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Washington Massage Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

Massage therapy continuing education requirements for license renewal vary from state to state and the laws are constantly changing. It is our current understanding that Washington requires massage therapists to complete 24 CE hours every 2 years for license renewal. A minimum of 4 CE hours must be in ethics, communication and/or Washington state massage laws and rules. 2 of these 4 CE hours must include professional roles and boundaries. These 4 CE hours and 12 more CE hours may be taken through home study programs.

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  • You may take a maximum of 16 hours through our home study programs IF 4 of the 16 hours are in ethics. (Note: if you have already completed your ethics requirement, then a maximum of 12 hours can be completed through our home study courses.)
  • You can fulfill your 4 CE hour ethics requirement through our various ethics programs, many of which contain content on roles and boundaries, to satisfy this license renewal requirement.
  • The Washington Board of Massage will accept all of our 150+ courses to satisfy the 16-hour home study option with the exception of courses related to animal massage unless you have the animal massage endorsement added to your license.

If you would like to verify this information, or have further questions regarding your massage therapy continuing education requirements, we suggest contacting the Washington Board of Massage directly. The telephone number for the Washington Board is 360-236-4847 or visit their website at http://apps.leg.wa.gov/WAC/default.aspx?cite=246-830-475.

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The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies is approved by the NCBTMB as a continuing education Approved Provider (#049478-00). All of our continuing education programs can be used for National Certification renewal.

You may also use our credits for other organizations you may belong to, such as the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) or Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals (ABMP).