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Deep Tissue Massage

12 CE Hours - E501

Average rating based on the following evaluation questions:

  1. The presentation of the subject was clear and to the point.
  2. Content was interesting to me.
  3. I gained new knowledge.
  4. The materials held my attention.
  5. I can use this information in my practice.
  6. This program met my personal expectations.
  7. Overall quality of course content and materials were excellent.

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This rich, valuable educational program can enhance the work of even the most experienced massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and naturopathic doctors.

State-of-the-art computer graphics, anatomical illustrations, clearly presented demonstrations, and three-dimensional teaching aids enhance the 90-minute video presentation and provide vital insights on how to more effectively help clients.

With thorough, clear cautions, 55 different procedures are introduced and demonstrated. The user-friendly, photographic, 55-page text closely follows the video program. Recommended practice sessions with a colleague or family member are facilitated with a guided exercise included in the workbook.

Featured Reviews

Liked the looping feature on DVD for practice. The manual is very easy to use. Great course. The test was easy to take. Everything very user-friendly! Thanks!

- Susan Henderson, LMT

I enjoyed this course the booklet and video worked very well together to make the studying very easy and interesting. I have taken many classes on your website, I found this to be the best one yet!

- Naomi Dubaldi, LMT

I found that this course was very well developed. Have recieved a great deal of valuable imformation from this course. The DVD and flip chart compliment each other very well. Would recommend this to other professionals.

- Sherry Robinson, LMT

I liked the way everything was clearly laid out and labeled so you could easily go back and forth between the instruction book and the DVD.

- Stacy Sumpman, CMT

I took other online classes before, such as: "". They seemed to me that the "professors" themselves don't know very much about what they are teaching. And the materials they give, not all of them are useful and focused.They don't let you contact them over the phone. They made me not trust online study. I just want to try this course. I called [the Institute] first and talked to them about how the course was going to be given... Then I ordered over the phone and started to study. While I studied, I already knew I choose the right online study program. The DVD and the material matched very well, making it easy for you to follow, and know where you are. Anyway, it is not because I passed the test, but because the course is very clear, the text is very clear and the test is just enhancing what you've learned. Thanks to the staff of the Institute they mailed me the small card and let me know that they have classes I needed and helped me a lot.

- Yanmei Qu, LMT

This was my first course with IIHS and I absolutely loved it! I initially didn't know what to expect because I've never enrolled in an online course before. I was amazed at the contents of the workbook and the DVD. Everything is to the point and there is no useless filler. The pace of the DVD is perfect and the 'under the table' view is something you cannot get in a classroom. And, the cost is very affordable. This is the way to go!! Thank you so much!

- Carmela P., LMT

I was very impressed with this class. Extremely easy to understand and DVD viewing cleared up any uncertainties in body mechanics and massage techniques. I learned a great deal in a short time. I will definately take more courses with you. Thank you!

- Tamera Kowalski, LMBT

i love deep tissue work. this course is a great tool. The moves are real simple and can be modified for each client. I definitely keep going back to this material. Each time I read this material i learn something different because there is so many techniques. always looking for different techniques to help my clients. I love my job.

- Melody Emert, LMBT, NCTMB

I appreciate the courses that have a DVD for instruction and also printed materials. The DVD for the Deep Tissue course was excellent and something I can easily go back over or look for a specific technique when needed to review or show a client.

- Linda Zahner, LMT, NCTMB

This was the best online class I have ever taken. Dr. Mally was very specific and detailed. I felt he did not leave anything out when it came to detailing the stroke and also draping the client. The book followed the video so I was able to pause the DVD, read the section and then watch Dr. Mally perform the stroke. After five years as a massage therapist, I felt this was the best class to review my deep tissue massage applications and to learn new strokes. I highly recommend this class.

- P. Campbell, LMT

This course was one of the most interesting and comprehensive courses I have taken in the past 13 years since my licensure as a massage practitioner. I look forward to ordering other courses offered by Dr. Mally.

- B. Parry, LMP, NCTMB

Was very informative and kept my interest throughout the course. I liked that the video showed different views of the procedures along with what muscles and bones/joints were involved. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about deep tissue techniques!

- J. Marie, LMT, AMTA

This is the best of any home study courses I have taken thus far. The video is excellent, clear, and concise. Having the workbook that closely follows the video program is invaluable. One can quickly look up a massage technique to practice and use on a client. It will definitely be a part of my everyday practice.

- N. Vandeveer, LMT, NCTMB, AMTA

The content was well paced, had clarity and did not contain a lot of fluff or trivial details - it just condensed to the most critical points of each move. Also helpful were the adjuncts such as computer skeleton and [under-the-table] plexiglass views.

- J. Rapala, NCTMB

The text for this course was clearly written and illustrated. I really enjoyed the content and can use this in my practice.

- Tasha Standridge, CMT, NCTMB

Very helpful. I’ve been wanting to learn more about deep tissue.

- Glenda Bea McArthur, LMT

This is likely the most valuable and immediately useful CEU training that I've taken in years. Highly recommended!

- Amanda Healy, CMT

I personally thoroughly enjoyed this course. It offers clear and concise information for the experienced and the not so experienced massage therapist. I will recommend it to other therapists enthusiastically!

- Rebecca San Miguel-Gurski, LMT

This was the first time I've used the Institute and it was a great experience. I really enjoyed the course and the instructor. The information was straightforward and useful. The DVD and workbook shipped quickly and the ability to do the exam online is so convenient. I will be back!

- Tyfany Heslop, RMT

The Deep Tissue Massage content was very much to the point, which I really appreciate. I also liked Dr. Mally's sense of humor. Some of the information was fairly basic, but some of it was pretty brilliant, too. Overall, I'm not only better prepared in deep tissue technique, but I'm also more aware of what "deep tissue massage" actually means! I'll begin applying some of what I learned in this course, in my sessions beginning tomorrow. Thank you- Jordan, LMT

- Jordan, LMT

This is a great course. I am certified in MLD (Manual Lymp Drainage) and this course provided me with extra information on DVT’s.

- Deborah Clark- Clemens, LMT, NCTMB

Loved the workbook! This course was very useful to my practice.

- Mary Ditton, CMT

The course was very helpful. I learned some new ideas to add in my deep tissue routine.

- Thomas Shavers, LMT

I loved this course, I think every massage therapist can benefit from Dr. Mally's video instruction. I have added numerous techniques to my memory bank from taking this course. Thank you for making this available. Strongly recommended.

- Summer Alexander, LMT, NCTMB

This is a very excellent course, I highly recommend it. Course materials will also be great to refer back to again and again. Thank you!

- Greg Satorie, LMT

I really enjoyed Dr Mally's course. I am going to look for others by him as well. He is really good.

- Priscilla Cure, LMT, NCTMB

This course was very useful! I look forward to applying the tools I've learned.

- Marice Sacoman, LMT, NCTMB

This course is very concise and educational. Dr. Mally uses techniques that are effective and the way he presents them, easy to use.

- Edgar Owen, LMT

I really enjoyed the course. It taught me a lot. I will be using my knowledge in my practice.

- Vickie Rabon, LMT

Really enjoyed the course for a refresher since I do a lot of Trigger Point and deep tissue. The video was excellent and I will continue by taking the sports massage in near future. It was also a comfortable speed that Dr Mally went to allow myself to integrate. Thank you.

- Catherine Krueger-Michelle, LMT

It was excellent! Dr Mally was very informative and it was easy to know exactly what he was working and what it would help.

- Heather Shaw, LMBT

Very good and easy to follow.

- Alishia Rothrock, LMT

Overall it was helpful and I was able to gain some new insight with deep tissue massage.

- Kenton Smith, LMT

Whereas I had learned a lot of this material in school, it was a great refresher - reminded me of techniques that I had forgotten about - and did teach me some new techniques. The video along with the book made it easy to learn the material by seeing it and hearing it.

- Camilla Reinhardt, LMT

This course is great for practitioners with a few years of experience. I think a therapist should have a clear understanding of myofacial restrictions and their cause (as a pre-cursur to this) I appreciate it as more of a physical therapy aspect of deep tissue.

- Kenneth Clauser

I really liked the course it has help a lot and I am able to help clients every day.

- Christine Coleman, LMT, CMT

I liked the course and look forward to starting my next one.

- Pamela Williams, LMBT, NCTMB

I was very pleased with the overall presentation and how easy it was to get started. Customer service was superb! I'm happy that I will integrate many of these techniques and refine mine. I will definitely maintain contact with you for future programs. Thank you!

- Linda Canales, LMT

I specialize in deep tissue and pressure and the information given in this course was extremely helpful and insightful, giving me the extra information I needed to perfect my techniques.

- Natassia Feather, LMT

I will definitely use these techniques in my practice as they are easier on my body and beneficial for the client! Very good course. Enjoyed the DVD and will keep the manual for future reference!

- Jennifer Watson

The class presented many deep tissue techniques in a clear and concise manner. It enhanced my massage and gave me new ideas on how to approach my clients' pain.

- Allison Fulara, LMT

This is a really great course.

- Rhonda Braswell, LMT

[Dr. Mally] did an excellent job showing you how to do these techniques on a client. I will be using many of these techniques in my practice!

- Sarah Neville, LMT

Excellent course!

- Julie Shabkie, LMBT

Outstanding course material. Very happy with the class.

- Robert Abrahamson, LMP

A very clear and comprehensive course. I love having the book and video for a resource. Great tools to use for specific client issues. One of the most valuable CEU courses that I have taken.

- Noel Siebert, LMT, NCTMB

I enjoyed it!

- Erica Gray, CMT, NCTMB

Great course with good questions.

- Nathan Trainor, CMT

It was a great experience !! In my opinion helps more than hands on seminars.. :)

- Ingrid Gonzalez-Azofeifa, LMT

Excellent course which I feel will help enhance my skills as a deep tissue therapist. Thanks you.

- Emily Ferri, CMT, NCTMB

This was a great Home Study course. The video was excellent showing every step. I found this very helpful and will use in my practice.

- Flodena Smith, LMT

The course was excellent!! Looking forward for the next journey

- William Stringfellow, LMT

Excellent information, and the format was easy to follow.

- Susana Ortiz, LMT

Thank you to Dr. Mally for educating me. This will translate into me better helping clients; educating colleagues to raise the bar on our profession.

- Durinda Orr, LMT

Great information !!!

- Hannah Meeler, LMT

The course was very informative and I like being able to refer back to CD in the future.

- Windy Crater, LMBT

AWESOME Course!!! Dr. Mally is the Man!

- David Dilling, LMT

The content is valuable to my practice!

- Feng Qin Yu, LMT

This course was very informative.

- Huamin Li, LMT

I enjoyed the course, found it very informative and intend to purchase more courses in the future.

- Aimee Chellew, LMBT

Concise, very good content! Will refer to materials often in my practice!

- Celeste Stott, LMT

Great techniques.

- Elizabeth Trebilcott, CMT

Dr Mally does a wonderful job with his instruction and videos. This is the second class I have taken from him and I am completely happy with the learning experience provided.

- Tishara Melcher, LMT, NCTMB

This was more interesting and valuable than I expected. I had deep massage through the program, but this opened quite a few more techniques I didn't have in my repertoire. Got me interested in other classes from the same teacher too.

- Jean Claude Deslauriers, LMT

Excellent course. I have gained additional knowledge to apply to my practice. Thank you!

- Karen J. Streichert, CMT

I LOVE this course. It is so precise when used with the text and video. It is something I will refer to year after year.

- Danielle DiLaura, LMT, NCTMB

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was one of the best ones that I have taken online. I hope to put some of the techniques into my own practice.

- Les Nuckles, CMT

This course is well put together, enjoyed the Charts and DVD will use as a reference in my practice.

- Edwind Holsey, LMT

This course gave me more knowledge. The workbook and the video are easily understandable and helped my study. My knowledge makes me happy and I will use it with pleasure, because can help people with it. Thank You

- Tibor Kadar, LMT, NCTMB

Great course and very helpful!! I consider anyone trying to expand their knowledge in deep tissue to get this course.

- Jorge Alvarez, Jr

Great course materials and pictures great workbook Thank you

- Sharon Robichaud, LMT

Shipped very quickly, DVD, manual and having pretest available helped me be successful

- Kwang Lee, LMT

This was the best deep tissue online course I've ever had! I learned many new techniques that I am looking forward to using in my practice.

- Belen Mojica, LMBT

This course was demonstrated clearly and made easy to understand. The video allows me to review what I have learned and can apply it to my client's needs. I would highly recommend this course to massage therapists.

- Marian Hebert, LMBT

The course on deep tissue massage was informative and the video was excellent. The course and video will enable me to expand my skills and offer a better massage to my clients. Thanks.

- Paul Sippel, LMT

It was a great programe and very helpful.

- Teresa Turner, LMT

My overall experience with your Institute has been great. I really liked the Deep Tissue Massage course because of the workbook with the DVD. The combination of the two really enhanced my learning experience. Thanks!

- Cathy Burrill, LMT

I find that this course was very informative. It will be a great benefit to my practice and my clients as well. Thank You very much for this course as well as future courses that I'll take through this institution.

- Ayvis Alfred, LMT

This was a wonderful experience for me, and I believe it will help me continually improve my practice. Thank you, Dr. Mally!

- Ping Han, LMT

This was by far the best course I have taken. I will use this in my massage practice.

- Joanne Gardiner

Video was very helpful. I already used the video to improve and expand my techniques.

- Elizabeth Lofaso, LMT

I recommend watching the video more than once. I feel more confident working on clients. I learned new techniques that will be incorporated into my massages. This was an excellent course!

- Dexter Davidson, LMT

The Institute has so many interesting classes, that if I took all the ones I want, I'd have enough credits to renew my license for over 64 years! As far as the deep tissue course, I did learn a lot of great techniques and was surprised by the simplicity of the text, as well as the overall class/testing process.

- Gina Mollinet, LMT

The class was insightful and provided several techniques I will use in my practice. Also the support staff was helpful with all my questions. Thanks!

- Francis Waterhouse, LMT

Really happy with material for this class and look forward to taking more of Dr Mally's classes.

- Carrie Banks, LMT, NCTMB


  • DVD - 90 minutes
  • Text - 55 pages
  • Multiple-choice test - if you prefer to test online please select the "test online" option
  • Certificate upon completion - if you prefer to print your certificate at home instantly, please select the online option

Display Certificates suitable for framing are available for $10 in addition to the certificate included with your tuition. Click here to order a Display Certificate.


The Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. Approved Provider 049478-00.

Credits also accepted by the AMTA, ABMP and NAHA.

For information regarding your specific state massage license requirements and approvals, visit our Massage Therapy Continuing Education Requirements page by clicking here.

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