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Advances in different massage therapies and techniques have led to more than a few trends over time. If you’re curious about what 2023 has in store in terms of both, here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect!

5 Massage Tools on the Rise for Online Shoppers

The global massage equipment market is projected to grow by more than $17 million between 2023 and 2027. (1) One of the reasons cited for this revenue burst is portable massage equipment, enabling more people to enjoy this practice from the comfort of their homes.

Access to equipment that is more technologically advanced and an increase in online shopping are both expected to contribute to this growth as well.

If you’re wondering what type of devices are in high demand for online shoppers, some of the best sellers on Amazon as of January 2023 include: (2)

  1. Deep tissue massage guns and percussion back massagers
  2. Eye massagers (for migraines, eye strain, and dark eye circles)
  3. Heated massagers for the neck, back, and feet
  4. Massage oils and creams intended to reduce cellulite or tighten the skin
  5. Aromatherapy massage oils (especially lavender)

2023 Massage Trends

In December 2022, SpaSeekers released its 2023 Spa Trends Report. (3) This report outlines what can be expected in the year ahead based on data obtained from SpaSeeker bookings along with analyzing data compiled from Google keyword searches. Based on their findings, here are some of the trends that they project within the massage space.

Increased Demand for Crystal Healing Massages

2023 will see increased demand for crystal healing massages.

The number of people getting crystal healing massages has increased by 90% in the past year according to the data reviewed. This type of massage involves placing crystals on and/or around a person’s body during the massage as a way to get rid of any negative energy and promote healing.

During the therapy sessions, crystals may be placed near the body’s chakra points or by the area of concern. And different crystals may be used to provide different effects. While research in this area is lacking, some people do report benefits associated with this massage therapy trend. (4)

Turkish Bath Massages Are on the Rise Too

Another type of massage that is expected to be in higher demand in 2023 is the Turkish bath massage. This therapeutic approach begins with a massage, which is followed by scrubbing and exfoliating of the body to remove dead skin.

Turkish bath massages will be more in demand this year than ever.

In addition to improving skin clarity and health, Turkish bath massages are also thought to improve circulation and aid in the elimination of toxins. (3)

A New Luxury Massage Enters the Market

Gold is a precious metal often associated with wealth and prosperity. So, it should come as no surprise that one of the newest luxury massages that has “exploded in popularity” according to SpaSeekers, is a gold massage.

A gold massage involves the use of 23-karat gold during the therapy session, either by using an oil that contains small particles or by placing warm gold-plated nuggets on the body to stimulate blood flow and energy.

A gold massage will be on the rise in 2023.


These are just a few of the massage tools and trends expected to see increases in demand in 2023. As new tools are created and techniques developed, they will continue to shape massage therapy as we know it, both during this year and for years to come.