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Healing Energy & Touch: Manual and DVD

Price: $79.95

Presented by: Ralph Napolitano, LMT

Energy work can be a natural adjunct to massage. With massage, manual therapists can affect their client's energy field, and with training and experience they can also balance the energy field. Mindfulness, intention, and compassion can help direct the process. When you are able to center, place you intention in the compassionate interest of another, and remain on center throughout the interaction, you can better assess both muscles and energetic cues. Pain, stress-related conditions, chronic conditions, and injuries can be calmed with energy work. Integrated with gentle massage, energy work can help the practitioner to work more effectively, with more client.

You will discover how to:

  • Center & prepare for energy work,
  • assess the client's energy field,
  • differentiate between smoothing energy and modulating energy,
  • develop greater awareness for sensing energy fields,
  • interpret sensory cues when discerning energy imbalances, and
  • determine how your own life and health can be improved and enhanced as a practitioner.

Presented by licensed therapist, Ralph Napolitano, an energy work instructor, Healing touch practitioner, and student of Therapeutic Touch.