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Daily Archives: April 2009

Contrast Therapy: Its Use and Effectiveness

Aside from the use of touch as a low-tech form of therapy, the effective use of heat and cold has been recognized as a healing tool for thousands of years. Learn about the application of contrasting temperatures, and how it can make for a more effective massage session.

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Helping Clients Trust Your Touch

Although massage therapists are accustomed to their touch inducing relaxation, this is not an automatic response for many people. The trust issues prohibiting some from enjoying bodywork can be relieved by a therapist’s commitment to helping clients feel safe.

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Bodywork After Breast Cancer Surgery

While more women than ever are able to beat breast cancer, there is still a need to help them recover from breast removal surgery. Despite warnings to avoid bodywork on anyone with a history of cancer, properly prepared massage therapists can help survivors heal from their breast cancer surgery.

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