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Daily Archives: April 2004

She followed her nose to a new career

The following article appeared as a feature of the Miami Herald business section called “Job File”. This feature apparently focuses on career opportunity ideas. At the bottom of the article they put a box with highlights including the typical salary range. I found this quite enlightening from the perspective of adding aromatherapy counseling to a massage practice. It seems like it would be a great way to help more people (and help people more) while also helping to assure the fiscal viability of any massage therapist’s professional practice.

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Essentially, Aromatherapy Works

This next article gives quite a bit of credibility to aromatherapy in a very simple and straightforward way. The orangutan story is particularly telling. Please note that the article references NAHA (The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy). This association is the most highly regarded for healthcare professionals in the aromatherapy realm. Incidentally, the Institute’s distance learning Aromatherapy Essentials program was designed specifically for massage therapists and is approved by NAHA.

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