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Daily Archives: November 2011

An Introduction to Cupping for Massage Therapists

One of the lesser known techniques used by massage therapists familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is cupping, an ancient and effective modality used to release adhesions and help remove toxins from the body. Learn more about the history of cupping and how it can enhance your massage practice.

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Massage Therapy Toolbox: What Is Reiki?

Clients interested in holistic or natural forms of healing will usually be familiar with Reiki. They may not know what it entails or how it works, but they will have usually at least heard the name of this popular energy technique. While a Reiki practitioner needs training and attunements to work on the self and others, no special background is required prior to that instruction. Learn about the background and basic theory of Reiki – and decide if you would like to include it in your massage practice.

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