer Assistance was Excellent.

Caroline Lukosik, LMT

Getting my continuing education credits through your organization is a God send. Thank you for offering an online option.

Jennifer Daigle, LMT

I am very grateful for this website. I love that I can print all the information that I need and do it at home then easily report my answers online and print out my certificate. I have referred this site to other Massage Therapists.Thank you.

Melissa Vergil, LMT

This was my first online course. It was very easy to understand and complete. I will consider doing another online course.

Denise Flores, LMT, BCTMB

I like that I can see what I answered wrong right away, as well as the correct answer.

Barbara Bueck, LMT

I love the Institute. The courses are great and when I needed to access the Customer Service, they have gone out of their way to assist and please me.

Danielle Kelleher, LMT

Very friendly staff and very good courses.

Jennifer Benjamin, RMT

Thank you for these informative courses. I enjoy being able to take them on my own time.

I find the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies - Online Courses to be a great way to get my CEU's. I find the material is very well put together, easy to follow and very affordable.

Cherie Braley, LMT

I love the way your online courses are set up. I have no trouble with getting the material or taking the test. The material provided is very informative and easy to reference when taking the test. Thank You for your professionalism.

Cherie Braley, LMT

I truly benefit from taking courses from the Institute. The information is thorough and taking them online gives me the time to study the information on my own time without any pressure or strict time lines. Thank you Institute for offering these useful courses.

Rebecca Gibb, LMT

Love this website and all of the information it gives as well as hundreds of courses. Thanks, Stormy

Stormy Haverkate, LMT

Very friendly website. I took online classes before thru Integrative HealthCare Studies and was enriched with new and usable knowledge to use in my practice. Thank you.

Jere Schultz, LMT

This is my first time using your service. The ease of ordering, receiving materials, navigating your site and taking the examination is definitely going to make me a continuing customer.

Susan M Buzzell, LMT

I have done all of my online CE's with the Institute. I appreciate the content, the ease of access and the prices charged. Thanks!

Teresa Hucks, LMT, BCTMB

Always great information.

Michelle Killane, LMBT

I'm taking all the courses I can here for my renewal because of the quality of the courses and because of how user friendly to program is.

Lorin Loomis, LMT

This is the first time that I have taken an online CEU course and I am very pleased.

Virginia Stephens, LMT, BCTMB

I have so many choices for study and it is always instructive and helpful. I have had to have help from the staff and they were alwast gracious and kind.

Priscilla Cure, LMT

I greatly appreciate the easy access, the sales and free course specials.Thank You from a part time therapist on a tight budget!

Tamia Treesong, LMP

I enjoy your classes and like that I can take a short 1 credit course up to a many credit course.

Sara Rudd. LMT

I like the fact that the test results show which ones you got wrong and then the correct answer. I then go back and re-read the material to see why I got it wrong. Sometimes it is a misunderstanding on my part.

Karen Grimsley, LMT

I am happy I found this site to take courses. It was an easy experience to take the test and to study.

Jamie Busby

These courses were great!! Easy to access, understand and full of great information. Thank you, I will use this service again and recommend it to others.

Jacqueline Murray, LMT

Thank you for making courses and tests available on line in such an easy to follow format. Your instructions and directives and very professional and high quality.

Angela Giammarco, LMT

This being my first time ordering courses from you, was very satisfying and easy as pie. I will definitely recommend you to my peers and be back for more in the future. Thank you.

Robert McPherson Jr, LMT

In the privacy of my home I have been able to further my education and offerings of help for my clients. That is the bottom line, help those who come our way. Thanks so much Institute!

Susie Adams, LMT

I love being able to go to this website and pick the classes and be able to do the work that is required on my own time. Thank you!

Melanie Egger, CMT

I enjoy getting all my continuing education courses through the home study website. It is so nice to be able to get what I need and have my questions answered by very friendly staff.

Melanie Egger, CMT

This is the greatest website that I have found on the Internet

Francy Vernaza

Easy to use website...packages are complete with accurate descriptions and results reported in a timely manner.

Jaclyn Saide, LMT

easy to understand, easy to log in, nice and friendly staff who helped me with all my questions. will definately use them again for futher ceu courses !!!!!

Kimberly Prieto, LMT

I will be taking other courses as it is a easier to take these courses, which you have a variety of subjects to choose from, than to have to go to a class and since NYS accepts them for my Continuing Ed requirements I would most certainly recommend you to my fellow peers. Thank-you!!

Elaine Ciferni, LMT

The courses are wonderful!!!

Kristina Deferio

As usual, you guys provide the best CEU's for the best price!

Chasity Skinner, LMT

I have taken several tests in the past two weeks here on the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies site...Each one was very interesting and informative. I downloaded all the courses and tests, studied and then took the tests online - other than the last one, which I pretty much just took the test without studying much. I passed, but barely. I will go back through and really study that material again though, as I thought I knew it all, and obviously I didn't!!! Thank you for the opportunity to improve my education, at a very reasonable price, and allowing me to do this on my own time!

Toni Baker, LMT

Always easy to get quick CEUs. Great site, easy to search and navigate when you know what you need, and nice to browse when you don't know what you want to learn. Thanks!

Trina Jennings, LMP

Had a little trouble on the website but the customer service rep was awesome on the phone. I work in customer service and she was a "10"!

Sharon Colbert, LMT

I have been very happy with the two courses I have completed through the Institute. I just wish NJ would offer more allowance for online credits! This site is a boon for massage therapists.

Kim Braun, LMT

Your company provides very convenient access to informative, interesting, and well-researched material - and at very reasonable prices! I will recommend your website!

Reginald Nixon, CMT, BCTMB

Many thanks for your continued superior service, it is much appreciated!

(Hon) 1st SGT Gordon Donald, CMT, LMT

Awesome people to speak with on the phone! Very friendly, professional, accomodating, and a HUGE help in my case! Thank you very much!!

Cheryl Ross, LMT

I have taken many courses from you over the years. I have been very satisfied. I love this system!

Margaret Riley, LMT

The service is wonderful. When I first joined the Institute I had questions and called for information. The staff at the Institute were very courteous and answered all of my questions that I had. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone and I cant wait to complete a new course. Thanks very much.

Rebecca L. Gillen-Gonzales, LMT

All courses i have taken from the Institute have have been informative, easy to understand, and have given me many techniques to help in healing my clients. Thank you, and I will be taking more courses in the future.

Christine Ducharme, LMT

Very convenient. I appreciate the way that I can do it all from home. Live classes are great but it's very hard for me to get away. Thank you, I liked the subject matter and I learned a lot.

Susan Johnston, LMT

I adore this website and its content. I have recommended this website and the variety of CE courses to many of my friends.

Taylor Seidler, LMT

Very informative courses and convenient to take anytime you need new techniques to help your clients.

Cathyrine Behrle, LMT

I sincerely appreciate the education offered by the Institute. The courses are excellent, to the point, and quite interesting. The staff are friendly, listen well to massage therapists, and process orders quickly! The experience is professional and satisfying. Most of my CEUs have been completed through IIHS. Thank you.

Janet Ruckrigl, LMT, BCMTB

You have my loyalty and appreciation for clear concise testing for ceus! Yall do a great job!

Joanna Booth, LMT

Every course I have taken from the Institute has met my expectations and the staff has always been professional and helpful.

Eileen Ann Absenger, LMT

The institute staff is very professional and extremely helpful in directing and assisting you with questions and concerns. I am very pleased with taking courses through your organization because the material is broken down, helpful, holds my interest and before I know it I gained more knowledge and information than I expected at the start of the course.

Alicia Burrell-Fitch, RMT

Awesome source for inexpensive CEU's!

Chasity Skinner, LMT

I left a comment for the school to send certificate to state and the staff called the next day to inform me that I could do this myself and what I needed. She was very helpful and I will probably come back to this site to take all of my online classes for each new re certification. Thank you.

Christine Marsh, LMT

The website is very user-friendly, and informative!! I will definitely continue to use this website!!

Phenicia West, LMT

I purchased the course many months ago, and forgot how to proceed to take the test when I finally sat down at my computer (as well as my username info, etc). When I called the woman was very friendly and perfectly helpful, not to mention was a real person! Thank you.

I love taking these courses online. It's convenient, I study the material on my own time, it's informative and I appreciate that it is made available. Thanks for a very positive experience that is very relevant and high quality.

Jackie Voulgaris, LMT

This is my favorite site for online ceu's. Always informative and always adding new and interesting courses. The information I have learned from these courses has helped improve my practice!

Danielle Lewis, LMT

I always find your courses well defined and informative and get something I can use in my practice going forward. Thanks again.

ReBecca Lavin, LMP, BCTMB

I really enjoy your online courses particularly because I can be too busy to complete a course package all at once and being able to revisit the site is very helpful in the completion process. Thank you.

Jacquelyn Wilson, LMT

Although "ethics" is a subject that I tend to take for granted, that is, seems a little redundant, I always seem to come away from any training on the subject grateful that I was refreshed on it! It is a matter that on the grand scheme of treatment issues I tend to take for granted. Thank you!

I will definitely be taking more courses through this system. I really enjoy what courses you all have to offer

Marvin Wolfe, CMT


I appreciated the prompt response I received when it was realized the original course I had chosen would not be accepted by my state for CE's. I've done a course with you in the past & will continue to do so, Thank You!

Renea Littleton, LMT

This was my first online class and I was not sure if I would be satisfied, I must say I was more than satisfied. I liked being able to study at my own pace and to go back an review as I needed to. I will take more online classes. I do have someone to work with to get some hands on experience and will do that before practicing on paying clients. But overall this was a great experience.

Thanks for keeping this field high quality!

Victoria Bowmann, LMT

Works great for me. Wish I could take all my CE online with IIHS.

Jim Gilbertson, LMT

I will take more online courses with your organization. Thank you for assisting us in accomplishing our CE needs!

Janetmarie Wolfe, LMP

I think this is an awesome website. I will be taking a lot of my CEU's from this site. Very informative and easy to follow.

Katrina Elson, LMT

Easy, convenient, affordable. I'll be interested in using your services again!

Quint Gale, LMT

Great website! It really makes you learn it. Not just go through the motions.

James Harper, LMT

I love your courses! They provide valid information which is written very well. Your product is awesome!

Deborah Barnes, CMT

It was very helpful to be able to purchase CEU materials online and then test and receive the certificate immediately upon completion.

Mary Osten, CMT, BCTMB

The website was easy to use and the content was very impressive!

Jody Weatherhead, LMT

Thanks for making this easy!! I have a very busy life and this simplified things and made it very easy to complete!!

Lydia Spirko, LMT

Thanks for making earning my CEUs fast, easy, and affordable! I learned something and I got it done quickly!

Lyse Potter, LMT

I have always been pleased with the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies and each time I use it I get even more impressed! My materials were shipped promptly, they were neatly packed and the information within the materials was so interesting. I will definitely be coming back!

I have used several companies' online courses and I like your system the best.

Eileen Bristol, LMT

Will definitely use this company again! Thanks for the quality work! Keep it up!

Robert Kitts, LMT

I like your courses! This was my very first online course. Kind of fun to navigate through it!

Kate Phillips, LMT

This is great! Thanks for making it convenient for me to get my required hours.

Tom Mertes, LMT

This is my second online course to take from this company and I will continue to use them in the future.

Erin Allgood, LMT

This is the second class I've taken and I've enjoyed the classes and obtained more knowledge from them. I will be taking more classes in the future.

Zelma McCamish, LMT

Excellent! All courses I have taken are highly recommended.

Theresa P. Cobb-Ware, LMT

You people rock!

Carlos Reed, LMT

Thanks for the opportunity to take courses with you. I have always found them helpful and informative and accessible in a way that meets my needs.

Teresa Lea, LMBT

The best decision ever made to meet last minute CEU requirements to renew my LMT license. Thanks you!

Indeara Taylor, LMT

I like being able to do my continuing ed credits online. It was interesting and informative!

Deborah Sherman, LMT

Excellent services from representatives by the phone!

Piotr Sapinski, LMT, BCTMB

thank-you will use you next time Diane Mcdaniel

I really like being able to work at home with the material and take the test on-line. I especially like being able to print out certificate immediately upon successful completion of the course. I look forward to taking more courses from Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies.

Jean Ann Mercer, LMT

I enjoy the on line courses because I have a busy work schedule and home life and it's nice to be able to manage a time frame that works for me. It's nice to use information that is helpful to my practice immediately. Thanks!

Janel Schnee, LMP

Thank you so much for making obtaining a variety of CEU's available to people who are not surrounded by a wide array of practioners.

Alexandra Holecek, LMT

This is a great way to get my continuing ed classes and credits and be able to accomplish it during times that are convenient for me without having to travel very far or put out a lot of money. Most classes take place quite a distance from where I live and practice. Convenience and cost effectiveness as well as well presented material makes this a winning situation for me. Many thanks!

Martha E.G. Smythe, LMT

I was having problem in getting into my account and all the staff that i talked to are very patient with me and very helpful.

Anastacia Hodgson, LMT

always happy with these courses and have taken quite a few.

I really like the convenience and privacy of taking the CEU's Online-Thank you for providing this service

It was easier than I thought..looking forward to doing more on-line courses

It was very helpful to be able to print the material before hand - I like to study in different places without having to bring my laptop.

Danielle A. Ungaro, LMT, BCTMB

I like that we were able to print out the reading material and test before hand. Very helpful as I like to study/read in various places. Ie: Book store cafe's, park, train... so it was very convenient.

Danielle A. Ungaro, LMT, BCTMB

Love your courses. They are above any others I have taken and not to mention the easy account access online for printing our certificates and course info. You are professional and it is refreshing after a few duds.Thanks, you make my life easier.

Danielle DiLaura, LMT, BCTMB

Easy to order online, print the documentation and test. Easy to read and understand the documentation. Easy to take the test and very quickly graded. Makes continuing education very attainable.

Kim Parke, CMT, BCTMB

This is a great way to fulfill CEU requirements and such a variety of subjects that ANY seasoned therapist would be interested in!

Terry Christy Patton, LMT

Terrific way to learn, and I appreciated the affordability. Well done!

Laurie Lee

I enjoy these courses. I like that I can go at my pace and test when it works for my schedule.

Kathi Denton, LMP

Great way to do courses. My first time, but not last time. Fast and easy, and great customer service from your staff when my internet was messing me up. Thank you so much.

Harald Poul Selchau-Mark, LMT, BCTMB

"Thank you for your time and efforts to making continued education a convenient and enriching experience."

I appreciate being able to take courses this way. It takes the test anxiety out of the equation and allows me to focus on learning and the opportunity to review all the materials on the DVD's as often as I need and want to. I love having a comprehensive library of these valuable lectures.

I am so impressed with the professional quality of the text and the testing process. Thank you for making this enjoyable as well as educational.

Susan McKinley, LMT

Thank you so much for the courses and materials you offer. Not having to travel long distances to CEU workshops makes this so much more convenient. Testing online is great with instant results in grading. The DVD and reading materials are also awesome and very thorough. Again thank you so much for being there for us!

Linda Gale Wardle, LMT

Integrative Healthcare Studies is a great online provider. You learn new information all the time, which is why I rate them the best vote in my book.

Alessandra Liccione, LMT

I am so pleased with the online courses I have taken. I always recommend the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies to my fellow co-workers.

Joyce Jankowski, LMT

This is the second course I have ordered from this website and I absolutely loved it. I love having as long as I need to really study and commit all the information to memory. Thank you so much!

Kelli Golden, LMT, BCTMB

Thanks for not making it overwhelmingly expensive. Money is tight for all of these CEU's in comparison to income provided by employee's.

Bryan Porter, CMT

I love the fact that I can print off the test and have time to find all the answers before I actually take the test. Also, I like how at the end it shows you which ones you missed and what the answer is so you can go back and look it up.

Jennifer Mason, LMP, BCTMB

Very Helpful and economical.

Amy Allbritten, LMT

This is a great way to learn on your own. I am happy that I found this opportunity.

Jim Kalinowski, LMT

I actually downloaded the course info to my Kindle and read it on the plane. Very awesome education! thank you.

Joel Gilchrist, LMT

I enjoy medical topics as they relate to bodywork. I always use your institutes CEU classes as they are the best.

Online courses give me time to do them on my own TIME and as long as I want!

Maria Salinas, LMT

Thank you so very much for allowing me to print the questions. It helped me immeasurably to focus my attention. It also gave me a relaxed and enjoyable read and study through the materials! I very much enjoyed my course!

Nancy Huebsch, LMT

This is my first time taking home study course for required credits..I will be doing it again! I have had some serious medical issues going on this past year and could have lost my license if I hadn't been able to complete this course on the web. Thank you so much for being there!

Linda L. Cates, LMT

I enjoyed my first online learning experience with you, and I'll be back!

Susan Rocca-Krisanda, LMT