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Daily Archives: September 2010

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Massage Therapy

Chronic pain is a complaint massage therapists hear from many clients. The causes vary from pain as a result of injury or accident to post-surgery pain. There may be times that the actual cause is unknown or elusive. Learn more about complex regional pain syndrome, a chronic and often debilitating form of pain that may be helped by the use of massage therapy.

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The Impact of Color and Your Massage Office

Color surrounds us every day of our lives. It can be stimulating or calming. In most massage sessions, the client’s eyes are closed, so it may seem that the colors used in a massage office are less important than in other settings. However, the colors used in your office convey an important message. Learn how to use color to set the tone and help clients get the most out of their massage.

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Two Proven Approaches to Help Osteoarthritic Knees

Staying up-to-date on research involving your client’s condition is a great way to gain trust and make sure you are delivering the best treatment and advice possible. Because osteoarthritis of the knee is so prevalent, massage therapists should know about the two alternative approaches proven to help this kind of arthritis.

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