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Daily Archives: September 2013

When Clients Fudge Intake Forms

Real Life Stories: Clients Who Fudge Intake Forms

“As the room was dimly lit for relaxation, I did not notice anything unusual on her legs and took what appeared to be a slight discoloration as a birthmark. It was only towards the end of the massage when I worked on the front of her legs that I felt something very hard and ropey under the skin with an octopus-like impression. You could feel tentacle-like extensions, radiating out from a single lump, with slight spider veins and discoloration. Having worked on thousands of people, I had never ever felt anything like it before.”

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Healthy Compassion

Is Your Compassion for Clients Healthy?

A requisite for embarking on the career path of massage therapy is the innate desire to help people. While compassion is necessary to be a bodyworker, there is an important distinction between healthful and unhealthful compassion.

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Using Honey for Massage and Health

Using Honey for Massage and Health

September is National Honey Month, a time to honor both the healthy sweet treat and the busy bees that help produce our food by pollination. For centuries bees and honey have been connected with health and prosperity. Recently their populations have been challenged by man-made pesticides, genetically modified plants, pollution and other toxins. Protecting them is protecting humanity. Honey has many health benefits both as a food and when applied externally to the body. Read how honey can be used in massage and benefit both you and your clients.

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