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Hot Stone Massage: A Three-Dimensional Approach

$62.99  SALE $44.00

"An amazing book that not only educates you about the beauty of stones in massage but offers an approach (three-dimensional) for massage that is irresistible. Great tips for using your body safely and wisely that ultimately results in a much better massage for the client." - M. Schlegel

This manual is designed to be a user-friendly and comprehensive method for teaching professional massage therapists how to give a safe, effective, artful, three-dimensional hot stone massage

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Marketing Massage - From First Job to Dream Practice

$41.95  SALE $29.37

Marketing Massage distills information drawn from hundreds of interviews with massage school owners, teachers, employers, practitioners, students, and the general public that addresses the marketing needs of virtually every type of massage practitioner, from first-time job seeker to experienced therapist.

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The Balanced Body Book

$62.99  SALE $44.09

This teaching manual and reference is systematic training for deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy, along with several other massage modalities. Through a series of lessons that cover sequential, progressive massage therapy for the entire body, readers will learn how to create an integrated treatment plan.

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The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch Book

$15.95  SALE $9.57

Explores the extraordinary technique that put authentic healing into the hands of health care providers

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Recognizing Health and Illness

$25.00  SALE $12.50

"I can unequivocally recommend this as the best book on pathology for bodyworkers I've read. It doesn't take anything for granted and provides an excellent fundamental framework for understanding the implications of disease." -- Andy Bernay-Roman, RN, MS, LMT, Founder of the National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists, Florida

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Yoga: Spirit of Vinyasa Flow DVD

$19.95  SALE $9.98

Get inspired with this dynamic and energizing practice. This comprehensive Yoga DVD features one 39 minute sequence and two 70 minute sequences. These 3 powerful routines combine breath and movement into one continual yoga flow that will lengthen, strengthen and help rejuvenate your body and spirit!

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