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Daily Archives: December 2011

Reiki and Psychological Trauma

At some point in the life of a human being there is a likely chance in today’s fast-paced world that an individual will experience some sort of trauma, whether it be physical or emotional. More often than not the effects of the traumatic incident will pass, if not immediately, then days, weeks or months later. For some individuals though, the darkness of the trauma will last for years, affecting their everyday life as well as the lives of those around them. Learn how Reiki can help reduce the emotional pain of trauma.

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A Bodyworker’s Guide to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

One out of every 10 American women has polycystic ovary syndrome. If all massage therapists knew how to recognize a potential case, what to suggest to affected clients and which modality to include in a session, the massage profession could make a big impact on this common condition.

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The Symptoms, Causes and Remedies for Digestive Distress

Food goes in, waste comes out. The digestive tract, when it is working properly, serves us well. To operate at maximum efficiency it must also be treated kindly and with respect. An overtaxed and abused digestive system can result in a lot of discomfort, pain and serious illness. Learn about the symptoms of various digestive disorders, what can ease the discomfort – and massage therapy’s role.

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Communicating with Elders

We are all getting older – there is no getting around it. As a massage therapist working on individuals with the aches and pains associated with those persons of a certain age, you need to know about effective communication with elders. It is important to understand when and, even if, there may be differences which need special skills.

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