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Daily Archives: June 2005

Massage is the Future of Chronic Pain Treatment

Following an April 2005 nationwide poll on pain, the prevalence of chronic pain has appeared in every major publication. Now that it is in the public’s awareness, a surge of interest in the treatment options for chronic pain has begun. Three massage methods are highlighted that can greatly increase the quality of life of someone afflicted with chronic pain.

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Inspire Your Clients to Move That Body

A slightly different perspective on exercise might be the impetus your client needs to leave inactivity behind. A massage therapist can be the ideal person to offer the encouragement and suggestions necessary to get his/her client active.

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Chemical-Free Skin Care

Products applied to the skin work their way into the body and affect our health. While some may be shocked at the thought of smearing rat poison all over their skin, they may be doing something very similar — and not even be aware of it.

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