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Communication, Documentation, Insurance Billing & Ethics Package

18 CE Hours - ES1008
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Communication, Documentation, Insurance Billing & Ethics Package

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  • Text - 366 pages
  • Multiple-choice tests - if you prefer to test online please select the "test online" option
  • Certificate upon completion of each course - if you prefer to print your certificate at home instantly, please select the online option


This package contains three courses: Communication and Ethics (6 hours), Documentation and Ethics (6 hours) and Insurance Billing and Ethics (6 hours).

Based on the text Hands Heal, by Diana Thompson, this package of 3 courses examines the "how and why" of massage and bodywork communication, documentation, insurance billing and ethics, including crucial information on HIPAA regulations. Learn how to refine your documentation and communication skills, improve your ability to bill for third party reimbursement, and reduce your risk of ethical problems. The textbook's innovative and reader-friendly content includes case studies, sample forms and abbreviations related to energy work, on-site massage, relaxation, spa and massage therapies. This is an essential reference for your professional library.

  • Communication and Ethics (6 total hours) contains 6 ethics hours in NCBTMB Standard I: Professionalism
  • Documentation and Ethics (6 total hours) contains 5 ethics hours in NCBTMB Standard I: Professionalism and 1 ethics hour in Standard V: Roles and Boundaries
  • Insurance Billing and Ethics (6 total hours) contains 4 ethics hours in NCBTMB Standard IV: Business Ethics and 2 ethics hours in Standard V: Roles and Boundaries

Course Objectives

  • Identify examples of appropriate interpersonal skills in the therapeutic relationship.
  • List the essential elements in interviewing clients using the team therapy model.
  • Identify the essential elements in communicating with the health-care team.
  • Describe the core concepts for professionally communicating with a client’s attorney.
  • Identify examples of professional communication with a liability insurance company attorney.
  • Describe why documentation is essential in establishing and maintaining clear professional roles and boundaries.
  • Compare and contrast appropriate intake form documentation for wellness care and curative care.
  • List the essential elements in establishing fees and policies and using health reports and pain questionnaires.
  • Describe how to successfully complete injury information forms.
  • List the essential elements of initial notes, subsequent notes, progress notes and discharge notes.
  • Define core elements of successful wellness charting, including energy work, event therapy, on-site massage and spa and salon sessions.
  • Define each of the following types of insurance: personal injury, workers’ comp and private health.
  • List the key guidelines for insurance documentation and billing.
  • Identify strategies for managing reimbursement challenges and appealing claims denials.
  • List the essential elements in implementing the HIPAA regulations.
  • Describe examples of appropriately resolving ethical dilemmas in billing and documentation practices, treatment practices and relationships in the health-care team.

Course Reviews

Malgorzata Selby, LMT, NCTMB

I'm excited to incorporate the information I have learned into my practice. Look forward to completing MORE COURSES through the Institute.

Florence Cathy Ortiz, LMT

Because I was able to study at home evenings and weekends without stress because of my busy schedule, I am so ever grateful. The fact I was able to review for the test, allowed me to retain what I learned. Thank you so much!

Sylvia Washington, LMT

An excellent overview for medical billing for massage therapists. A very helpful course.

Courtney Quarles, LMT

This was a great course! I gained knowledge that I can use in my own practice! Thank you!

Patrick Nicholson, LMBT

This information is extremely valuable to my practice.

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Sharon Burch, MSN, RN, NCTMB

Sharon Burch, MSN, RN, NCTMB

Sharon Burch holds a Masters Degree in Nursing and has been practicing as a nurse since 1974. She is currently a Registered Nurse in the state of Arkansas. Additionally, Ms. Burch studied under many of today's leaders in massage therapy and bodywork during the 1980s, became Nationally Certified through the NCBTMB in 1993 and holds a professional membership with the AMTA.

As founder of Health Positive!, Ms. Burch has created over 60 home study nursing and massage continuing education programs, performed over 65 public, live educational presentations, has written two published books, served as a member on the NCBTMB Continuing Education committee and was a founding member of the National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists.

Sharon is an instructor on many of the Institute's programs and has authored and co-authored various ethics courses and additional titles such as Touch for the Seriously Ill, Stress Reduction Through Bodywork, Staying Well – Naturally, Cardiopulmonary Health and Illness, Chronic Pain Management, Marketing Massage in Four Easy Steps, Preventing Medical Errors, HIV Update for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers, Understanding HIV, Massage for Edema and more.

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