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Daily Archives: August 2012

OMG – I Think I’ve Got It! Cyberchondria

You probably have a few clients like this. They come in with all kinds of aches and pains and are sure they have something serious. Why? Because they researched their symptoms on the Internet, checked out various medical websites and ultimately self-diagnosed themselves as having some rare form of ailment. Read how cyberchondria is on the rise and how it may affect both you and your massage clients.

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Can Massage Therapy Reduce Headache Occurrence?

Did you know there are approximately 200 kinds of headaches? The International Headache Society has listed them all but, to make it a bit easier, they have also broken them down into three main categories: Primary, Secondary and Cranial Neuralgia/Primary Facial Pain/Other. Learn about which ones can be helped by massage therapy and which may need a different kind of intervention.

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The Soft Sell Approach to Retail

Have you ever been approached by a sales person who seems desperate and a little too eager to sell you a product? How does that make you feel? Learn about the soft sell approach to retail. It is a method that will keep both you and your massage clients happy.

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