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Swedish Massage: DVD and Manual

Price: $79.90


Presented by: Dr. James Mally

James Mally, ND, LMT explains and demonstrates over 90 different Swedish massage techniques to help you enhance your skills. As you watch, rewind, and practice along with the DVD, you will work step-by-step through the fundamental techniques involved in doing a full body Swedish massage.

The photographic manual describes each technique demonstrated in the DVD. The manual is designed to stand on the massage table, making it easier to refer to the text as you practice techniques. A manual section shows various sequences on a single page for quick reference as well. The importance of taking a person's history, using correct body mechanics, and massage cautions and contraindications are all reviewed.

According to Massage Magazine Review: "In a logical, well-thought-out routine, we learn preliminaries to the massage session, efficient use of the massage table, tactful draping of the client, an entire full-body therapeutic massage routing, finishing touches, and a brief introduction to deep-tissue massage."

12 Continuing Education Credits available for eligible participants.