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Daily Archives: July 2010

Massage for Sunburn Healing

Whether you live along the Sunbelt or practice massage therapy in the northern states, clients may come in at almost any time of the year with sunburn. In the summer, it might be after spending too much time at the beach or in the backyard. In the winter months, it could be from skiing or from a holiday spent in a sunny climate. Learn how to help your clients cope with the effects of too much sun exposure.

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Bodywork for Releasing Grief

Complaints commonly encountered in massage therapy may be due to unresolved grief. By understanding and working with two popular systems of bodywork, massage therapists can help their clients release this stuck emotion.

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Massage Stroke Review Part 4: Compression, Friction and Vibration

As time goes on and you are further removed from the massage school experience, you may find yourself getting stuck in a specific massage routine. Expanding your repertoire of strokes is one way of customizing each massage therapy session to address the needs of individual clients. Lean how compression, friction and vibration techniques can increase the beneficial effects on the body during a massage. This is the final installment of the Institute’s four-part series of informative articles about massage stroke review.

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