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Daily Archives: September 2013

When Clients Fudge Intake Forms

Real Life Stories: Clients Who Fudge Intake Forms

“As the room was dimly lit for relaxation, I did not notice anything unusual on her legs and took what appeared to be a slight discoloration as a birthmark. It was only towards the end of the massage when I worked on the front of her legs that I felt something very hard and ropey under the skin with an octopus-like impression. You could feel tentacle-like extensions, radiating out from a single lump, with slight spider veins and discoloration. Having worked on thousands of people, I had never ever felt anything like it before.”

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Healthy Compassion

Is Your Compassion for Clients Healthy?

A requisite for embarking on the career path of massage therapy is the innate desire to help people. While compassion is necessary to be a bodyworker, there is an important distinction between healthful and unhealthful compassion.

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