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Neuromuscular Therapy - 2 DVD Set

Price: $79.90 SALE! $69.95

Video Samples

Presented by: Sean Riehl, CMT

"The material was consistently well presented with good background information and good use of animation models and visuals. I also appreciated the locations by landmarks, which made practice easier."
--L. D. Crusoe, NCTMB

"The video presentation was wonderful, clear and understandable."
--N. Maquar, LMT

Based on the work of Drs. Janet Travell and Raymond Nimmo, these techniques are appropriate for medical massage as well as sports massage applications. Videos include how to alleviate pain with 100 highly effective neuromuscular techniques. Learn to:

  • Assess injuries
  • Evaluate and balance posture
  • Identify 50 trigger points and recognize referral pain patterns
  • Stretch muscle fibers
  • Release joints in a plane of motion
  • Apply focused friction

For clearer understanding, video demonstrations include computerized visuals and clay models of individual muscles. In the Torso DVD (77 minutes), you will see 53 techniques demonstrated (covering 32 muscles, 29 trigger points). In the Extremities DVD (55 minutes), you will see 47 techniques demonstrated (covering 30 muscles, 22 trigger points).

Continuing Education Credits available for eligible participants.