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Using the Breath to Massage Better


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3 CE Hours - E604
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Using the Breath to Massage Better

Approved for LIVE hours for Florida's 2025 renewal

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  • Online Manual - 39 pages
  • Online multiple-choice test
  • Online Videos - 2 hours
  • Certificate upon completion


We all know breathing well is crucial for good health. But merely telling our clients to "take a deep breath" is not enough. Instead, this course will introduce you to how to utilize your client’s breath to their advantage, to help improve their own health and happiness. (Along the way, you’ll learn about how you are breathing as well, since utilizing your own breath more efficiently will make you a happier therapist, too!)

We will see how the breath—and more specifically, our very common "dysfunctional" breathing patterns—are implicated in many of the problems that bring clients into our offices. Nearly all of your clients complain about tension in their back, neck, and shoulders. And many of your clients are aware of the value of breathing well. But what if these two aspects of good health are more linked than we realize? What many therapists and most client's don't realize is that improving their breath will also lessen their pain.

This course will explore the breathing patterns endemic to our hurried contemporary lives, and the "dysfunctional" or "paradoxical" or just plain effort-full breaths that result. We'll assess our clients in order to see, and palpate, this epidemic of overuse of the secondary muscles of respiration. Through video, your course instructor will demonstrate an easy and effective solution: not trying to get the client to breathe better, but instead encouraging the client to breathe easier. You will cultivate the ability to lengthen the exhale, and in turn allow the inhale to happen by itself, thus allowing these overused muscles of the upper back and neck to return to neutral, and encourage the diaphragm to reclaim its job as the primary mover of respiration.

You’ll learn manual techniques, both in prone and supine, to create more pliability in the rib cage and in those secondary muscles of respiration, as well as simple verbal suggestions to offer the client during your sessions. This combination will allow your clients to move more easily and breathe more easily, so that over time they can become aware of their own breath and learn to breathe without unnecessary effort.

Course Objectives

  • Assess the breathing pattern of a typical client and gain greater awareness and control of their own breathing patterns, so that they can breath with a minimum of muscular effort.
  • Practice techniques to enhance the client’s awareness of their own breathing patterns, and the tendency to rush the inhalation and not allow the full extent of the exhalation.
  • Understand the physiological relationship between the muscular system, the nervous system, and the breath.
  • Perform techniques to encourage a breath of greater ease, thereby reducing muscle tension throughout the upper body.

Course Reviews

Francis Bobby Pagdilao, LMT


Ronelle Ricker, LMT


Beth Persad, LMT


This course was very informative and I can take a lot of the information and use it in my practice.

Stephanie Becker, LMT


I really enjoyed Using the Breath To Massage Better! I'm always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. Fantastic class.

Lori Murphree, LMT


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David Lobenstine, LMT

David Lobenstine, LMT

David M. Lobenstine has been a massage therapist, teacher, and writer for over a decade. He is a graduate of the Swedish Institute and Vassar College. He has worked in a variety of settings, from luxury spas to the US Open Tennis Tournament to a hospice to now, exclusively, his own private practice, Full Breath Massage. And he has developed and taught continuing education courses around the country, from the Swedish Institute to the AMTA National Convention. His aim, both with his clients and in his teaching, is to enhance self-awareness, so that we can do the things we love with efficiency and ease.

Mr. Lobenstine is the creator and instructor of Pour Don't Push, Working the Rib Cage, Using Your Thumbs Wisely, Approaching the Upper Body from All Angles, Approaching the Lower Body from All Angles, and Using the Breath to Massage Better.

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