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Daily Archives: February 2007

How You Can Help Treat Menstrual Pain

While your clients may not recognize the medical term dysmenorrhea, massage therapists are capable of reducing the pain it causes. Learn what modalities to use in helping those clients debilitated by menstrual cramps.

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Benefits and Challenges of Working in a Spa

As the spa industry continues to boom, a growing number of massage therapists are finding spas to be the source of their livelihoods. In order to cater to the needs of the public to rejuvenate, unwind and heal, spas are increasing in number. Discover the extra skills required to be successful in this unique work setting.

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Valentine Blues Awareness for Bodyworkers

People who are single or are in a less than desirable relationship may be prone to the newly coined term, “Valentine’s Day Blues”. Learn how the intimate nature of the massage profession may test the client/practitioner relationship during this unpredictable holiday.

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Understanding Lymphedema

Swelling is one of the client complaints frequently encountered by bodyworkers. With implications ranging from mild to severe, there is typically great confusion about the differentiation between swelling, edema and lymphedema. Learn how to distinguish lymphedema from other conditions and the unique massage techniques needed for effective treatment.

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