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Daily Archives: May 2006

Be Prepared: What to do When a Client Faints

Regardless of the training received in massage school, the fainting of a client is a stressful situation for any bodywork professional. Review the causes and warning signs of fainting, preventive measures, as well as the necessary steps to safely and confidently handle this unpredictable occurrence like a pro.

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Relieve TMJ Pain with Massage

With its multi-faceted functions, the jaw’s temporomandibular joint is vulnerable to a variety of ailments. Learn what modalities best ease the pain and discomfort of TMJ as well as self-care suggestions to share with your clients.

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The Benefits of Ear Massage

Often a neglected part of the body, the ears hold a special place in bodywork. Discover why clients love their ears rubbed during a session, what ear massage is particularly effective for and how to use the ears to increase a session’s effectiveness.

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12 Tips for Choosing Massage Music

The environment you create for a massage, including the sounds your clients hear, is intended to enhance the experience. You don’t want to miss these twelve tips to make sure you are choosing well.

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