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Rave Reviews About the Institute's CEUs!

I find the courses offered very informative and easy to understand. The staff at the Institute are always very friendly and helpful, as well as knowledgeable and patient!

Kimberly S. Lauren, LMT

I picked the wrong home course for my state’s approved home study course. Your staff caught it before charging my credit card and corrected the course for me which was even cheaper! Kudos! Thank you so very much for the great customer service. You have my return business. Please compliment this employee for outstanding work!

Deborah Meza, LMT

The website was very easy to use and it was convenient to be able to shop by state so there was no guessing if it the course would be accepted or not.

Christina M. Dettinburn, LMT

I always find the staff very helpful when I call with concerns. I would recommend the Institute to anyone that requires completion of course work to maintain licensure requirements.

Shirley J. Fahs, LMT

I really enjoy your courses. I always use the Institute for all of my CEU’s.

Vickie Rabon, LMT

I appreciate how easy it is to get my continuing ed. I’ve been using your services for years.

Penny Jo Brooks, LMT

I liked taking this at home. I could work at my own pace.

John Dyjak, LMT

Love the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies! The best at home CEUs!

Maria H. Matera

I love the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies! I take all their classes and recommend them always!

Maria Hope Matera

I am very satisfied with the content and courses that the Institute offers. I am just thrilled to be able to have the option of getting the materials needed shipped/mailed to me; that way I can really go over the material and keep it for reference. Your courses are straight to the point and very helpful. Also, the staff were great to talk to. I am very happy with the Institute. Thank you!

Sarah Pascoe, LMT

Thank you and have an ever so wonderful day! I am truly grateful to all of you, don't you know!

Laureen Tutty, LMT, NCTMB

Very simple to understand. Thank you for creating courses and tests that are understandable. It just flows! Krista -LMT

Krista, LMT

The Institute of Integrative Healthcare Studies offers great continuing education courses at a great value!! I am always very pleased with the quality of the course material!

Kimberly S. Lauren, LMT

I will continue to use this company for future courses.

Sheryl Atria, LMT

I love your courses. They are quality material, easy to follow, and best of all, you can work on it when you have free time. I love that I can stop at any point and come right back to where I was in the course at a later time. Thank you!

Patti Heimlich, LMT

I appreciate your knowledge of the massage profession as well as what the different states require and being able to advise the LMT! Thanks!

Terese M. Piscopo, LMT, NCTMB

You’ve been a big help in rounding out my requirements!

Mary Christine D'Auria, LMT

I love the convenience of being able to complete the course at home!

Cecelai Bell, LMT

Everyone there is extremely helpful and supportive. Excellent service.

Sharon Hilton, LMT

Thank you for helping me grow professionally.

Susana G. Iber, LMT, NCTMB

Your correspondence method by mail allowed me to do the course at my own pace.

James William Nessmith, Jr, LMT

Thank you very much for all of your efforts to help me. Your work is helpful and approach convenient.

Arkady Nevler, LMT

I found the staff extremely cordial and helpful. Thank you! Keep up the good work.

Sharon Hilton, LMT

As always, you guys are the best.

Penny Money, LMT

I use your institute every time. I find your staff friendly and very helpful. Very eager to answer all my questions. I don’t care to things of this nature online so its very helpful that I can sit and read the material .

Penny Money, LMT

You guys are awesome! So helpful. I don’t like to do things of this nature online so it’s great to be able to get the material and read it, review it, and do the test whenever. Thanks!

Penny Money, LMT

The staff took the time to call me regarding my state requirements and allowed me to re-order the appropriate courses. My deepest thanks for that!

J. Elizabeth Foster, LMT

I like that it was affordable. It seems like so many classes are over-priced.

Anne Drake, LMT

The whole experience was convenient and very user friendly.

Pamela Aragon, LMT

Love your courses!

Romulo Colmenar, LMT

I enjoy the convenience of your Florida Mandatory courses. They are organized and well written.

Romulo Colmenar, LMT

I enjoy the convenience of your home study courses.

Romulo Colmenar, LMT

I appreciate this Institute for my CEU’s. I received a 2015 catalog of all your courses. What a selection! I am looking forward to my next class with you!!

Julianne Shuff, LMT

Excellent source for those interested in advancing their courses and fine tuning vital skills.

Nancy Charbonneau-Geertz, LMT

It was great to be able to get my CES’s without leaving the house. Having to travel to another city to take an ethics class is a waste of time and money! Would recommend this to anyone. Thank you!

Chanda Garner, LMT

I have taken numerous courses through the Institute, The course materials have always been well written and a way to continue to add to both medical and massage education. I still enjoy a “hands on” class from time to time but I find that the Institute offers such varied home study and it fits in a busy life very well. I highly recommend the courses offered by the Institute.

Patricia A. Michaelson, LMT

I received a call from one of the representatives. She was extremely helpful and patient helping me to choose the courses that I needed. Thank you.

Linda M. Douglas, LMT

Great company, great courses, and great price!

Kellie Lion, LMT

This course is my first experience with an Institute for Integrative Healthcare home study course. I found the materials to be clear, complete, comprehensive, and easy to follow. Same with the DVD. I will not hesitate to take another course from the Institute. Thank you!

Sally J. Roberts, LMT

I always use this institute. I will continue. Very interesting and educational.

Elizabeth A. Vinson, LMT

Over the last 20 years I have taken many of your courses. Your “ethics” category is so thorough and precise. Through the years that subject has served as our “Bible”. Thanks for all your hard work of organizing and presenting the facts. It is always a treat to refresh this subject matter.

Janet Drury, LMT

I love your institute. Love your courses. The videos and books in these courses are amazing and will be watched/read over and over again. Thank you!

Kristen Seamon, LMT

Have been a therapist for 20 years and fulfilling CE requirements has taken second place to the fascinating, never-ending quest to understand the body. I enjoy these courses not only for the information but that I can do it when my brain and time are “available” to learn/absorb without interruption, distractions, time constraints, or stress! Every course book becomes a reference! These courses keep me current, refresh my memory, and add to my clients understanding and improvements as well!

Jean M. Cerny, LMT

I love this institute! I find it very easy to learn through this type of study and this website is awesome! Thank you!

C. King, LMT

I originally selected a course in Aromatherapy and was contacted by the school to pick a course that Texas would allow and I appreciate them watching out for us what our state would and would not allow. The girls were VERY helpful!!

A. Peterson, LMT

Customer Service reps were excellent!

D. Davis, LMT

Awesome experience. I will definitely use you again. Thanks

T. Whaley, LMT

I am so glad that I found this venue for studying and learning to expand my knowlege of bodywork. I love this program!! Thank you!

C. King, LMT

I have already referred Integrative Healthcare Studies with my co-workers!

K. Bachmann, LMT

Thanks for providing such great courses and tests!

L. Hagan, LMT, NCTMB

Thanks for the great opportunity to learn and help my clients!

K. Flippin, LMT, NCTMB

The person with whom I spoke with was AWESOME in assisting me to find the right courses

F. Flannery, LMT

It is nice to be able to see the test before taking the test. It enables the student to set a purpose for his/her reading of the material.

G. Quinones, LMT

I have been extremely pleased with all of the courses that I've taken from Integrative Healthcare. The course texts are clear and concise and the information is always valuable to me as a professional medical massage therapist, as well as for general information in my personal life.

A. Lee, LMT

Emma was very helpful to me and answered all of my questions. She went out of her way to really assist me, and I appreciate her professionalism.

M. Greene, LMT

I have taken numerous courses from your institute for nearly a decade, and the support staff have always been friendly and very helpful.


I have used you for many of my CEUs and will continue to do so...that should about say how satisfied I am and have suggested your programs to other associates.

T. Boccarossa, LMT

This test was so easy to take online and I am not very computer literate! Thank you for making the process of fulfilling my CEUs both interesting and simple. I love taking your courses and prefer them over any other classes or workshops. I always have the materials to review and study again and again. It is nice to collect the references and DVDs to use in my practice. Thanks!!!!

S. Walker LMT, NCTMB

The course was interesting. Jessica helped me navigate the site so that I could complete the material efficiently.

R. Meyers, LMT

Thank you for providing this course and others. Student who helped me enroll was excellent, name: Rhiannon!!

S. Miller, LMT

The young girl who helped me enroll and answered all my questions could not have been nicer--her name is Rhiannon and she should be commended!!

S. Miller, LMT

Thank you for providing great online courses!

C. Little, LMT

Love this resource for CEs. Career long customer :) Thanks!

A. Chellew, LMT

I appreciate that you have several courses that fill the same requirement, given that I have been a licensed therapist for 12 years and this is the 6th time I have been required to do an ethics course for the state license. I have options to choose from, which adds some interest.

G. Wormwood, LMT

Customer service/phone receptionist courteous and helpful

W. Menzie, LMT

Thank you for making it convenient to get my ceus!

A. Rosenberg, LMT, NCTMB

Integrative Healthcare has become my first choice when searching for CEU's. I truly enjoyed this course. Thank you.

L. Gelis, LMT

Just continue providing courses that you have in the past. Great site to get my online course requirements met.

M. Saunders, LMT

Fantastic learning experience! Highly recommended! Thank you!

T. Dixon,

The staff was extremely nice and helpful. I would recommend this highly to other therapists in need of ceu credits! This saved me a lot of money. Thank you.

J. Lewis, LMT

I have taken many of my courses through the Institute and have found them to be informative and well presented.

J. Day, LMT

These courses are very handy since there isn't a lot of educationial opportunities in my area.

K. Stoner, LMT

I have been taking courses from your site since I became a therapist in 2002 and as of right now, don't expect I will go anyplace else. I like your site.


I love your courses! Its very helpful for MTs to gain credits! reasonably priced, good quality of education. Thank you so much for providing good CE courses!

Yoriko Yajima-Giffen, NCTMB

This course brought me up to date on what the correct protocols are for massage therapists wishing to work with cancer patients and survivors.

Stacy Sumpman, CMT

This is the second course with Dr. Mally that I have taken. He is an excellent teacher and the format, with DVDs and workbooks, are such a terrific way to learn. I plan to take his Sports Massage course next. The online testing option works really well for me. The courses offered and IIHS support/customer service are exceptional. Thank you!

Elizabeth Giannotti, LMT, NCTMB

I found the DVT Risk Assessment Form to be very helpful and something that I can use in my own practice.

Carol Sturman

I previously ordered a different course that was not accepted by Texas and I had no idea. The staff contacted me, told me and asked if I wanted to switch courses. Just for that I am loyal and will only get my courses from you guys. I was very impressed by that level of customer service. Also the course work switched it out to was fun and interesting. I am very pleased.

L. Wooley, RMT

I find the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies - Online Courses to be a great way to get my CEU's. I find the material is very well put together, easy to follow and very affordable.

G. Geiser, LMT

Since 1999, I have been treated with the utmost respect and admiration in getting the courses I needed each time I recertified so thank you very much for your time on this matter. At this time I am almost ready to recertify under the new [NCBTMB] Board Certification program and your help definitely got me there. So thanks again, and I will be using your services in future courses.

D. Hodge, LMT

I learned a lot and it has increased by yearning to practice Thai and/or incorporate some of the stretches into my regular massage practice.

S. Solbes, LMT, NCTMB

Your courses offer the content I need in a clear and concise way. I also appreciate the excellent customer service! Thanks!

C. Owen, LMT

Your courses are the best prepared and presented material out there. Easily understood and very professionally packaged.

A. Meirose, LMT, NCTMB

Your courses are always informative and a great help to my practice.

S. Fasold, LMT, NCTMB, IMA

You make it easy and affordable to do the CE for those who are busy.

M. Markwordt, LMT, NCTMB, AMTA

You all do a wonderful job and I appreciate all that you do and offer. You are a big asset to my job and future education. Thank you.

D. Nida, AMTA

While living out of the state of Texas, this course was the most practical way about getting the CEUs needed to keep my license current. IIHS was very helpful each time I called. They even informed me of a class that I ordered wasn't acceptable for CEUs and had me change to the correct one. I will recommend your courses to my friends in the future. Thank you for being so helpful in this process.

J. Steinfelt, LMT

Well done and to the point. The staff on the phones are professional, helpful and very knowledgeable. I will tell others about your services and hope to use you again.

J. Volkmer, LMT, NCTMB

To be able to read the course content, take a quiz, have it graded immediately, and be able to print a certificate all online is fantastic. Thank you.

A. Kubinek, LMT, NCTMB

This was my third home study course and yours was by far the best. I can truly say you exceeded my expectations. Also, I want to thank all of you for your customer service. Everyone I have had an opportunity to speak with was very professional, pleasant and patient.

S. J. Liverio, LMT, NCTMB

This was my first online C.E. course. I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it was to complete this requirement at home and at my own pace. I will definitely do another course this way!

T. Hall

This was great. I give a lot of credit to this company for making material easily accessible and affordable to practicing massage therapists.

C. Nibarger, NCTMB, AMTA

This online class was perfect for me and my limited amount of time due to a crazy schudule. It allowed my to study when I had time and due the final when I was ready. I will take advantage of this in the future.

D. Dudley

This is the first time I have used the Institute and I am so impressed with the service. I have confidence in its professionalism.


This is the 4th course I've taken with you and will continue in the future. The overall quality and customer service is excellent.

V. Ward, LMT

This is my first online course I have ever taken, and I am completely satisfied with the information I learned, and look forward to meeting my CEU requirements with more online courses. Thank you so much!

T. Schumacher, LMT

These courses are well organized and wonderful adjunct learning.

A. Koot, NCTMB

These are my first online classes I have ever taken. I really enjoyed the overall experience and I will definitely be using your courses in the future.

S. Roberts

The staff are excellent in assisting with questions and answering calls. Thank you so very much for your personal concern with my deadline.

K. Beardsley, LMT

Thank you! Your courses are always helpful and interesting, not to mention convenient.

K. R. Baier, LMT

Thank you so very much for this excellent knowledge. All of the materials were beyond my expectations; and I am looking forward to furthering my education and skills via your organization. P.S. Your Customer Care (Service) is the best!

B. Gardner, NCMT, ABMP

Thank you for offering affordable home study courses that are interesting, informative and most helpful to me in providing quality services to my clients.

P. Berrie, LMT

Thank you for offering advanced learning courses of dependable quality and accessibility with a customer care staff to match! I will undertake future CEU study with the Institute without hesitation!

B. Covone, LMT, NCTMB

Thank you for making renewing certification affordable and convenient.

J. Giddens, LMT, NCTMB

Thank you for making my continuing education requirements easy to fulfill! I will definitely be back for more courses!

A. Ross

Thank you for a stimulating and rewarding experience!

D. McKenzie, CMT

Such an awesome and easy way to get continuing education credits and new information for your practice!

J. Hladik

Not only was the staff helpful but the course was very informative and so easy to complete online.

M. Berninger

Nice and simple. I'm a single mother so it's very valuable to me to be able to do my continuing education in my home at my pace and on my own time; I don't have to sacrifice time with my daughter, in fact she enjoys looking at the material too. They are also affordable. I live in a rural area so getting to classes and seminars can be cost and time prohibitive. Thank you for your wonderful service.

M. Miller

It met the excellence I was expecting from your materials. There are a lot of these opportunities for home study out there and I keep returning to your courses. In my opinion, you are the leading provider for home study courses in massage therapy. Thank you for your help in satisfying my continued desire to learn more and new things and the required continuous education for my credentials.


I will definitely use your service to renew my license in the future. Thank you for providing a great home study.

J. Dupoux LMT

I recommend this site to anyone needing to complete any CEUs. I will be doing all my CEUs through this website in the future!

S. Bautista

I really like that you can print it out and complete it and then come back to the computer and take the quiz. It was very helpful to not have to sit in front of the computer, read the material and finish the quiz all in one sitting.

B. Lorang

I love taking your home courses. It is such a help to be able to do this on my own time. This is my 5th year! Your staff is also very pleasant and helpful. See you again in 2 years!

D. Holmes, CMT

I love how organized, professional and educating your courses are. In my opinion, sub-standard providers should not be allowed to offer CEUs. There are some out there who could learn a thing or two from you!

J. Olson LMT, ABMP

I love doing these online courses with your company. It's one of the best I have found and simple to understand the context. I learn a lot and feel no pressure with your courses. I will continue to do my CEUs with your company, thanks for making my experience so wonderful.


I know I can count on thorough informative courses through your facility. I've come to prefer this type of study program to the conventional classroom. Thanks for your prompt delivery!

J. Wheeler, LMT, NCTMB, AMTA

I have used this site to complete many continuing education courses. I am continually pleased with the continuing education and will definitely return for future educational needs.

T. Collins

I continue to benefit from your excellent quality CE courses at affordable prices. Keep up the good work!

B. Olson, LMT

I cannot begin to express my great happiness with your courses I have taken so far. I look forward to taking more. Thank so much!

B. Smith, LMT

I appreciate your straight-forward, no tricks, clear material and testing formats. Thank you!


I appreciate the effectiveness of the study given by this Institute! The quality of material by far out weighs some on site seminars I have taken!

A. Davidson, LMT, NCTMB

I am very impressed with the professional way in which this whole online course was presented. I felt comfortable knowing that I could call someone at any time if I had a problem. The material was very informative and interesting. Thank you.

C. Ingram

I am truly hooked on these courses! I plan to take as many of them as possible!

C.M. Jones, LMT

BRAVO! And many thank yous for your excellent courses, for the opportunity to further my education at home and for your prompt, efficient and professional staff.

J. Jenkins, NCTMB, AMTA

As usual your courses are excellent! I just keep wanting to learn more and more. Really makes a difference in my profession, and care giving to clients. Thanks again.

P. Wingfield

Again this form of continuing education works so well with my busy professional schedule. I'm so glad I can read the material and take the exams without having costly and lengthy travel!

K. Gash

I have practiced for 15 years and find your course work and programs far more beneficial and educational than the ones I have attended. Your staff support and prompt communication is exceptional. The courses I have taken are well thought out, have good support materials for learning and understanding the subject. It is obvious that a great deal of effort has been put forth and well-informed professioanls have created the courses offered! I am grateful to have the opportunity and availability of your work.

M.E. Dow, LMT

... the best massage material for independent study that I've used.

F. Epeley, NCTMB

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