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Daily Archives: September 2005

Strengthen Immunity this Autumn

Preparation for this seasonal change can maintain health and balance during the chilly months that lay ahead. This comprehensive approach to wellness includes six detailed methods (from acupressure to food choices) that will keep us in alignment with the cycle of nature.

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Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation is newly recognized as a leading factor in all types of diseases. Learn to differentiate between inflammation-reducing foods and inflammation-perpetuating foods. This insight just may put the pharmaceutical giants out of business.

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How to Massage Hypertensive Clients Taking an ACE Inhibitor

Many people take ACE Inhibitors to control their hypertension, yet most of us don’t know how this could impact a massage. Learn the common names of the highly prescribed ACE Inhibitors and how to modify a massage session to safely complement and balance effects from this class of medication.

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Ten Highly Effective Acupressure Points

Mastering the locations and indications of over 400 acupressure points on the body can be an overwhelming task. Our experts highlight 10 of the most effective points on the body, explain how to find them and describe the benefits of these points.

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7 Feng Shui Tips for Your Massage Space

Maximize positive energy and decrease negative energy in your practice by learning about feng shui, the ancient Asian art of design. Discover seven tips to improve the energetics of your massage space that you can apply right away.

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