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Massage Professionals Update

The latest news, articles and information related to massage therapy and techniques.

Neuromuscular Therapy for Lumbar Spasms

Neuromuscular therapy is an appropriate and effective medical and sports massage technique. Learn why neuromuscular therapy is recognized as one of the most effective types of bodywork for relieving lower back pain.

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Massage Helps Aggressive Youths

In young children aggressive behavior can become problematic if not addressed early. Proven to reduce aggression in preschoolers and adolescents, massage therapy is emerging as a top choice for helping aggressive youths.

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Pediatric Myofascial Release

Appropriate for kids of all ages, learn how myofascial release can improve many common childhood problems stemming from restrictions in the body’s elaborate web of connective tissue.

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Helping Clients Help Their Colicky Infant

One out of every five babies cries uncontrollably. So understandably, the parents of these babies can use all the help they can get. Armed with four signature moves, massage therapists have many ways to help families dealing with infant colic.

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