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Daily Archives: August 2009

Poison Ivy Precautions for Massage Therapists

‘Tis the season for gardening, hiking and the eventual summertime bout of poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac. It seems like a no-brainer for massage therapists when it comes to treating a client. The basic precaution of not touching the area of a visible rash does indeed apply. But should a massage therapist be cautious beyond the mere visible indications of some sort of contact dermatitis? And, if all precautions fail, how do you deal with that itchy rash?

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Aiding Memory: Bodywork and Beyond

Despite the repeatedly proven association between increased circulation and improved health, many neglect how this relationship also affects memory. With this in mind, there are many ways to support a person’s ability to retain and remember information.

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Assessing Myoclonus in a Massage Setting

Massage therapists may be the first to witness their clients’ myoclonic symptoms. Bodyworkers able to differentiate between muscle spasms, harmless twitches and pathological body jerks will know when to refer their clients for a neurological evaluation.

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