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Daily Archives: November 2009

Hand Sanitizers in a Massage Practice

Hand sanitizer dispensers can be found everywhere, from elementary school cafeterias to cruise ships. Despite its dominance of many infection control programs, massage therapists are still advised to clean their hands the old-fashioned way.

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The Art and Science of Palpation

While seasoned massage therapists may take their sense of touch for granted, those newer to the profession quickly learn that palpating human tissue is no simple task. In addition to thoroughly comprehending anatomical structure, 13 exercises are suggested to help therapists recognize the tangible differences between body parts.

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Shingles: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

If you have ever had shingles, or know someone who has gotten it, you will understand just how painful and uncomfortable it can be. Most massage therapists will not see an active case in their office, as the discomfort is so great that a person can experience excruciating pain merely from the weight of light clothing or even just a breeze blowing across his or her body. Discover how massage can help as a preventative therapy, reducing the severity and extent of symptoms, as well as learn about some home remedies that can be of great benefit.

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