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Daily Archives: November 2008

Marketing Services in a Slow Economy

The winter season often sees a decline in the scheduling of massages. Longtime clients get busy and new ones just don’t seem to appear. Hard economic times can be depressing and make you feel like you want to give it all up. Learn how one woman survived as a massage therapist during the Great Depression and how her skills can be applied to your own practice.

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TCM, Cupping and Massage: Part III

Before massage therapists add cupping to their menu of services, they must have a firm grasp of cupping’s cautions and contraindications. This is the final installment of this important 3-part article.

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Four Alternative Therapies for Spinal Stenosis

Neck and back pain seems to be the complaint most often heard from clients wanting to get a massage. Chronic neck pain is often caused by stenosis in the cervical vertebrae, which can, in turn, cause pressure on the spinal cord. In extreme cases surgery may be the answer, but in the early stages, or in the absence of major symptoms, alternative therapies have been shown to provide relief.

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Massage Therapy: Economy Causing a Priority Shift

Whether years of easy credit, a highly inflated real estate market, faulty economic policies or banking institutions devoid of capital are to blame, our current financial crisis affects everyone. Even if you don’t depend on investments, lines of credit or banks for sustenance, the domino effect of what has been likened to the greatest economic recession since the Great Depression will eventually impact all healthcare professionals, including massage therapists. Recognizing how this dramatic change in our economy will affect consumers and businesses will get you thinking about plans for safeguarding your career.

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Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The number of military troops with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has increased steadily in recent years. The earlier it’s treated, the better the chances are for recovery. Learn how various massage therapy techniques can play an important part in the healing process of PTSD.

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