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Daily Archives: July 2009

Petrissage Proven Effective for Athletes

Although recognition of sports massage has been steadily growing, conclusive evidence of its benefits has been scant. However, a scientific contribution proves a popular sports massage technique is effective in enhancing an athlete’s performance and reducing muscle fatigue.

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Bodyworkers Can Help Asthmatics

Despite the medications used by asthmatics, there is still a need for other methods to improve their ability to breathe easily. The skillful application of acupressure is a simple, safe, non-invasive approach confirmed to improve the breathing of a person with this problematic respiratory condition.

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Helpful Hints for Selecting and Caring for Massage Linens

Aside from your massage table, perhaps the next most costly items in your practice may be linens. Massage linens are also some of the most important items, especially when it comes to the comfort of your clients. Take the confusion out of the selection of your massage linens by learning how to choose your linens with care and ensure their durability.

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