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Daily Archives: May 2005

A Smart Way to Practice: Cooperative Marketing

A massage therapist can promote his/her practice in a myriad of ways. While word-of-mouth is the way most practitioners build their clientele, it is definitely not the most effective. At first glance, a joint marketing venture may sound like an intimidating concept, but it’s actually very simple and, even better, it’s cheap.

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Proof that Laughing Does a Body Good

Finally – scientific proof that laughter reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. University of Maryland medical researchers demonstrate that vasodilation, and its medical benefits, increase significantly following a good laugh.

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The Epitome of ‘Practice What You Preach’ for Massage Therapists

As massage therapists, we are familiar with what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. We recommend these applications all the time. But how easy is it to get caught in the hubbub of life, and ignore our own health? A massage therapist shares his story, and encourages us to stay conscious of our body and the environment that we function in.

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Educate Your Clients About Electric Massagers

Properly trained massage therapists know to avoid the carotid artery with direct, vigorous and/or repetitive massage. Handheld electric massagers are sold everyday to the public, and many of those customers don’t read the accompanying directions. Make sure your clients know about the danger of these products in the neck region.

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