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Massage Professionals Update

The latest news, articles and information related to massage therapy and techniques.

Hand placed on center of man's chest due to heartburn pain

How Massage Can Relieve Heartburn Symptoms

Approximately 60 million Americans have heartburn at least once a month, with 15 million experiencing it daily. In addition to seeking a physician’s guidance, massage therapy can help a person with this uncomfortable condition. Learn what massage modalities can assist individuals suffering from heartburn.

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The Symptoms, Causes and Remedies for Digestive Distress

Food goes in. Waste comes out. The digestive tract, when it is working properly, serves us well. To operate efficiently, it must also be treated kindly and with respect. An overtaxed and abused digestive system can result in discomfort, pain, and serious illness. Learn about the symptoms of various digestive disorders, what can ease the discomfort – and massage therapy’s role.

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Hospital-Based Reiki and Documentation

Many hospitals across the United States offer Reiki to their patients. It is being used pre- and postoperatively to reduce anxiety and accelerate healing. It is recommended for cardiac patients and to those with stress-related pathologies such as high blood pressure. Learn how you, as a massage therapist, can incorporate Reiki into your practice and expand into the field of hospital-based energy work.

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Reiki Master performing reiki therapy to woman

Massage Therapy Toolbox: What Is Reiki?

Clients interested in holistic or natural forms of healing will usually be familiar with Reiki. They may not know what it entails or how it works, but they will have generally at least heard the name of this popular energy technique. While a Reiki practitioner needs training and attunements to work on the self and others, no particular background is required before that instruction. Learn about the background and basic theory of Reiki – and decide if you would like to include it in your massage practice.

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Reiki and Psychological Trauma

There is a strong chance in today’s fast-paced world that an individual, at some point, will experience some type of trauma, whether physical or emotional. More often than not, the effects of the traumatic incident will pass, if not immediately, then days, weeks, or months later. For some people, the darkness of the trauma will last for years, affecting their everyday lives and those around them. Learn how Reiki can help reduce the emotional pain of trauma.

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