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Daily Archives: August 2006

Bodywork for Obese Clients

Massage therapists are uniquely qualified to address several of the most fundamental health concerns of obese clients. Learn what techniques are particularly helpful in treating chronic pain and improving range of motion as well as alternative methods in addressing some of the practical considerations in ensuring sessions are both comfortable and beneficial to the client.

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Get Your Massage Practice Online

This changing marketplace is an exciting one, filled with opportunities to expand your practice and improve results. If you haven’t entered the Internet marketplace yet, learn from one of our readers how important the World Wide Web can be for small businesses and how to benefit from the increasing number of people researching massage therapy on the Web.

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Effective Pain Management Techniques

Pain management techniques are as diverse and far ranging as the areas of the body pain impacts. Massage represents the safest, most effective component of a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management. Discover the options available to your clients in addition to your valued services.

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