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Sports Massage Text

Price: $14.00

Author: Dr. James Mally

Learn essential sports massage techniques through thorough this photographic manual, presented by renowned instructor James Mally, ND.

You can practice with a volunteer subject as you refer to the manual, which is designed with its own stand so you can set it next to your massage table for easy reference. This practical experience will help reinforce what you have learned.

  • In this course, you will learn:
  • PNF stretches;
  • Reciprocal inhibition;
  • Trigger point and strain/counterstrain techniques;
  • Injury evaluation and treatment;
  • Cross fiber friction;
  • Common sports injuries; and
  • Pre- and post-event massage techniques.

In addition, you will also learn 12 tests for assessing the causes of shoulder pain. You will also get a form created to record and interpret the results of these assessments, which you can use in your massage practice to help you plan your client's treatment.