The indulgence of a mint on your pillow at a hotel or the practicality of handi-wipes at the entrance of a grocery store to clean your shopping cart are examples of thoughtful and considerate marketing gems that encourage repeat business. Similarly, those small thoughtful and considerate actions that originate from your heart make your massage noteworthy. Because massage therapists span across the service industry from health and rehabilitation to relaxation and luxury, there are many opportunities for you to come from the heart and communicate, “I’m here for you.”

To keep your clients raving about your massage and service, booking more sessions and referring new clients, consider implementing the following heartfelt touches:

  1. Use your massage room for treatments, not for chatting with your clients. Set up your massage room as a sacred healing space with soft lighting, music and all the tools that you need to perform your work. When your client arrives for a massage, talk outside the massage room, catch up on their life since you saw them last, and talk about what needs working on today. Communicate to your client that when they enter the massage room, they are entering a space that holds the intention for their healing.
  2. Select the music you will use before your client arrives and have it playing when they enter your massage room. The client will feel the difference as they step from the busy world into your healing space.
  3. Create a small dressing area in your massage room that provides clients with a place to adequately hang their clothing on hangers, a small table to place their jewelry and other belongings, a mirror for grooming and a chair to sit in to remove their shoes. Provide a towel to wrap up with when going from the dressing area to the table. First time massage clients appreciate clear instructions about what clothing to take off and/or leave on, and what position to assume on the massage table.
  4. Flannel sheets are the epitome of comfort and warmth, and are thicker than your regular cotton or poly-blend sheets and provide a substantial barrier when draping. A bonus for the therapist is that flannel lasts longer, and since the fibers are natural, oils are easier to remove in the wash.
  5. When in the prone position for an extended time, a client’s sinuses can get congested. A tissue or a few cotton balls with a drop or two of eucalyptus essential oil placed just under the headrest can pleasantly open your client’s nasal passages and maintain clear breathing. Check with your client first to see if they find the eucalyptus essential oil an acceptable aroma, and substitute peppermint or ginger if necessary.
  6. When working on your client in the side-lying position, provide them with a body pillow to support their upper arm and leg. This positioning will keep the brachial plexus and inguinal areas open and maximize circulation in the extremities. Pregnant women require this support as your entire massage will be performed with them in this position and it is very important to maintain circulation.
  7. If your client must use the restroom during a session, have a clean robe and slippers for them to wear, especially if the restroom is outside of your massage room. Many therapists have the client use the top sheet or towel to wrap up, but this may not be very comfortable if your client must walk down a busy hallway to the restroom.
  8. Check in with your client about their massage lubricant preference and remember to use their choice each time you give them a massage. Some people find oils unpleasant, particularly if they are heavy and are not absorbed completely. Feeling a slippery residue on the body after a massage can make the client feel the need for a shower before dressing. If this is the case, consider a cream or lotion that is absorbed quickly and leaves no residue.
  9. At the close of your massage, make certain that your client steps down off the table onto a warm, soft surface. A small fluffy rug to envelope your client’s feet will be a welcome transition back to earth.
  10. As you exit the treatment room after the massage, leave a bottle of water for your client on the table near his/her belongings. This small contribution to your client’s health and well-being goes a long way in communicating your care and concern.
  11. Everyone loves a free gift – especially when they are useful. Leave a small container of Epsom salts scented with your client’s favorite essential oil on the table next to his/her belongings. Include a small card with personalized instructions for a therapeutic post-massage bath to help release toxins and alleviate muscle soreness. Use your creativity and personalize each gift.

Listening to what your clients have to share before the massage can not only give you direction in your therapy, but can also help you personalize it for each person. When you begin to listen and think from your heart, thoughtful and considerate actions are likely to arise effortlessly.

Please click here to send us your heartfelt touches. We will select from these contributions to share them in a future article.