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Daily Archives: October 2006

Skin Health and You

Despite warnings to have moles examined by a dermatologist, only a small percentage of people actually follow this advice. As professionals in close contact with their client’s skin, a massage therapist may be the only person who sees someone’s skin irregularities. Learn how you can assist clients in examining their skin for potential areas of concern.

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How to Avoid Burnout and Infuse New Energy into Your Practice

Starting a massage practice is typically ushered by loads of enthusiasm and innovative ideas but a slump is easy to fall into. As eagerness fades to experience and routines are established, massage therapists may begin to relax into a false sense of security. Discover what steps you can take to assure your longevity as a bodyworker.

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When Your Client Experiences a Healing Crisis

Any person receiving bodywork can experience what is known in the industry as a “healing crisis”. Such an occurrence can be frightening, both for the client and for the therapist. Learn how to identify the symptoms of a healing crisis and what steps for prevention you can suggest to clients.

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Protection from Autumn’s Viruses

To stave off the viruses that often accompany the arrival of the fall season, bodyworkers must be extra vigilant in order to protect themselves and their clients. Learn what else contributes to a healthy immune system and tips to maintain an optimal healing environment.

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Bodywork Techniques for Phantom Pain

If the loss of a body part isn’t already difficult enough on a client, the very real sensations that can linger long after amputation adds further pain and emotional stress. Discover alternative medicine approaches and bodywork techniques that can provide relief to phantom pain sufferers.

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Intuition for Massage Therapists

What happens when a client doesn’t provide you with any feedback so you can tailor treatments and meet their needs? Learn to develop your intuition so you can turn this difficult situation into a successful massage session.

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