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Daily Archives: September 2006

Bodywork Can Help Panic Disorder

Massage therapy can be a valuable method for easing panic disorders, a serious condition that can occur repeatedly and without warning. Find out how bodywork therapy helps alleviate the severity of panic attacks by reducing a client’s stress and tension level.

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Massage Solutions for Muscle Cramps

During the early days of fall, clients may often be complaining of severe muscle cramps. Discover the techniques that best aid clients in managing and preventing cramps as well as what tips you can share to help them alleviate their discomfort.

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7 Tips When Working on Ticklish Clients

Ticklishness may be unavoidable during a massage session. A ticklish client won’t be able to relax, preventing them from gaining the full benefit of a massage and posing a real problem during a session. Learn how to handle a ticklish client in order to enhance their massage experience.

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