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Massage Professionals Update

The latest news, articles and information related to massage therapy and techniques.

Music Is Medicine With No Side Effects

You may think that the music played during a massage is nothing more than a relaxing distraction from ambient noises such as sirens, loud conversations, or a grumbling belly. But music, whether in association with a massage or not, has the potential to help promote healing.

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Massage Therapy Offers Effective Support for Clients with Lupus

In order to provide the best possible care for someone coping with lupus, massage therapists need to build connections with their client’s care providers. A well-coordinated plan of care can support a client with a chronic, autoimmune disease. Massage therapy can be a piece of the plan and make a difference in the life of someone with lupus.

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Massage for People Living with Cancer

There is often the misconception that massage therapy is not appropriate for people living with cancer. However, modern day research shows us that this is an outdated belief. Massage can help clients who are living with cancer at various stages of their treatment and beyond. Across many situations, massage is not only safe, but beneficial at reducing the general discomforts of cancer, and combating the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

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