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Daily Archives: January 2012

Hospital-Based Reiki and Documentation

Many hospitals across the United States are offering Reiki to their patients. It is being used pre- and postoperatively to reduce anxiety and accelerate healing. It is being recommended to cardiac patients and to those with stress-related pathologies such as high blood pressure. Learn how you, as a massage therapist, can incorporate Reiki into your practice and expand into the field of hospital-based energy work.

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Anatomy Review: Slow and Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Without properly functioning muscles the human body would be unable to move. Muscles help to propel us through space, pump our blood, expand and contract our lungs and move nutrients through our body. One aspect of our skeletal muscles is responsible for athletic stamina. Learn about fast and slow twitch muscles, how they can determine whether you would be a better sprinter or marathoner – and the role of massage therapy.

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