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Basic Clinical Massage Therapy

Price: $76.99

Authors: James H. Clay and David M. Pounds

In this text, the basic techniques of clinical massage therapy are brought to life by embedding superb illustrations of internal structures directly into photographs of live models. This produces a stunningly realistic text that provides a general overview of individual muscles that are essential to understanding basic clinical massage therapy techniques.

Approximately 440 vibrant, full-color images create a complete perspective by showing each muscle or muscle group along with surrounding structures, surface landmarks and their therapist's hands. To provide the easiest possible access to useful information, muscle sections are broken down by:

  • Name
  • Pronunciation
  • Etymology
  • Overview
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • Actions
  • Caution
  • Pain referral area
  • Other muscles to examine
  • Description of one or more basic treatment techniques

This essential reference also offers:

  • Complete coverage of basic clinical techniques, including compression, stripping massage, myofascial stretching, and cross-fiber friction
  • Suggestions for draping options with reference to corresponding illustrations of draping techniques
  • Appendices covering Anatomical Prefixes and Suffixes, Directional and Kinetic Terminology, Muscles by Pain Referral Zone, and Suggested Readings
  • A glossary of terms

This exquisite resource is useful as a textbook of clinical massage and anatomy, as well as a practical muscle reference and patient communication tool that can be used in practice time and again.

(Paperback: 464 pages)

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